The Written Way


The written way is found only in the spiritual essence of the soul and will never become complacent. Each part of the formulation for words is inlaid with several different intentions, becoming a map for the imagination to follow. How one does so is up to them. The spiritual inward belief is everything to what writing is and will become. It is not easily trekked. Be aware of the written way, within its calm existence lies a demanding consumption of thought, extreme sense for life, and creating a wonderment only seen as reading the words so put there for your enjoyment.

Meandering Galaxy

There are times one needs to ponder the universe from where they can, silent and in a peaceful moment. The world may be busily moving about, but the interim of the spirit when enjoying the meditation does not need such frivolous existence. Only what is seen in the vision is felt through the soul for interpretation. Touching the heart that so needs rejuvenation for the meandering galaxy to become real.

A Moment


The wonderment of life comes in through sight,
sound, touch, and spirit.

There is what is called a moment,
when the feelings have become a leading-edge
for the thought to process anything needed to
be happy.

A touch of flower,
the leaf moving listlessly in the wind,
from in a field of flowers
on a summer day,
the freshness after a mid-afternoon rain,
mountains off in the distance have a bluish hue,
viewing the ocean from atop a hill,
quiet calm in the backyard
and only a few birds singing their songs,
walking on pebbles with the coolness
of seawater filling the spirit,
comfort brought on by nature.

Just what is the purpose and why does it exist?
Many have asked that question and no one has
answered with real truth.

I would think there is nothing to ask,
only wonderment at the beauty it beholds
for the mental realization, there is something
other than our spirit
that created the senses,
so the moment allows the soul to dwell
without interruption from daily busy thoughts.

Spiritual Needs

Taking a moment from the business a day may bring is a small feat of strength that is buried inward you. Sometimes we all want to keep going and keep saying "We'll finish soon." And the hours keep ticking along without much getting done with the project or task at hand. So, our mindset is set with a path that makes a spiritual moment a mere setback when one makes his choice and forgets he needs help with the choices made or will be made. Speaking through prayer has some belief and faith that the choice one makes is in the right direction.

It's pretty simple when you follow the spiritual ways your spirit needs to make those choices. Rules are rules and His time is precious, so keep prayer on the forethought of your mindset. Ask for help in making some decisions. He is there for you, always, and makes life easier in some ways. Hope your days are filled with happiness, and having good choices for the betterment of you and the surrounding ways of life. Walk the path, search for your truths, and bring a spiritual dynamic to the way you live.

Be calm, believe in the tranquil peace that is out there someplace within your environment, and use the time for a lesson or two about your way of life. Does the path take you through turmoil or moments of calmness only found when have the spiritual trek with help from Him, the Great Spirit's spoken-of timeless wandering one step

at a time. Follow my words for some different perspectives about finding your path, and what you need to do for choices that need to be made whether hard or easily found throughout your path, His help tagging along.

Read some more words in my Blog. Follow the link and meander through The Written Way, in another form of a mindset that may bring an imaginative mentality to your spiritual jouney...

Through Soul’s Portal
Shall The Spirit Be Creative


The main focus I put inward the saying above and found on the beginning pictures to these web pages is how one can become creative through using the spirit and spiritual aspect for writing. We all have some kind of creative genes that when called upon are used for whatever artful means the person wants to pursue. Most do not know they are there and fail to recognize their potential in the field of art. Education at an early age may bring out something that sparks the intuitive ways of the mind and begin a journey far exceeding the imagination. I got a late start in life, although, knew of my potential for some kind of artful expression. I love music, cannot get enough of writing, enjoy the art of poetry, and had some guidance in my earlier years that if followed would have meant a meaningful expression through painting. Paths designated through choices have consequences that make changes in how one goes through life. If not follow the given path through the right choices a missed action of thought is processed and your life may become lost, confused, and eventually left in a mindset for boredom. Knowing full well you have great potential in whatever artful meaning you would want to pursue. It just never happens. But do not give up hope if feel you are stuck in society’s progression of thought. Keep making changes that involve how you want to be creative and the result for your path will be exactly what you wanted, no matter who tells you otherwise.


Keep the progression of thought in your spirit, using prayer and positive means for direction, take what is needed for your knowledge to become wisdom. Giving the creative mind a chance to grow and become a new part of your lifestyle. Just do it! Have fun and enjoy the education about your creative mind. Learning the many ways to become in touch with the soul and portals that are there for your growth. It has no real definition of exactly how you can be in touch other than paying attention to the thoughts and helpful direction those thoughts take you. Be attentive to the inner-self and how those prayers come back as meaning with messages to carry your creative side into the bliss you always wanted. It is not hard at all. And will be extremely rewarding because of what you have accomplished through difficult times to have gotten as far as you did for the betterment of yourself. Even if taken most of your life to make it happen, the result it did, by your strength and perseverance. A truth

Ever Wonder?


Words come and go, some mean something others mean nothing. What is put to those words how the understanding of what said makes its presence for the mind, incorporates everything from studying of just what words decipher into. From a verbal standpoint of truth, lies, and misconceptions, brought through the mind just to make all the above happen within a millisecond.

It isn’t rocket science.

Speak with the grace of knowledge, allow the wisdom to come through, there will never be misunderstood words. If have nothing to say, be attentive, concerned, emphasize, and above all else, understand with respect.


How are you looking outside? Are the streets filled with hunger and pain, do they make you sick and feel awkward from lacking compassion for a desperate end to all that is happening? Death has been busily regrouping, evil spells its name with many denominations of genealogy.


It looks bad, but when put to words, sometimes, just sometimes, there are ways to make changes come about that have no understanding to the comprehensible reality faith does exist and will rein through it all.

Ever wonder?

Why God does not speak to us in a normal voice?
Yet says many things to us so we can understand what it is we need for our spirit.

Ever wonder?

Why God does not come to you in the flesh?

Though, if take the time to see
the surrounding ways of nature,
he is and has been, seen throughout our life.

Ever Wonder?

Why His name is capitalized in every language?

If not so important,
why do we feel guilty when not?

Ever wonder?

When people get together they whisper His Name?

Do you not think He hears well?

Take time to reflect on the ways of God. His truth to your existence comes through how your choices are made. The path followed, people met and kept as friends, what was given to you at the most inopportune times. Those small miracles that were not noticed, the happiness, sorrow, wealth, desiring more, wanting more, giving less, gaining more, help where none to be found. Trouble, where not thought could exist, making it all come out right, just to start all over again. Life has tough roads, it is how you look at those tough times, how excepting God to handle them, using the strength He knows you know is there, allows those experiences to be mellowed out, a smooth crossing of time and places.

Something magical happens when belief, trust, faith, and love, come together in the name of God. The only thing odd about those attributes attached to God’s Domain, they are not all done at the same time, or within the same time frame. They do happen, once knowing in the spirit they will.