Spirituality and Meanings

Okay, the passage of the spiritual realm has difficulties. There are so many ways to find out what spirituality means and hard to figure out. The many books out there are authored by quacks, and have no clue as to what spirituality is and means. They clutter the mindset and make understanding what was read confusing. The path for a spiritual design for your meaning and bringing the spiritual ways you are looking for, all come together when allowing the Great Spirit's direction to flow through your mindset of learning what spirituality is. Sit quietly,


Set your mind to try and bring in the Great Spirit's voice for your direction, which path is needed to follow. The inner voice may not be heard, but the feeling and understanding will come through. Your mental state at that time will become a catalyst for what you read to be the information about spirituality and how to use it for your journey's lessons. Without finding out later what you were reading was wrong. The truth is out there and it may take quite some time to find what you are looking for...

Overwhelming Spirituality

One’s spirit has many doors to open from the many roads one must trek to find spirituality. How through the knocking of each door the light of life shines on for our soul to follow. The light inside brings the spiritual highlights of the Higher Power’s blessings so one may find his or her way through the tough times along the journey. Taking in the lessons felt and using them for the direction in finding spirituality, can last a lifetime. One must be diligent and patient in the area of learning about the spiritual life. Incorporating everything has its challenges.

The music itself has a foundation for spirituality. It can bring a perspective of an imaginative journey for one to be creative and make others find their path through life. Each melody, and note, enters the inner part of one’s spirit and carries the mind to wonderous visions through musical dynamics.

We can overcome the darkened, methodical, abstract way of life by filling it with faith, belief, and knowing we are always in the Higher Power's hands for His love. Peace to all, and have a wonderful holiday...

Chat With Faith

Have you ever left your world and found yourself in front of the spiritual realm of Jesus? I think at some point in my life I was given a blessing that was not noticeable to me, because the difficulties I had gone through and was continuing to go through, were not visible to my spirit. I made some bad choices and drinking was one of them. All in all, throughout the moments of being wasted so badly I had no idea how I made it home. Jesus had to be with me or some form of spiritual entity guarding my safe return home. I have never told anybody about the times of my life that was bad, hard on my first wife, and a lousy example of character for my nephews and anybody else who was close to me.

The road to spirituality comes in many forms, God has plans for our journey through this realm we call living. But so many have not climbed out of the dark hole they made through choices. And continue to be in rough times, living with the environment they have created through believing in the wrong darkened ways so many have found to encompass the spirit. There seems to be no way out. But there is. It is difficult to write and express myself, finally coming to grips with mentioning the actual name of Jesus. I am in no way a religious person; I have my spiritual path which I am trying to improve on. The Great Spirit has always been with me, not far from my reality at the time, and so many lessons were lost because of false thoughts I put there myself. So, I stepped away from the path I did not like and moved forward with a path I believed was chosen for me. Many people are at the point of change. They want to move on with their life and feel the realization of Jesus redeeming their soul and having mercy upon them.

I believe the time is right when accept Christ as your savior. I know, another Holy roller, far from it. I have brought some confidence in faith and belief and made the road a less troublesome way to live. My life is still filled with discomfort and pain, health issues, but I will prevail. My thoughts and prayers for redemption and healing ways are daily, along with my wonderful wife who is having health issues too. She is my rock, and it is hard to see her feeling bad all the time. My prayers will be heard, and we will be back on track with living life as best as can.A chat with faith is always a fine road to follow. Conversing with the Great Spirit, any way you feel comfortable, prayers, building your self-esteem through the strength Jesus gives you.

He knows how you are, and will be there for you, leading and guiding your spiritual ways to live with Him in mind, body, and soul.

One's Look for Spiritual Journey

The most one could expect to find along the journey for spirituality is the closeness to the Higher Power. We gain an infinite ability to feel His presence and give a voice inward for direction and knowledge. As well with getting information from the Internet, books, spiritual reading through the many venues one can find.  The path becomes known to the spirit when the direction is found through prayers, listening for that inward voice giving what you need to understand its purpose for the path to begin and continue throughout your life. It does not happen overnight, there is a lot of learning to understand your spiritual path. But once the journey moves along your life the world of being spiritual opens up to a wonderful path of positive living. Enjoy the journey's way of truth for your spirit to follow and grow by...

This Moment, This Time of My Reality

Have you ever left your world and found yourself in front of the spiritual realm of Jesus? I think at some point in my life I was given a blessing that was not noticeable to me, because the difficulties I had gone through and was continuing to go through, were not visible to my spirit. I made some bad choices and drinking was one of them. All in all, throughout the moments of being wasted so badly I had no idea how I made it home. Jesus had to be with me or some form of spiritual entity guarding my safe return home. I have never told anybody about the times of my life that was bad, hard on my first wife, and a lousy example of character for my nephews and anybody else who was close to me.

The road to spirituality comes in many forms, God has plans for our journey through this realm we call living. But so many have not climbed out of the dark hole they made through choices. And continue to be in rough times, living with the environment they have created through believing in the wrong darkened ways so many have found to encompass the spirit. There seems to be no way out. But there is. It is difficult to write and express myself, finally coming to grips with mentioning the actual name of Jesus. I am in no way a religious person; I have my spiritual path which I am trying to improve on. The Great Spirit has always been with me, not far from my reality at the time, and so many lessons were lost because of false thoughts I put there myself. So, I stepped away from the path I did not like and moved forward with a path I believed was chosen for me. Many people are at the point of change. They want to move on with their life and feel the realization of Jesus redeeming their soul and having mercy upon them.

I believe the time is right when accept Christ as your savior. I know, another Holy roller, far from it. I have brought some confidence in faith and belief and made the road a less troublesome way to live. My life is still filled with discomfort and pain, health issues, but I will prevail. My thoughts and prayers for redemption and healing ways are daily, along with my wonderful wife who is having health issues too. She is my rock, and it is hard to see her feeling bad all the time. My prayers will be heard, and we will be back on track with living life as best as can. A chat with faith is always a fine road to follow. Conversing with the Great Spirit, any way you feel comfortable, prayers, building your self-esteem through the strength Jesus gives you.

He knows how you are, and will be there for you, leading and guiding your spiritual ways to live with Him in mind, body, and soul.

Becoming a Spiritual Person

The path is often a journey, a memorable one, of spiritual aspects designed to give my spirit the lessons needed to grow within the spiritual world presented to me. Whether in dreams or walking the forest's path, I get many lessons from trekking the path before me. Many perspectives are followed by the surreal events that may take place. I have dreams with angels, dreams with demons wanting to make my mind wander off the path of spirituality, I have many battles with the dark side. Those angels keep me grounded enough to put my mind and spirit at ease, never wavering off the path for growth. Spirituality comes in different forms of enlightenment and mystical aspects designed to give what the spirit needs to improve its understanding of what a spiritual journey means. There are many meanings brought forth for the journey to end up being impossible to misinterpret the true design of the lesson, how the journey for spirituality comes to one's sense of understanding. The knowledge then flows through the mindset of time, depth of learning, and how spirituality affects your path so you can know what spiritual design may be from the perspective of your thoughts. Making the path a journey and sometimes a very long one, a lifetime. So meander through the time frame designed for your spiritual growth. Bring in thought the path, journey, and understanding, and enter through the door of becoming a spiritual person.

