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Writing brings with each word, each sentence, a portrayal of life found within a writer’s heart.

A time is given through fantasy, imagination, or truth.

A writer can only make happen with a gift, so given for your reading pleasure.

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Speak well of life, it only takes a moment in time, to make it what it is and lose what it could become.

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Enjoy the wonderment of words, the imagination followed by the imagery brought forth through only the written way.

Look for upcoming words that flow as if on canvas...

We all have something inside of us that takes us to our most interum of thoughts and desires. That special place only found deep inside. There, at that place, can the door to your truths and realism of who you are be found to exist. As age sets in within your spirit, the events and dreams or truths, become less of importance. The end road is appearing and one needs to have more strength to make life last toward what they want from it. Getting out of life each day and moving with the time needed to make the inner-truths last. Wanting more from the highest part of one's being, the place of life and  knowing the destiny of their being. It took so long to get to this point, one does not want to lose the realism it existed for them. And the need for so much more out of life...

The Young Man

The path opens up to a valley filled with warriors, many already battle-worn, but the call to move has come. Each one is mentally without hope or filled with any strength left to make the battle forthcoming, a winning proposition. The march is on and the pounding of feet makes it as if hundreds of drums are beating. And after it is quiet, hundreds of men are laid out one after another. They did not defeat evil, nor were they spared any mercy. Yet, one lone young nan, sitting surrounded by death, has not decided to lose his life at the hands of evil. He has made a prayer for the Great Spirit to be with him and give him the strength he needs to take evil down. To send him back to the darkened ways of death and demise, to not ever be let loose on this worldly time as it is. The young man begins to rise and slowly move forward down out of the valley of death and into a place where he remembers as young.

The sun was beginning to set, darkness was coming, and quicker than anticipated. Evil was near and did not understand why the man standing below in the valley was solely going to fight him. The young man stood, raised his sword, looked evil in the eye, and smirked. Evil was furious, this human was mocking him, defying evil's power. But evil had no idea the man was with the Great Spirit's battlement of angels, hordes, or angels for the one purpose of destroying evil's hold on the world. The young man had strength far-reaching his spirit and beyond the soul's depths of his being. Evil made his move. One swift slash of the sword from the young man was all needed to crush evil's intentions. He was no more. The darkness was filled with the light of life, the Great Spirit and His angels were victorious. The young man was filled with the Great Spirit's beliefs and truths about how to live a life. One of strength through Him, and prayer for the angels to be his guidance. The young man stood at the beginning of a new path, looking across the valley below, admiring the green and colors of flowers, filled with hope and growth of his spiritual newness. He gave thanks to the Great Spirit, and His angels for giving him the strength to overpower evil. And began walking to his destiny...

A Short Thought about Spirituality

This path, this journey for spirituality is something the Higher Power brings to the soul as getting closer to Him. Faith and belief will always be there but the road to finding them could be difficult. The patience needed to follow the dynamics of spirituality comes with the knowledge as studying the spiritual path. Once the Higher Power becomes a part of your daily living, the journey takes on a new light. The mentality for the spiritual path thus is filled with His love. Giving one to create the enlightened feeling inward needed, the spirit finds its place amongst the journeys wonderment of just what spirituality means. It becomes a part of you. Everything is seen and felt with more spiritual truths. The knowledge flows from the Higher Power’s closeness and the faith is filled with belief.

Taking what knowledge is found along the journey, there will be difficult moments of making sense of what is being read, the daunting task for knowledge is not easy, as mentioned before. But one will eventually gain the direction needed for the spiritual path. There along the many roads one will see the lessons and understand the logistics of living a spiritual life. It is all dependent upon the lessons and how your perspective allows the dynamics to flow inward for the Higher Power to be part of your living ways. We all need to be close to the Higher Power’s strength. It is inevitable and will bring you closer to Him. Spirituality is a part of life where one gains in growth, and the journey will bring the wonderment one will need for truths and faith, far reaching the soul’s capabilities of understanding what spiritual dynamics really is. Many lessons will prove to be the key to finding the right path and bringing life to its fullest potential.

