Writer's Resources

Thanks for coming to my website. I am putting links to other sites for your interest in ways to help with writing, maybe finding helpful ideas that would not have thought of for your writing style. I know when researching through different writing sites, there were several ways to improve the way I write. Most writers have their perspective on the ability to write. Through years of writing in college, or writing within their career, they are set thinking the ability to create words is fine. We, writers, can always find ways to improve our ability to put words down with expressed meaning. So the readers can expand inward their spirits different feelings felt from the words written. Taking them on a trek finding avenues of imagination, beliefs, realms, where never would have visited before.


People, and especially writers, get set in their ways. That perspective attitude which is governed by the spirit basically, coming from somewhere those special words need to be put on paper, sometimes doesn’t allow the creative direction to work for improving their writing ability. It is fine though, we all have our belief in what life’s giving us as being what it is we do. Many are going through life doing their creative ways and are great at it. There are some though, that could require some improvements to how bringing their words across to the readers. Resources are there for helpful concepts that can be used to improve those word choices. Aspects that will surprise the writer, give them an “aha” moment at times.


I hope the links on my Resources page will be helpful for your written ways. Enjoy the meandering through the different avenues given for your writing style to improve, maybe read several stories or poetry on the websites. They even direct you to other writing sites that have many stories and poetic words, with lots of different aspects tied to writing. Have a great day into the night, and finding those inner galaxies waiting to be entered through your dreaming ways.