My Angel of the Dreams

The image of my thoughts those wondrous meaningless impressions are beyond the comprehension of being a reality or not. The angel, dressed in a white gown flowing like a slight breeze is moving about and hovering above the ground, which is mesmerizing, to say the least. Nothing is ever said as I sit with her, we seem to be connected yet have no indication there will be a conversation at some point. Every time though, in the dream, she is so beautiful. The sight is nearly impossible to describe. The words coming to me don’t do it justice as to her being who she is, an angel, there for my dream. I want to ask why in my mind, thinking it would be the way to talk to her. But the dream doesn’t want me to follow through with that thought.

This time though, she turned and smiled, first for any of my dreams of her and I together. Something in that smile spoke a million words, she liked what she was doing, and I guess wanted me to know it. This image of her tonight was not her usual white gown, she wore a very loose pants and blouse type of covering. I mentioned in thought how wonderful she looked. Nothing happened. The angel moved about and slowly acted as if dancing. She was there with me but not in a sense of just for me. I thought she was maybe in many dreams at once. Possibly, but this image was just remarkable in my mind’s eye. And she knew it. I sat in the same place in each of the dreams. I wasn’t going to make a different spot to sit thinking maybe it would disrupt the dream.

As time went on, years to be exact, my time with the angel never grew old or faded in the desire to be with her. I never found out why she was there. We never conversed, but she did smile often. I loved her and my dreams with her, I often gave thanks in prayer for her being with me. My days and nights were nothing to speak of, normal ways of life, except when dreaming of her. Those dreams of my angel were everything to me in thought. I often gave thought to the dream about her spending precious moments with me and thanking her for it. My angel of the dreams…

Find Some Peace

We need to investigate how peace will prevail throughout our country's diminished togetherness by reading more about the ways of spiritually putting life into perspective. Bring more truth to wanting peace, how will it impact your living ways? Does the belief Jesus is making peace for your daily life, giving of yourself to be at peace? He was a promoter of living with peace, bringing people what was needed to be a peaceful person. Especially at Christmas, it was prophesized that he would make peace happen throughout the world. And he did.

We need more peace spread across our world. Prayer and a quiet discussion with Jesus through our spirit can make that happen. The priority about putting peace upfront and forward toward our country, and the world, must come from your willingness to allow it to happen. It is an easy commodity of belief and faith that Jesus will make happen throughout the world, again, brought from His teachings about what peace means to us all. It is in the different spiritual readings across the world, not just the Bible, but the many books about peace and why It is so important to us.

Set aside some time this Christmas and bring into your heart for peace to be spread throughout the world, maybe even centering from your environment, and the family, and making it a realization peace is with us all. Even in the middle of a war, people want to be at peace, have some quiet time, and reflect on their living ways. Being grateful for what they have, or had, and moving on peacefully. Our peace is important to the ones who are capable of having it within themselves. With all the chaos the world presents somewhere, someone is at peace and giving it freely to spread amongst everyone within reach of their living space.

We wish for peace to be a part of everyone’s spiritual destination. Making life filled with peace is something that can be done easily and from many different venues where people exist. Giving of themselves so being at peace is common throughout everyone’s feeling the Great Spirit is with us. He brings a certain peace within one’s spirit when believing and having faith in His teachings about being at peace, feeling the realism of its existence outward to as many people as possible. Hopefully this Christmas we can have some peace in our lives. Being with family, having a peaceful moment with everyone. Some families are under so much heaviness, a feeling of loss, and chronic desperation for some peace to be in their lives. Even under such hardened ways because of losing a family member to violence. There is a wanting to be at peace, some moments with the Great Spirit maybe, that will make them a little less hardened about what happened in their life.

The journey for peace is daunting at times. It is not always found, and wanting so much to be at peace, can make one feel lousy throughout daily life. As I mentioned before, find the path to Jesus and use His strength to become at peace within the daily living ways. He will take the hurt, that feeling of loss, and change your life. At least make it a point to follow His ways for a spiritual path filled with peaceful moments we all need. I mention Jesus here and there for the belief and faith of being with peace through Him can be had. It may be the Great Spirit to some, or through a Higher Power to others. It is one of the same. Why not bring it up front and realize the truth of His existence?

I bring Him into my world because of praying for healing, making my life less painful, a near-normal way to live without being in some kind of pain. Being at peace with myself, at times, the path of spirituality is possible without having to feel lousy most of the time. Along with including my wife so she too feels better as well. Having the Great Spirit as part of my spiritual journey makes the difficult times a little less difficult, and He is with me knowing how I feel. I want some peace in my life, a betterment of myself. And He can provide that through prayer and in quiet times with feeling His presence. Reading about the Great Spirit in different spiritual lessons, there are many written pieces about Him being in our lives, if accept Him and want to let the spiritual journey bring the peace we are looking for. A choice of sorts, finding the path you want to be on. It is there and filled with the peace you are looking for…

Evil’s Shadow

Oh, the night is filled with a feeling of darkened ways. As the path nears there is a shadow that follows every move you make. Sometimes the shadow makes a whimpering as if caught and squeezed slowly. You back out of the path, the shadow is there with you. Oh, it is a bad thing, one which harbors with your deepest and darkest thoughts. Trying to make you defy the goodness within yourself. Slowly, the shadow is approaching and wants you to fear it, and become filled with evil's way of thought.

You have but one thought, the guardian angel you know is alive, taking the shadow's miserable thoughts away from yours. Making evil regress into the darkness it hides in, away from good, and creating bad when it decides to do so. The angel waits, and keeps you from all things bad, making sure you are not deceived. Follow the path and you will see it is clear, shadows only natural things make happen. The angel walks with you, giving her protection, you feel her and know it is a real feeling as if the wind is blowing across the valleys below and you are quietly absorbing it across your mind.

One instant thought about the angel, she is absorbing the ways of the Great Spirit, so you have a clear path of thought and walk among the valley living ways. Flowers and greenery abound the senses and sight is wondrous...

One’s Spiritual Journey

The bold truth of one’s direction is given from the Great Spirit’s spiritual lessons found all around us, so many ways one can become an entity of spiritual life. Nature speaks in the songs it makes from trees, water, a fire raging in the darkest of nights for comfort, a light breeze while standing on a sandy knoll overlooking the beach, or at the edge of a path where the wind is speaking harshly to you.

Spirituality has avenues and roads where the sense of life is far-reaching all that possesses one's entrance within a realm only spiritual truth could be found, a realism that living as we do, some paths need trekking whether hard or easy. The result is the same. One has gained in strength plus the soul is everything believed where growth came from the Great Spirit's intentions of just what a blessing is.

Strength for stability and balanced ways of mind keep the path from becoming lost and causing misleading entrances where the faith may wander away. All journeys have some ups and downs, from one person to another in a partnership, each has a plan that the Great Spirit will lead them as indicated when joined together, thus the two spirits become filled with a spiritual wonderment while living life.

We all need the journey whether together or as one person, the road for the spiritual lesson to be entwined with your being and everything spirituality creates as the Great Spirit with His blessings have shown...