There are so many ways one can indulge themselves and find the knowledge needed to make the mindset grow. Images followed by words of insight or just a thought may bring an imaginative path to the spirit. A spiritual aspect, in some ways, giving the spirit what is needed to grow by. The belief in words written has a powerful way of encompassing the mindset for knowledge. One must know the falsehoods or misdirections those words may lead to. Trust in the Higher Powers direction and your faith will keep you on track.

How Our Faith Overcomes

The walk is pleasant, the air breezy and a shallow warmth to it. A view seen from the top of the small hill is a wondrous site. The ocean is somewhat choppy but as it gets closer to the shore, there is a calmness that makes the flow of waves serene and quietly breaking. The sun is risen to a new morning and is shrouded by white, whispy, clouds. So, I plant my chair in the sandy knoll and spend hours admiring the evolution of how another day slowly returns to the nightly duties of darkness. Then within the dark moments set before me, I get to admire the moon’s shining across the waves and the terrain I have settled in. Each moment brings tranquility across my spirit for a mindset that creates an in-depth understanding of Mother Nature and a spiritual belief in one’s Higher Power.

Where in there is a truth of His existence for my faith to follow and bring my spirit a door into His wondrous world so much like heaven is here for a visit. I should be tired but there is so much to see and hear I cannot miss this for even a second. And, what will I do when the sun rises for even more beauty abounding with so much greatness of life?

Although the events surrounding me have hardly quenched the remembrance of the world outside of where I am. The roads are busy, people will become rude and arrogant as they pass, rushing for the next subway. Driving to make the deadline found at the job they do. The media will be inundated with negative stories of living life, with very few positive segments for the positive people of the world. We, the positive, have to make our way through life with choices that give us the positive level found in our spirits, to keep the faith intact to battle the negativity swirling around the streets of life.


The night is beginning to settle down and bring some quietness across my spirit. There, at that one moment, I gained a calmness which becomes growing inward my soul. I carry that with me wherever I go. Thus, the worldly ways do not steal my wonderment and my soul has grown again from a spiritual sense. I can touch the ways of mankind with so much power of love and belief, some have no clue as to why they feel better as I have brushed their mind with His wonderment…a truth only He can present so our faith overcomes the negative lifestyle, which, by the way, tries to invade our spirits with dissension and a hollowed out soul.


I sit on my chair for as long as I can…there is more to come, again, and again.


A short thought for the

wonderment of mind...


A vision may encompass many things tied to the spiritual aspect of living, one's truths bestowed onto the realization of being a reality or falsehood. Some people just do not realize how close to being outside what is known as reality.

As we see the world's demise the reality is life through the eyes of many has positive paths. The spirit becomes tied heavily to beliefs and allows faith to overcome the negativity in the world. Yet still understand how grateful one can be as commandeering all the mind can take through such negativity.

Be well, keep the faith, and have some humility when the vision arises to grace yourself with passing the distraught of people. Lots of wandering souls out there are trying their best to keep their reality well above the darkened ways of life...

As The Angel Admires

She is looking toward another part of heaven that gives us a perspective of what a beautiful existence may be for the souls that pass through the door, specifically somewhere already inside us. We have only to pass away to find it and step through the light of life shining through for us to follow.

Another fight had commenced, one after another the evil falls, the retreating of all evil's angels of death makes for a quiet moment of reflection. Hovering and still ready for anything, he looks around at the carnage. There will be much to clean, although knowing his people will be doing the task of making the large room normal again. The angel feels he is in need of food and rest, most angels have no thirst or hunger. but he is special to his realm. After admiring the degree of loss for the other side, his people begin to meander about waiting for directions. One approaches, "Master?  Are you ready to remove yourself to your chambers while we make this room usable again? It always has to be this room, evil must find another field for their death". The angel looks down and gives a knod. He moves with such grace, quietly to his chambers. Waiting for the moment when evil tries to overtake his realm, to infect and make his people defencless against what evil does, a dark ego, and ill willed toward all who they pass. The angel will not let that happen. He has the will of God and the power behind him to withstand anything that may come his way. He has begun his rest, calm, quiet time into a deep sleep...

