The Beginning

   You are going to experience many aspects of writing within my website, poetry is the foremost priority of course. There will be short stories, words that bring some insight to your beliefs, spirituality, thoughts that give your mind some different avenues to explore. Take your time, enjoy some good reading, giving relaxed thought with an inspirational direction as well. Enchanted Words are formulated from the inspiration of what words bring as read through poetry. Emotion and feelings with a touch of imagery are the truths shown from the spirit poetry transforms into the soul as reading, experiencing all that a poem can give. The goal of Enchanted Words Essence is to make word art the best possible. There will be the utmost concern for readers; allowing them to see and feel what is the making of many aspects to how words bring life within what is written. And how it makes a reader grasp the vision as wanted from my words, thus an art. 

      The newsletter Enchanted Words will appear at a later date, a page or two to read each month. There will be several opportunities to expand your interest in reading and writing. Thanks for your time and enjoy the journey. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions through email regarding anything you might wish to know about within Enchanted Words Essence. I will do my best to give the informative answer you seek. Be sure to come back and check out the written way, it is updated often.