We Will Prevail

A wayward instance of my time is losing from the pressure of the darkened ways trying to incorporate my spirit with demise and fundamentally all-around creations of chaos. Evil has those moments that want to invade your mindset, giving it control over the choices and direction of your life, as it sees fit. One must battle the timeless instances of its grasp for power, using your strength or should one say the power of His strength given to you through prayer. There is an existence of help someplace amongst the universe that is for you and the millions that pray for it, to exist, making evil fall back into its black hole until you become complacent and forget to make those choices that keep him at bay. Out of your life. But there is usually a moment we all have forgotten about, and He was there giving you the messages of evil pushing the door open for his entrance, mayhem, sickened minds, and lousy choices.

Why, why, why, do we think for ourselves, our choices to keep evil at bay are the true thoughts which can overcome the power released upon us from evil? There is so much trickery from evil. It seems one must constantly keep evil at bay, repeatedly, making life so much harder than it should be. The truth is, we can have some comfort throughout our days without the fear of evil lurking here or there for a tormented moment. Kneel each day, or stand in a quiet place, make happen through prayer the hours set before us have that strength surrounding our spirit, pushing outward the door so stay always closed.

Spirit's Door

As the moments before time has begun the demise and destroys the people who believe in evil's destiny, the road has one end, his way to remove the remaining mentality of just what evil is, will close the door. A door to righteousness and faith, of power far-reaching the depths of a soul's truth to the light of life. Evil wants this door closed to keep his demise and treachery amongst people who think he has the answers. The one entity that does not believe is the angel who follows evil and battles the armies evil puts out there to keep his door open.

His power through the angel is beyond anything evil could defeat, to send evil's way of belief, only the angel has more power to close the door and stop the madness pouring out of it. Evil's end game has come and the angel will close the door, sending evil to his darkness. People will come freely through the door of faith and believe in the great powers of the Great Spirit. The angel stays close by the spirit's door, defending it from evil's calamity, and returns to fight another battle...

Belief, faith, and an abundance of knowledge behind spirituality bring an existence found only through your wanting the path, a special place you have for your spiritual growth. There are many avenues for spiritual growth to happen. As trekking the daily affirmations or meditation walk of mind, the path before you has somewhat of realism attached to where you want the result to exist. What is it you want for your path of learning and keeping the desired roads before you without barriers?

Evil has what you think is the right choice to cross those barriers, or over them, maybe even under the barrier set before you. Yes, there is a means for spiritual strength. We all need the knowledge of our strengths and belief in our faith to carry us through moments of demise or difficulties.

Remember, fall back, find the resistance, and use the strength He has given you to battle evil’s continuous pounding set across your mindset, to keep His power at a point where only prayer is the answer. We will prevail, it is our nature…

Whatever your vision thinks is real, the mindset may say something else. What a beautiful waterfall, a snug little house on the edge of a river flowing from such waterfall. Timeless as it seems, a realism seen has many paths through the mind for what the image convays. And it all is just a vast illusion brought through by technology. Are you looking at something of reality or not? Does it exist? Beleif in what your spirit says is the answer, it is real...

An Instant of Time

Time has those moments where you recognize something is not right. Right at that instant, one minute moment within your existence, a choice must be made. It is nothing but a mere increment found inward the spirit’s evolved control of the embodiment that belongs to you. Your being is now able to be violated by whatever the darkened ways have shown to happen if not a choice. You need to choose, fight or flight, as it seems. Some instances in one’s life become desperate at times; the truth is that your spirit must get you out of the situation. Your gut is heavy with fear, sweat is running down your face, and each thought is made to distinguish the complexity of not being in control. A choice, an instant of time, all to be had so life continues as was.

Flight is persistent and follows you wherever you may want to hide. Running from the situation could be the answer, then again, the belief you have someplace to run to seems elusive. That leaves the choice to fight. Get rid of the bad situation and move on, but is that possible? Have you inward the strength to fight and know how to remove the moment and take another path away from the darkened ways surrounding you? Maybe just stopping the time frame presenting itself and seeking a way out with a lot less interference or negativity that binds you to the bad situation? Okay, now a third choice has presented itself.

Let's sit back and look into this action. A moment has been provided for you to try and seek a method of maneuvering a bad situation into a common balance so no ill will come to the event presented before you. A third and maybe a blessing of choices that make the path less stressful, more giving of yourself to stop a situation from happening, letting the darkened ways move aside and having no reaction as to why. Are there times when this seems possible? Have you more or less removed yourself from an unbalanced moment with a mere choice? We all have days and nights where something is amiss and needs to be fixed without losing the choice where time made it a wrong direction, an instant of time with bad consequences. But, we have a choice to keep the balance of the moment moving and letting time release its hold upon the small increment of insaneness set for one or the other direction of choice. There is no fight or flight feeling. It is what it is, you walk away and make another path to accomplish what you need to do so life does not destroy a spiritual moment.

Kneel, pray for redemption, and cast out the mundane events that make the days heavy upon the soul. Be with the sense of strength to find the way, that path that takes your spirit away from a stressful moment in time. Reach out for the powerful belief and faith there is nothing to stop you from making the right choice. And, just walk away…

Spiritual Life, As It Is

Within our society, as it is now, there are people lost with their mindset set in ways the spirit had not known could exist without some form of evil. Yes, but it does exist within some spiritual aspect to the way society is growing strong. Evil has arrived like life, as it is, some people are just plain lost in their reasoning of political and spiritual life. They have no common sense. Their paths are dealing with a dark place in their life. They are not listening to the voice found on the other side of the light of life. The Higher Spirit gives the messages through a spiritual touch upon their soul. That is going unnoticed. Why? Because most people, as I said are lost, and have no idea of the lessons needing to be learned for their spirits to grow, they have meaningless directives found from the enemy attacking them all the time.

As moving through life, most in our society, the doors are closed, the doors which come from the Holy Spirit. They can be opened if understood why they are there for them to give so much growth to their spiritual entities, the spirit, and soul. The Holy Spirit will be there when ready, as they get the beliefs and common sense needed to get out of the darkness, releasing the power to remove evil’s locks. Reaching the mindset for life’s way found in society’s many avenues, being lost is not an easy challenge. Those doors need spiritual help to overcome evil’s distracting ways, The Holy Spirit with the almighty power of the Higher Spirit will remove the enemy’s hold within our spirit. The doors will open and the light of life will flow with everything needed to be the spiritual people found in society’s living ways.

The political and spiritual life will prevail…

Finding One’s Spiritual Perspective

Walking the path of the spiritual destiny has its difficulties. Too many people seem to know more about the soul’s direction and perspective, yet have no clue what they are talking about. Leading people down the wrong road and ending up doing more damage to the soul trekking its way down the many roads of life. Missing the truth of just what spirituality means. Finding one’s spiritual path takes us on an avenue where lessons are brought to us. And there are many to be had. What to believe in and having faith in the Higher Power. Each of us has our perspective about the Higher Power and how it inflicts its reality with life and our soul’s path. One step at a time down the road of life can seem daunting but there are lessons to be learned for the soul’s direction into finding the truth needed for the spiritual path to be understood.

Spirituality is an understanding of your beliefs and faith in the Higher Power’s ways of communicating and directing your spirit’s line of direction for the truth of how life is made up of choices. Those involving the church, pastor, reading the Bible, and taking the interpretation of what is being brought to you, words with a mindset on believing how those choices bring the road to the Higher Power’s truths for you to follow. A faithfulness about your perspective with a Higher Power’s direction for a spiritual touch upon the soul. Your feelings of just what you need for living with the Higher Power in your life, your trek throughout life with a learned way set upon your spirit, and the result, belief.