Mentioning “GOD” as He is

Each day the hours pass when someone hopes for prayers to take away some pain or misfortune in their life. I have been in that position. For over two years the days and throughout the nights my life was filled with pain and discomfort. There were no good days to be had, I was an angry uncomfortable person, but by the grace of God, my wife was the rock that held me together. And speaking of God (I will use His name instead of The Higher Power or The Great Spirit). I feel it brings the depth of what I want to say closer to the spirit of those who may read these words.

Yes, I am going to mention God in this short explanation of the points that need to be made. I gave up on God (Twice) during the two years. I prayed every day, all day, and felt lost within His realm. The second time I sat and meditated and spent some quiet time taking myself to the position where God could make me understand He has not forsaken me, and never did. I found the path, brought my spirit to a place of calm, and decided to rely on God for everything in my life.


Spirituality at its best. It is where one has a hold on their life, knowing they will be loved and cared for by God, through everything dismal and with painful discomfort. I would change for the betterment of my life. God will take care of me, and I have since made my declaration to Him. Now, aside from what I went through, there are so many more people worse off in today's present moment. The people of Ukraine have been given answers to their prayers. Russia is retreating out of the country. Proof prayers are real...


The people of Israel and Palestine have hope, given through their prayers, that Hamas will back down or be defeated to never start a war again. We still need to pray for Ukraine, and Israel, plus Palestine. Belief will be there always. Take a little from the path put before you and seek what inspiration or avenue of faith through prayer is found in your soul. Take the time to withdraw yourself inward for a quiet moment. Pray and walk the road to listen for what you feel is true to God's realism just for your life and the lives of others praying as you are all over the world. The moments in time that make life a little bit easier for all, could be almost called a small miracle...

Living Ways, Believe

It is not a hard thing to admit. One can remove the walls of discontent just by releasing their inner-selves strength. Letting go and saying what needs to be said. You love life and its hardships, the deceitful ways others bring through lies and conspiracies, misdirection of faith, and finally bringing love back into your ways of thought to important people in your life. Shout out in the middle of a park, forest, city where people cannot hear you, and bring the one part of your life you lost. The touch of the Higher Power into your heart’s desired place for living life with a stronger hold for His direction. Outward into the parts of the world where you have been and maybe a part of you want to visit from your mind’s imaginative vision. The road to these places is not hard to trek. Nothing can stop you with the strength given by Him. The direction seen is not so far that it seems impossible. You can do it.

When there is so much heaviness in the world, in the country you live in, it is not hard to fall into a lost and depressive way. Dragging each day, walking the paces of life with a heaviness felt inward all through night and day. But not all is not lost. When counting up your demons and releasing them from your spirit, then that heaviness will lose its hold on you. The one thing you need to do to make that happen is saying inward, and meaning it, you love the Higher Power’s love on you and cannot be removed from it. That touch upon your soul will take the demons away and bring your spirit back to the living ways it should be, comfort and walking with strength and a desired feeling of power to withstand any hardships that may arise. Give outward to others that they may see what you have accomplished, maybe taking their downward spiral and raising them to your level of strength. That is what the Higher Power can do. That is how He walks within every person, all they need to do is believe in Him and His love for them, always.

So, here we are. A togetherness which was brought from all those treks along the road of life. And since vowing inward the truth to how it came about, there was nothing very hard about that releasing of those holds onto your spirit. You just said it, believed it, and the faith never shall wain again

Live as best as can. Give strength when the need arises, letting the demise shown in the world be filled with prayer. So all who need it can benefit the Higher Power’s love and healing ways.


Now, take a gander down into the forest. What is it that the mind wants you to see? Is it the gloomyness? The sun peeking its rays through the trees? Maybe some peace encompassing the spirit's thoughts for the mindset to follow that path for the coming days.

An image holds many ways the mind can take a journey through one's thought process. As an amatuer photographer I have much to learn. I gain knowledge through the many talented photographers that use their visionary ways in images to bring out what they want you to see. Lessons that the photographer brings forth as does the words written and seem to be made for their own canvas.