Are you strong in your belief in the Higher Power’s direction for your soul? Can you believe in the lessons brought to you so the trek through life is not so hard to understand, spiritually that is? Do you know the difference between the quacks giving you false truths of faith? Reach deep into your soul’s path and follow the real truth of the Higher Power’s way for your spirit’s belief in His way of spirituality.


Our Journey to Find Spiritual Growth

With all that is going on in the world and especially here in our country. It is no wonder the spirit of our being has difficulty getting the spiritual growth it needs. The roads and avenues with many paths of lessons are not also getting through for our spirit to follow. But the spirit is strong and will find its way along many of those paths. Spiritual growth comes with challenges, and the trek along those roads could be difficult. The perception of how life could be with the spiritual growth giving us the lessons along our paths is a wonder of living in a well light place with the Higher Power. He is always in our spiritual inner-self, behind a door waiting to open when needed.

As the roads of spiritual growth come and go we get the growth as the Higher Power opens doors for us to learn. He gives in His time frame. The prayers are there for us to deem when the right moment arrives for our spirit to get lessons one moment at a time, His way of time.

So, the difficult time does not come through as badly as it possibly could. We are growing through spiritual growth and the trek is becoming shorter than thought possible. Each path is coming to us with lessons we use and the spirit is connecting to the spirit and us through our inner-self, “spirit”. The Holy Spirit plays a big part in our growth. You or I may not know this, but in time we find out He gives us the understanding of why the Holy Spirit came to us with the paths needed for learning.

The Higher Power works in many ways to help with our onward treks…

Where the Meaning Lies

The moments that are in our living time frame have some difficulties and trials to overcome. They will take time to hurdle but with our spiritual growth, they will not seem so bad in the end when all is well. Why do these difficult times happen? That is a hard question to answer. Some would say evil is rampant and our society is changing with each movement of darkness. Others would say the times of tribulations are few and far between because society is changing as time moves on through life and less spiritual growth. People just are not looking for a Higher Powers voice for the spirit to grow by. They are making their own choices and not asking for belief and faith to help with the decisions needed to move forward in life.

Society is changing. Teens are different in attitude, The elderly have ways within themselves that become more and more in the past rather than moving forward with changing of the times. People in general use their ways of making choices. They think their way is the best. The Higher Power knows better. He fights every day just to get through to society and bring His help having His faith put upon the people for growth, understanding He is there for your choices. Using Him as the means to make choices. We all need some guidance with a spiritual sense of strength and belief.

Time of life can be daunting through our spirit’s thought process. The way our choices get the meaning of making the right choice. If that makes sense. The emotional growth through life’s moments has meaning, you just can’t understand what that is. The Higher Power gives you the door to go through and find the meaning behind those choices. Everything with the Higher Power’s direction has meaning. He brings what is needed for the spirit.
One perceptive at a time. Each time we make a choice there are many ways to find an outcome. It is there and the help from the Higher Power, the Holy Spirit, those choices are easier to bring to life. Our spirit then gains in strength and belief inward where the meaning lies…

Words and Our Spirit


We have much to fix within our spirits. The reading of social media, normal Media in our Society, News Media on paper. They all bring negativity and falsehoods. Our spiritual path is also being challenged. It is very hard to get the real truths we look for in the printed media of our society. They are there when reading. the spirit helps to bring the truth through what you are reading. Words make their way, so you understand the truth is being read. This happens all throughout the days reading.

We as a society have many doors to walk through, following the roads that present themselves. Thos paths have a lot of lessons and understandings to make your way as comfortable as possible. Thus the readings can get to the spirit’s way of thought. Hard to believe these processes go as they should, the Higher Power has control and it is His way for your spirit to follow. Truth falls in place along the way…

Our spirits come with so many safeguards. Higher Power made sure we have the lessons and truths for our spirits to become informed through spiritual paths. There is always in the world of reading words, the written ways do not have the right truths for one to follow. There needs to be some way to bring the needs to understand the words and the reading is right or wrong. The spirit comes through with what you need. It is given what the mindset needs from the Higher Power. And has still the words to understand what is read. If that makes sense…


Read on, everything is covered through our spirit…

The Roads for Perseverance

As our life progresses down those many roads and avenues which carry the lessons for us to understand and grow by, there are reasons given for the difficulties and challenges as they are. Higher Power gives us ways to be filled with perseverance and have endurance to get through those roads and avenues of difficulty. Why is it important for us to have that trek through living ways? To become stronger in faith and belief. Using the spirit’s help for the Higher Power giving to us what is needed for our soul.

We meander through life wondering why we have so much pain and discomfort. Those challenging days that make life nearly unbearable to go on. They are there for a reason. The truth behind those difficulties comes into play when grow with faith and belief. Given from the Higher Power’s way of sending you a message that life is full of difficulties and growing to get through them.

And so we move on through the many roads and avenues with a better understanding of the difficulties. He is with us and gives us the endurance to persevere those trials to find the lessons on the paths off the avenues.


And The Spirit Learns

Around, around, the mind goes. Always looking for some direction of the spirit. The voice is there and giving the direction needed for the spirit, you are not listening. Go somewhere quiet and calm the mind to hear the direction for the spirit to soothe the soul. Get rid of the main distractions in your life. Computer, TV, phone, social media. And open the door to what is good for the spirit. There are many avenues and roads behind the door of life. Your door leads to many lessons which can be helpful in life. Living with the spiritual direction needed for living the way you want, without the enemy trying to give wrong mental stability.

The enemy is always knocking on your door, tricking you to open and believe in a false prophecy. The main direction is found within the roads and listening to the voice helps you to make the right choice. Always choices. They can be difficult or easy but can be from what is heard inside of your spirit. That choice is from the opened door of your life. The voice gives the truth, always there, but waiting in the back room without giving the spirit a choice for the soul’s calmness, it comes from the voice of a Higher Power.

So, the mind has come to a calm stop. Knowing the direction needed by choices from the roads and many avenues teaches its truths. And the road leads straight for the spirit to follow its living ways. Your Higher Power has been there for you to follow and listen to. He is there for your direction and loving ways. The enemy cannot pass to guide you in the wrong direction.

Hear His Voice

We all have some problems in our lives. Good days and bad times complicate living as wanted. Many suffer from health and mental distractions. The spirit is there trying to take the truth for the mindset to change. true of the spiritual direction needed to heal. The voice is there for strength and healing. It is tough though because you want to feel better now. The touch upon the soul from a Higher Power will come. We have to wait on His time frame. He knows the way of your life and will do what is needed to give strength for whatever comes down the road for your health to change.

Do you understand the way of love given to help from His voice? No, we do have not the comprehension in our mindset to understand anything the Higher Power allows us to feel and the direction of His ways. It just comes and we have to accept it. That love is felt though. And the truth the spirit understands is far more in-depth of our choices that soon come to another degree of living. The spirit can help within our soul’s housing. Your inner voices. That comes up in prayers and your ability to listen for something felt far away, yet inside the way of spiritual belief.

Sounds complicated. But the spiritual direction is not as easy to have as a mindset as would thought. Oh, it is there for your faith and belief. The road of life has what is needed for who you are to become. It was set as you were born. Choices are the key to how it is followed. So many make wrong choices and life becomes so much harder. Some circumstances just happen and living is much harder for them. Having faith in the Higher Power can give a mindset of love and truth. Love for the soul and a felt feeling of love for others make for a better mindset of life.

And on we go…hear His voice?

Contemplating A Direction for Spirit

We have some problems within ourselves. Most people do not care and have no respect for the fact they are making life for some people miserable. That said, thank you for pausing your thoughts. The times of our lives are busy, distracting, sad, and to some depressing. When the moment arises some people will sit, look into a phone, go on the computer for media, social media, and the last watch tv. That is somewhat not relaxing. Computer work to some is writing, or reading, to them that is relaxing and enjoyable for the spirit. I agree, which I do often. Having been so long getting back into that realm, I feel wonderful that my spirit has gained some momentum with having a spiritual path set. But the people who are stuck in the groove of personal space with gadgets need some time out room for the spirit to stop the blue screen, per se, Find a place to remove yourself from surrounding electronics and whatever is keeping you from moving in your spiritual direction, be silent, ask to clear your mind, your thoughts.

Take some deep breaths, exhale slowly through the nose, and just listen to whatever is positive and comforting through your mindset. Remember, these techniques take time, it is not something you can respond to within a few minutes a day. You can pick the times and lengths that feel right for you. And many people will not care about anything related to relaxing, enjoying time amongst family, and doing their way of what is considered relaxing. The walking some people do is terrific for the spirit to be distant from the electronic hold we all have to some degree. Nature brings in the filtered ways of how our spirit responds to the outward surrounding environment. Take a look at a seedling. See the difficult time it has to become a fairly normal size tree. The seedling does not have a brain, as we do, but, it is perseverent. Will take whatever gets thrown at it during the seasons. As our planet changes though because of Climate Change, it is becoming harder for that little seedling to make a full-grown tree.

Our Government and many countries are now doing something to improve the way Climate Change is forming on our planet. Within several years the planet should be making improvements that can make life living on this planet bearable. I wish that I could live long enough to see what technology, autos, and the planet does to make our environment livable.

Well, I am no professional, but have done many things to improve my well-being. And now getting back into my spirituality to become closer to the Higher Power for direction and healing ways. I have my spiritual dynamics which are geared for me, not a religious routine, I do what can for bringing in God, I just have what is needed to be comfortable with His teachings. I mention God, The Lord, and Holy Spirit in my writing at times but you go to whomever it is for your spiritual direction. I would not make you sway toward what I think is the “right” way of belief. Too many pastors, preachers, etc., want you to do what they say is directly in the Bible and that is it, period. The way the Bible is interpreted and how life is changed so much now, we must find a path that gives us the truth, belief, and faith, needed for our belief system to be educated. Yes, it is an education. Which by the way is a way to get the Wisdom needed for our daily lives and spiritual path.

Be well, take some time outs, and hope everyone can have as best as can living experience. So many people are in tough times, I pray for those that need healing, comfort, and direction from the negative (to some, evil manipulation) within their spirit.


The moments of our daily ways do not promote much of anything beyond what is happening at a particular time. Each event goes as a choice or an action by another. One would tend to be offended by the admiration given is shown to be anything else, but in each of those happenings of thought, walking the timely path becomes reality. It does not change the way one would look upon his or her world, only enhances the outlook, toward a plan. Take small steps and you get to a destination slower, than if took long steps but still reach the goal set out to accomplish. Our destiny is given to us from birth and many people would argue the fact, yet in any given idea about how a destiny comes to be real, choices abound the thought process. Notes inward the brain for information that seeks a realm of truth in what destiny is and how it is accomplished. No one person has been able to solve the truth of how it exists. Though we continue to use its pretense for life, we accept there is a destiny and by walking the timely path with it, eventually find it is real and had been with us from the beginning of our life as well. A common denominator of sorts. Speak well of your destiny because the verbalization of how living that life could be very well lost by the untruth one has spoken. Take the steps as a choice, moving at a slow but methodical pace, and end cometh.


Keeping to the sights of our eyes and listening to what transpires around us, gives an idea of where we are at in any given time frame of the day or night. Very simple ideology but can be deceiving. The mind says there are cars and trucks, buildings and people, thinking it is a city. I look between the buildings one could see the green fields and sense through smell animals are wandering amongst farms. From the standpoint of perception, it is country, and the city exists within it, but what constitutes the reality it is neither? If not over there in the country, then how does one say they are in it if standing in the middle of a city? And vice versa.


Only the mind can give truth when sight says it has seen the grass upon the feet. The air filled with a fresh incense of flowers and trees. Sounds found only in a field within the confines of the countryside. No beeping from the auto horns, no smelling of grit that comes with exhaust, the air is filled with a slight haze not found in the country. Perception is the key to evolving into a path of understanding and knowledge. Seeing the ways of life and knowing they can change within one step unto another. If the point can be taken for a lifestyle of comfort, there may be ways to accomplish walking the timely path, realizing the result of learning what the point is. Wealth within the spirit, from wisdom, has a way to encompass the many fine points of money but still feeling without even if have everything imagined. Another perception that people tend to misread. We do not need to be filthy rich to accomplish wealth. The spirit provides everything needed for free, all one has to do is find it then embrace the emotions behind it. The task given becomes the route where you can still be in the country even in the city.


Spirituality at its best

Spiritual Living


It is difficult to write about something that has so many views tied to it. Many people have their living ways and how they live spiritually. I think spiritual living means bringing faith, love, belief, and daily wanderings into a focus. Using the ability, the spirit has to keep the mind in a better mental state amongst difficult or even happy times. Giving the spirit free rein to accommodate what the soul needs to function, how looking spiritually in the direction a path needs to go, so the trek is not distracted from the vision. The vision is not of sight but heart. Taking the faith-minded truths to a level of understanding. Keeping what the spirit believes in for integrity, character, and also evolving with growth. We must always grow from within. It is hard for some, and many people never reach the levels needed to enrich their spiritual living; becoming svelte with nothing to grow by. Willowy from what not the spirit could intake to become heavy with the growth of love, life, spirituality, and beliefs.


Stepping up to the beliefs and believing what is needed for the spirit to live spiritually, is an important truth to follow. One cannot live with the total direction given by religion without the truth and belief it is there for all concepts of life. How to live through this and that, what direction to take if trouble happens, what advice to give and receive. There are many factors to follow; or lead, with religion. I think giving the spiritual side of life, the Bible’s inner strength (but not taking every word as the only way), using many faiths for guidance, believing in God as a spiritual being, encompasses the mind and soul with a feeling of comfort. Knowing the reading, beliefs, and faith, take you to another level of consciousness. There is much to learn and decipher, being aware of the Lord, His guidance, God’s level for the mind, and the Holy Spirit’s all inner strengths. And deciphering is the key to what you want and need from reading whatever is there for your truths to be real.


Spiritual living takes many factors of life and throws them at you from all directions. Catching each one at a given moment for your needs could be a difficult task. That is where faith and strength come in. Deciding which of those thoughts or inner-felt feelings need to be placed for later use, plus the thinking process immediately from the brain so information can be deciphered for understanding. I’m confusing myself here, I think. The process takes enormous amounts of energy, a willingness to use the brain for understanding spiritual direction, what is sent from God as opposed to yourself. Have faith though, it all comes together at some point and you’ll be amazed at how easy it seemed to happen. Read and find everything you need to understand spirituality. That focus takes you beyond religion and helps to understand where in life you want to go. Religion is not for everyone but can be useful for growth into what spiritual living has to offer in its own right.