Words themselves have meanings brought through the writer's visionary ways for the mind to ponder. The words written have their own meaning just like an image does when the mind sets to bring forth its own perspective. What does the words or image bring to you? Keep reading the words and find your imagery as if within them they will become anything you want for a canvas of enlightenment.

Through and Through the Spirit's Desire

Our world is getting messed up more and more every day. The content of the destruction and killings affects all who may care. It makes life so difficult as far as the spirit is concerned. The best way to combat the lousy feelings every day because of what is seen on TV or read, having a spiritual basis for becoming stronger to battle all the negativity helps a lot. I believe in a Higher Power and know what can be done through spiritual ways will happen...in His time frame. But still believe actions will take place to make life livable, in one's perspective, that is in one word "Hope".

Well into the realm of the Higher Powers' blessings for your faith to follow and then grow by. The perspective one needs to understand their growth in spirituality is only one of many roads that give the spirit everything it desires. Now that the spirit has what it needs for growth and the desire to improve one’s mentality about spirituality, the journey will prevail. Giving the spirit what it needs for growth and having no more quandaries where the Higher Power wants your beliefs and faith intact. The many roads and paths are still there for future adventures the spirit may trek. Always needs to improve spiritual growth, so the strength is there to ward off the darkness of life.

Knowledgeable about one’s spirituality. The roads with so many avenues (I have mentioned these roads in prior thoughts), are managed at one’s own pace and eventually will need the blessings

They are there for the needs of one to understand how the darkness can interfere with your spiritual growth about spirituality.

The least one may consume is the effectiveness of spiritual growth, so many different questions and not enough answers to make the trek open with growing the spirit. Oh, there are truths to be found, paths that take the spirit well into the realm of the Higher Powers' blessings for your faith to follow and then grow by. The perspective one needs to understand their growth in spirituality is only one of many roads that give the spirit everything it desires.

One by one, time after time, the trek is far-reaching the belief system the spirit needs to understand its growth and where to go from that one end. Now that the spirit has what it needs for growth and the desire to improve one’s mentality about spirituality, the journey will prevail.

Giving the spirit what it needs for growth and having no more quandaries where the Higher Power wants your beliefs and faith intact. The many roads and paths are still there for future adventures the spirit may trek. Always need to improve spiritual growth, so the strength is there to ward off the darkness of life,

knowledgeable about one’s spirituality. The roads with so many avenues (I have mentioned these roads in prior thoughts), are managed at one’s own pace and eventually will need the blessings

They are there for the needs of one to understand how the darkness can interfere with your spiritual growth about spirituality.

The least one may consume is the effectiveness of spiritual growth, so many different questions and not enough answers to make the trek open with growing the spirit. Oh, there are truths to be found, paths that take the spirit from the Higher Power to keep on the right path for spiritual growth. Not all roads with so many paths are true, some come from dark places and show falsehoods.

A unique writing experience. Take a walk among my words for your reading pleasure. blog, writing, poetry, poem, publish, spirituality, enchanted, photography, photo, God, angels, faith, newsletter, spirit, love, pictures, fairies, fairy, spiritual, enchan

Now, just look within, see the image above. Visualize the existance of just what is being looked upon. There are clouds, stars, light, dark areas, bright areas, many things the spirit enjoys looking at. Walk along the brim of canyon, the color of the early night is mesmerizing, The way of thought is calming.


The Mountain of Peace


Great Spirit, come to my camp, my hollow of the earth for which you gave, to live by, visit with Grandfather wind, the spirit has shown of an Eagle, and the water’s silent run to the lake of life I ask of this for my people, all of the lands, from the winter’s season of cold, to the spring’s gift of life, so we can survive as a nation from one half of the moon’s light, to the fullness the moon gives, when it smiles from above at us, talking of good food and water, giving a shine for the path to which we must take across the mountain of peace.  Great Spirit, our creator, we only ask of this, because it is your way, a showing of our way to live, giving thanks and praise, and sacrifice what we must for the spirit of the Buffalo Woman, blessing the truth the Eagle flies over, the fish he gives to us, and your talk from the other side of the valley beyond the mountain of peace. It comes with quietness and soft comfort. Your speech of truth, for our passing the test to live, we have the courage, but not your fortitude of strength.