A Balance Between God and Spirituality


You don’t have to be a wise old owl to know your spiritual self. Once you understand the logistics of everything God is...where inward He resides, you, as a person, gain far more than ever imagined about the essence of spiritual growth. This again shows what God means to you and why He loves you. Most people succumb to the religious doctrines about faith through belief of God’s message without even giving notice as to where He is inward of your spirit, so an understanding can be realized of His meaning. They take for granted everything religious read is complete and right. That may be, but opening the mind to other avenues not governed by religious entities may lead to more belief and faith than was thought possible.


Your soul can provide a more in-depth understanding of how God comes to your thoughts for direction and comfort. Healing as He does, showing right and wrong, using Angels, spirits beyond our known living life, to help direct a path you’re on and have swayed from. There are no real game plans for His existence to which your spirit needs to know. You believe, confess your sins, bring faith forward beyond the negativity, keep it in the top priorities of life, use His guidance through everyday talking and prayer, the movement will be positive, and His actions known to you. Surprised? Well, using your spirit to be close to God and His ways is not that difficult. Getting away from all that society is telling you about religion and spirituality, stepping outside the comfort zone, knowledge about His existence inside your spirit will come and it is simple and wondrous.


God and His way come through giving love as He would want you to, residing in any cultural body of flesh seeking the humbleness of life and respect to all. Meaning...no matter what you think of one’s life or lifestyle, being spiritual has no judgmental qualities which allow your thoughts to become negative or destructive toward the other’s way of living. Acceptance and love are not attributes that come easily. Both take work, however, when realized, maybe anything but what you think they should be, mainly because God lets you make the decisions. He allows you to make choices which you think are right and steps out of the way. When you are in deep trouble spiritually and need guidance, He is willing to give it if you are willing to accept the wrongs, and understand listening to His way is the right choice. Such a difficult thing to do, listening to God. The physical mind is so burdened with life’s over-rated degree of television’s truth, working environment, politics, hatred, and racism; it is a wonder God just doesn’t sit back, wipe the earth clean, and start all over again.


Be attentive to your thoughts, how the spirit evolves with the truth of God, and be in a more relaxed frame of life without being negative. Use prayer as a way to have daily conversations with God. This will enhance what you are spiritually and give strength in belief with faith.


Who Are You Spiritually?


Have you ever asked that question to yourself? Ever wonder what you have inside yourself to be spiritual? The spirit becomes what it is from the inward teachings it receives before being born. The physical mind when growing determines its need to change for the purpose you decide, whether a good path or a road that becomes everything it should not. So what happened to that perfect spirit when you became a “child” at birth? Nothing. Through the years, your parents teach what they “think” is the right way to progress your learning of life and damage more often than not, your spiritual identity. Peers give wrong information about spiritual friendship. The author of an important book was so far off the beaten path; it had nothing for the insightful direction about spirituality the spirit was to get when reading. Therefore, the real spirit lies dormant, evolving through a new way of being alive, governed by the ego, and succumbing to physical life in and unto the subconscious mind. Now, why does this happen?


Spirituality is something that is brought upon the spirit through religion, belief, faith, God’s plan, uh...excuse me, God’s plan? Yes, God is in this equation too, ya know! After all, He was the one who put the spirit in the way it is and lets you determine what course it shall take. So, spirituality comes to us in a form the spirit wants, thrives from “all” teaching religions bring, to make the road more understood on just what being spiritual is. Moreover, it is not derived entirely from the religion. The spirit is made up of three entities, the mind, body, and well, yes, the spirit of course. That trilogy is where spirituality inside you becomes what it is. Keeping the mind clear and free to determine how it receives the wisdom, then knowledge...allows the body to be clean and in shape, removing the unwanted desires of “self” that creates indulgence. Therefore, the body can harbor the spirit for a lifetime of learning. With these parts of the mind and body going through your life with you, the spirit then knows what spiritual path is needed and the “who” of yourself in a spiritual sense lives well and in abundance. “Clean” means to be free of substance abuse (the body was not made to absorb alcohol of any kind), no mental or verbal abuse; physical damage brought on by self or someone else. God helps with these ways. Always around to give helpful thoughts, maybe written material for your mind to accept as a reality in the “right” way to become spiritual. The truth about your spirituality, the “who” of self may not come easily, an everyday walk with the path you want brings more for the determined way the spirit evolves spiritually. Everything read, seen on television, an author’s thought, or even music, are a few of many ideals the spirit takes in for the soul’s spiritual directive it needs. Although, television only comes in as a small part, a very small part, toward the true spiritual path one may desire to seek. I can only think of three reasons to watch television for wisdom’s way to bring the knowledge needed about your spiritual path. If you run across Joyce Meyer Ministries, Pastor Robert H. Schuller’s services, or Steve Brown of Key Life Ministries, they speak more about what spirituality means from a television broadcast than anyone else I have seen through that medium. The wisdom brought through many people is not always the right-mindedness you need for your spiritual path. Too many come to be the prophet of spirituality, and leave you with a deep desire to remove yourself from the real love God wanted to be brought to your path. Be attentive to what your spirit is telling you, through intuitive feelings, for the truth about spirituality.


Who you are spiritually coming from years of reading, listening, and learning, from all aspects of life. The different religious beliefs, those traveled roads indirectly for a lesson, and finally back to the true path of love and joy, in which the spirit has grabbed through all those different paths. Those life travels of spirit remove the ego’s barrier brought upon the soul, letting the soul become everything it is and will be, for spiritual growth. The power of your spiritual self-work against the negative aspect of the ego. When God set the plan for your path to be what it is, also along with those directions from choices you made to grow and learn, the conscious effect of love becomes the power to be who you are. There is no limit to what being “spiritual” is.


Be well, enjoy each day as it is, do not succumb to the ego’s negative side of life, make love and prayer the first and last directive of the day. For yourself, then outward to the rest of the world!

The Mentality of Life


There is a time when men and women begin to change. An instant within the matrix of life that they become more than what they think ever could be possible. An evolution of sorts, which incorporates everything the spirit is and was, made to be. The change begins though when one realizes the factors to living is not what is had by material items, or made of those items. The transformation shows the time is more to life in reality as such to what space is in the sight of eyes and felt it exists when there is a truth it does not. Stars are not there even if looked upon them; they became part of space and live no more. Nevertheless, exist for the eyes and mind to the vision of what was once, then is not at that time and place. The spirit realizes the truth and expects nothing else. Such to the way its self acquires the knowledge of the transformation to a higher being within the men and women as a realization upon its mentality of living...without anything tangible, only of the spirit, and the life force that made it.


Humankind is all that makes life, thinking as does to support that it exists; yet it is the spirit that keeps the life force alive. The spreading of the spirit goes all over the lands of the earth, making different living environments. Not anyone is the same as another, but live and breathe with the same internal organs, with blood and molecules, only the mind gives thought as being someone who may not be anyone. Yet they are whom they to be, in spirit.


The path, the road, a direction, enlightenment, a truth, whichever you choose to call the movement of spirit, it is special and comes to be in growth to the mind's intelligence on the relationship to the spirit's way of how to change. The galactic mentality of life shows the truly entered door for the change to coexist with the spirit and become its mentor. Then there is a road to follow, learn from, and change for what the life force wanted at the beginning of what is the spirit. Men and women begin the journey for the way of heart, beating at their own pace yet walking together toward the same instance of life. Never to be spent and left in space...to shine when not existing.