So, a small prayer for our strength to be given from you...

The Long Road to Spiritual Growth

Our life has many destinations for the spirit to grow by. Giving our soul strength from the Higher Power. Now, getting the road and the different avenues found are not so easy to understand, mostly, there are lessons to be had. Spiritual growth is found on many of these paths. What does it take to find the right lessons for our spiritual growth? An understanding of what these paths do for us, for our spirit, and finally for our soul. One road at a time.

The time it takes for spiritual growth may be short or very long. The Higher Power has the keys to many doors, and He controls the outcome of time, in His way, and you need to accept the outcome as it is. Spiritual growth will be with you in time, and believing through faith helps as life carries on. Growth for spiritual moments has a cost sometimes. Your soul may take a rough patch of road, the lessons can have difficult times to hold onto. Each time the path is taken something may be reached through each moment. The truth of what you receive has many meanings. That is something found inside your soul. The meaning from the roads with many lessons is up to time as He wants and the delivery it takes for you to find the spiritual growth within them.

One road at a time. Oh, each part of the paths found within the roads has so much meaning and learning capabilities for the soul, and the spirit as it is for help, the time it takes through the Higher Power may be not so long. The limits of all those possibilities can be shortened by prayer and faith. Growing as time moves on, through His time frame, the learning comes through from the road you may be on for some reason, and your spirit takes the growth of what spiritual lesson it presents. Your perception will be taken in stride because the effect of the path along the road you’re on has different meanings and lessons to be found. Just what are you learning from this? Patience, faith, and belief, how to take each moment as He gives it to you, one lesson at a time.

He gives you the path your spirit needs for growth, how? Listening in meditation, reading the word, relaxing, and listening with your mind, He will come through and give you direction for the spirit to begin its journey for spiritual growth. He will not be speaking as of actually talking, but in some way for understanding from the spirit. Listening will become a real moment in some way and more often when relaxing or meditating, He comes for your spirit in a whisper through the air or gifting you with His voice of the night. Many lessons are brought to you through these roads, many doors open, and spiritual growth comes through for you to grow by, spirit gains from the lesson also.

The long road to spiritual growth is a journey for the spirit. Perception is a must, just what you are getting from the lessons. Your heartfelt belief and faith come through for your spirit to gain what it needs for growth as you understand it to be. The soul is gaining what it believes is the road and avenue to follow for growth. Learning these techniques takes time, and understanding the words of thought and what they mean takes time. He will give you what is needed for understanding and faith for the spirit to gain a mindset of the truth of the heart. It is all relevant and many doors are opened for lessons. And the road moves on down the path, one day at a time…

Oh, Great Spirit, come to bless the ground we walk, the trees for cover, and we will follow your way to life. My people are few, yet have the heart of many, loving the land you gave, each other for growth, replenishing as we walk, so another of Mother Earth’s animal shall make across the path, the mountain of peace. We give thanks every moon, into the sun’s light of day, speaking to tribes only for the passing of friendship, marking another track of life, you also want us to give, in thanks for our abundance, freedom to walk as we do, without any wars, only the passing through old age, being in spirit with you.

Thank you for this time, Great Spirit, my people give many thanks,
Nations will become more understanding because the passing over the mountain of peace, coming to you and being under your love.

And the road moves along for the spirit to grow with.

Each moment of time is a lesson for the spirit, a spiritual experience.


One door and one of many keys, there are openings for the spirit to seek its path, avenues, and lessons found inward each door for the gifts to be found.

I mention within Enchanted Words Essence often about God, Great Spirit and Lord, etc. I will be trying to incorporate writing that has many aspects to what I want to convey without using or going into spiritual entities that may not be toward many reader's beliefs. I have mine, beliefs, and have been geared to write about how I feel about them. I do not mean to inflict those ways of thought into the readers so they feel slighted. You, the reader, have your way of believing in whatever entity that makes up a Higher Power. If any at all, I still write for all readers enjoyment, as best can. There is no one way of thought on my end about spiritual beliefs from the readers. Enjoy The Written Way, go within the mindless galaxies of thought, take a ride with me in ways you may have not been before through writing.