Spiritual Path

Well, the situation in our world is becoming an environment of evil and endless negativity. We all need to step back and look outward for some positive directives. When the world comes to a point of darkened ways of life, there must be a Higher Power to turn to. He has the directives for our spirit to grow and use these ways of life for good and positive usefulness. Prayer has its way with our spiritual beliefs to gain an opened door for positive directions to follow. Thus, the avenues of life found inside the world we live in can be filled with common sense to stop evil. People need to pray and use the feelings inside for faith that the world will turn out okay. Even amongst the tragedies happening every day

Walk through your life and find the desired avenues where the negative has no place in the spirit. It can be found through meditation, using meditation in many ways one needs to bring the world in a positive direction. Once the mindset is fixed for a peaceful way of living, the roads lead to where one can find lessons of truth for spiritual beliefs to grow and keep the positive flowing outward through the world  At least we can hope for the best.

Keeping the faith is all one needs to remember. Don’t lose perspective and believe negativity is the way of life. Look beyond the darkened ways and seek the bright light of life. It is there just for our trusting the Higher Power’s touch upon our spirits. Giving truths to follow, finding the right way to be positive. It is not hard, just elusive enough to lose oneself in the daily living ways. One day at a time, gaining what is needed to create the wonderment of loving our way of bringing life within and being positive so the road is less disruptive. Keeping the world in mind for the way to make it right, at least in better shape than it is. Belief is difficult to obtain because of being so negative all the time. It will come to you in abundance, one just needs to have faith and a desired entrance with the Higher Power giving the light of life  He will bring us what is set forth for our spiritual growth.

We need faith…

A Message from the Trek

We walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Many times, one will take the treks throughout life where it becomes evident, they are in trouble. When put in that situation there often seems to be only one outcome. a devastating end to living. But a few will step out of the situation and walk beyond the valley of death. Beyond the darkness that was shown to them coming at a rapid pace. One would wonder how that was possible when many never were allowed to make that walk without getting to the end of the valley. It takes the all-encompassing denial of getting past the darkness without having an entrance of light, put there by an unwavering truth to the power of faith. One may have that power of faith where another may not. Receiving strength to know the end is not near and the life seen in the darkness is there for them to step through and take it.


As the light begins to open the portal of life, and when passing through it to the other side, something happens to the spirit. The scene is made with nothing but goodness and happiness with an understanding the one privileged to pass through makes it their life’s mission to invoke the same everywhere they travel or live for the rest of their lives. This happens in only a millisecond yet seems an eternity has passed when comes through to the other side. Step by step a person so fortunate shall take as they progress throughout their lives. Nothing can be explained to anybody without scrutiny or disbelief. So, one moves along in their adventure with the only belief known to them how they passed through the valley of death. The touch upon their soul was a gift. And they do what was shown to them in the worst moment of their life.


There is nothing put before them but one message. I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. And it is instilled in their beliefs nothing shall waver that conviction put upon their souls. One to another they make known how happy they are, not explaining to each of the lucky persons the walk they took to make that happen. And when asked why so happy, they answer with a small but semi-truthful answer. I walk throughout each day knowing the trek has nothing before them but happiness, it is the only way for them to succeed in life. Hoping whoever they cross shall take that happiness with their spirit as well. Most take the answer with a smile. Many smirks and go about their way. That is their choice and will not deter one’s life mission, as promised when given the task for life. The choices we make have consequences. They are always either a good one or a bad one. There are no middle avenues to the consequences. Each choice goes down in the spirit as the true belief at that moment. It is at the end of that choice where the truth lies. Is it then and only then, that they understand it was the right choice made? There is only one outcome to that question, yes.


And the walk continues…

Loving Ways


With the way life is, coming and going with events given for challenges and tributes, it is still hard to live it. Enter the ways of distant thoughts of past ways that were difficult. Enter the ways of future mindsets that give of yourself, making life less of troubled thoughts brought through the spirit’s hardened difficulties occurring in past ways. If that makes sense. Loving outward is sometimes difficult to do, handling the thought where it should be directed. Putting yourself out there and saying “I love you” is giving of your spirit to another, where they can or cannot accept that offering of your inner-self. It can be painful if not accepted. Yet, there may be reasons that you do not know or understand happening in their lifeways. Can they accept your gift without being troubled in the living ways they may be going through? They may not know how to accept the love you want to give. They may not sense the comfort of how love enters their spirit.


The path from your spirit to another comes in many different ways. How they come to accept that path, with you, or another if given choices. What do you want from them, how do you expect to be seen from your standpoint? Choices are now in effect, someone needs to be direct with which way one can be given the love and to whom. Will they become aware of your gesture to make love a part of their spirit’s way? How do you make that awareness an event of life’s direction? It all encompasses each of your choices and theirs also. When life comes and makes the path difficult, and hard inward to understand its reasoning why that needs to happen, the giving of yourself may be the way to make the path not so hard to trek. Love can be powerful, demanding, constantly awarding, or misled, that path you are now on with it will come to an end reasoning. You may not like what love has to say. Thereinto itself lies the difficulties. Can you accept what endpoint they may demand exists for them, not you, but want to include you without making it a choice for them and you. Do they want your love, or just being there as is?


It can be hard and easy at the same time, understanding that point will make it more tolerable and less hurtful knowing you are only there for comfort, not both love and comfort. Which may in the future change. Life only shows the now, and it comes in ways you need to understand, is meant for lessons. Then as growing the way of life becomes another lesson of how love is so difficult to cultivate outward of yourself. Life will show what can be done, you need to learn the ways of how. When the path shows of itself, can you know if they will be allowed to accept what you are giving? Each step of the path has beginnings to many different walkways into your spirit’s understanding of love and giving it to someone else. It happens often, the spirit’s life path and love always come into play within the events of living. They, whom you may choose, or they choose you, can be enveloped with loving ways. Make your life and theirs filled with comfort, happiness, all-knowing of each other spiritual ways, each unto their path but with both having the same filling of their soul’s love. You and they are showing life’s path as two, lessons are given, understanding of each other mentality, another direction of loving ways. That is when you know giving of yourself is real, positive even if difficult. The main reason makes sense, you are on the right path.


Prayers When Needed


Delivery of the thought for the spirit to receive a message from the Lord takes prayer. It does come to you from an inward given sense of speech, you will not know when though it will happen. He comes to you through the spirit when asked, maybe, not at your beckon wish. He is there with the Holy Spirit at all times, giving you the strengths and the knowing beliefs you need for faith to be a truth. The prayers should be done throughout the days and nights, don’t hold back your love for Him, gratitude for what He has done for your life, and blessings. I was taken out of a very dark place in my life, a few months ago, somewhere around August 2021, just from a spark of thought to pray. I did ask for healing and to be taken out of what I was going through. About two weeks later directed to a Doctor that changed how I was to feel in time, much better, then continued to pray every day. Now I listen to devotional videos, motivational, and read about the Lord’s words and ways He has helped people’s lives.


Coming to realize the importance of prayer has been learned from listening to different people that teach the ways of the Lord. Read about His coming into one’s spirit for direction and strengths, giving messages of a sort, for a living way of thought. The prayers must go on daily. There is no limit to how many, time of day, or when given. The more you learn of the Lord the better you become as a person and want to make your life a betterment upon others. It isn’t easy sometimes, there are moments when losing your perspective about how feel and get yourself in line within life. People are not going to make living any easier at times. They are going to be very bad, hard, and schmucks actually, and will test your patience. It is hard to deal with these people because of their one-sided views, the direction they want to take from the flesh sort-of-speaking, and generally have no time for you to interfere with their lives. Stay out of their way, do not give any helpful thoughts about your view with whatever it may be, that is embedded inward them. What one needs to do is give prayer when can, know the Lord is still in their spirit, if they can be helped for some real direction it will happen. But if they keep making the choices as they see fit, it will seem their life will end up in demise, and it will, the Lord has not forsaken them though. You need to know your choice to interfere or help may not be taken lightly. They will tell you and in no easy terms to just leave them alone and get away from their life. If the Lord says to try and find a way to help in some way, then do the best as can. The path will not be easy.


Sometimes people will come to you at the most inopportune times and in need of some help or just to talk. Be there for them, at all costs, and listen without giving your opinion on what needs to be done to fix their life. They are there to give you a part of them, for you to listen, and comfort. That is all that should be expected of you. If the conversation turns to devotional, insight, the Lord, maybe a blessing will happen. If not, don’t feel less of a person because you could not do anything. Being with them was all they needed. If they want some more from you, in time, it will happen. The thought within their spirit will direct them when needed. If they want you to help them with their problems and get out of the rut they are in then do to best as can. It will not be easy if you have been dealing with the person’s life and the difficulties they present often. That will be the test for your spiritual path. In what have learned from the Lord’s teachings, how will you give of yourself, and if slighted again, will you come back to them if asked, again. The trials of life fall in many ways. Most people do not deal with them because of living a good life, they have strived for what they seem is deserved. The lessons lived are the way of life. Schools, choices for the direction wanted in jobs, marriage, kids, autos, houses, neighborhoods, etc. That is what they live for. Not giving thought as to how it all came about, if gone through tough times getting there, what if any difficulties presented from lousy choices, not all people are so fortunate. The times of growing up in the environment presented to them are always there. Many do not get out of that way of life. It is just too hard for them to go from where living and how lived into a world forgiving and allowing growth for themselves. Being less of a life though does not mean the Lord is not in their spirit. He is and working in His way to make life living as best as can for them. Doesn’t seem like it, He is there, and inward sending thoughts for love and comfort. You cannot understand that perspective from His side, it is His way to be with someone in need of some spiritual comfort. The path may not ever come through the person’s mindset, He does as it is meant to be. They just do not know it. At times you may have had the same inward feeling of comfort for whatever you were going through. It was given as designed, the spirit had His direction put upon your soul.


Well, the path of thought from me is coming to an end. If gain anything from my opinion or come away with some belief in the Lord’s way, I am happy. I am learning each day about what to believe in and finding my path of growth for spirituality a truth. Never doubt the workings of the Lord. He is who He is and will give you direction from some sort of feeling or thought, there is comfort in knowing Him. Be well, try to be someone of good quality as best as possible, it does nothing but make your spirit stronger. I have witnessed it and know it works. I am no saint to be sure, anger does creep up at times. The path though can be dealt with an inner feeling of righteousness when giving a thought about the Lord. Prayer when needed…

Worst Case Scenario


Here is the view; you sitting there looking out into the world and thinking the road you need to take for the life wanted is there, and that is the way it ends. Not only are you losing the fact you are capable to move out there and becoming what you want is possible. But the far-reaching thought you are capable to make it happen without any other thinking is not the path possibilities accepted. Each step is taken with confidence and direction. Siting there is losing that option in life. It has no way to get growth for your living ways, and know you can do it. Sitting there and triggering the abstinence it becomes to stop the light coming through.


Why is it always that way with many people? They have the strength and knowledge to persevere into a life with so many options. Missing that one movement to move outward through the door to become who they want, and knew in the heart already they will get it. Hopefully somewhere in the ways of thought that can change. Somewhere one has the fortitude to do what makes them happy, enjoy the happiness within their life, the life is made of confidence. The perspective soon becomes whether to turn back anymore, because the goal has been set. The path eliminates the way to change for the worst, less simple of the thought into the direction, stepping onto the daily ways of living.


So, instead of sitting there wondering why to get up and make it happen. Use the courage to march forward and make it come through the door, that outward sense to remove the wall of defeat. The fear is only made as an entirely felt feeling and does not hinder your future. You are who you are and making a new path, creating something not seen. Life is with happiness and direction of courage, and confidence notwithstanding any obstacles.

Guidance - Spiritually


Through the days and nights, there are insurmountable thoughts that come and go with each person. Some acquire that sense which allows those thoughts to be anything but their own. Many do not, and if ever gone through a moment where something bad had happened or kept you from being involved with any particular event where the moment could have been life-threatening. I think you would understand why a special thought preempted that moment’s time.


Guidance in our thoughts happens in minutes, seconds, or as lessons given for the purpose to enlighten the mind with the soul. Your spirit requires these lessons or guidelines from whatever you want to call the sender. An angel, Jesus, God, or what you may believe in. All could be sending you information for your spirit to grow. Every time a message of some sort is sent, that encompasses all of your spirit with knowledge and wisdom, understanding, and above all love. The moment in which that may happen is not when asked by you, or could be if in-tune to it, the thought for the guidance spiritually comes in its matter of time. Having patience with faith, humbling the known guidance with your gratefulness, before the message is sent, increases the effectiveness. Belief in God’s way of handling our path is not all that difficult, having the faith to know it exists is. Do not discount those thoughts that come at the most inopportune times, they mean something and will be for your benefit spiritually.


Guidance spiritually means to be aware of your thoughts and actions. If thinking in the wrong manner is governed by the ego then your mannerism of action will be faltered. It was not the truth and making reasoning or justification to go ahead with that thought will always have dire consequences. Spiritual essence comes from the emotion and feelings special thoughts transfer into your spirit so the heart can be heard. The pure pleasure of what spiritual essence is and through the guidance it allows makes the belief a reality. Do not assume the guidance is from God, know it from the way your spirit feels, senses, and sees the road ahead as truth. The first step will be nothing more than figuring the problem in a different view, looking at a particular matter from all sides, feeling the inner sense from the spirit that what is happening or going to happen is correct. Observing how your psyche feels, of the soul’s dimension of faith, emotional balance, every part of your senses for knowing what is the true path then constructs in your inner-self the meaning for guidance spiritually. Thoughts that make your mind and soul feel good and take your spirit in a direction needed for your path to becoming a desirable ending.

Thought from nowhere...


We as writers have some aspects to what it takes to be difficult, as in the difference with how words are created for the reader. The path the mind must take so the words flow for a direction the reader understands is hard in so many ways. You need a beginning, a plot or storyline to follow, then an ending. Bringing some direction where the storyline can bring some imaginative felt feelings from what is being read. Making the reader's spirit want more from the words read. Getting that great feeling when the reader enjoys all of what the words were meant to be, a story. Leading them into many roads where each avenue brings some kind of emotion just from words. The writer enjoys themselves when writing those words of emotion, and they can sense that as putting down said words. All in all, the difficulties are not so bad when the writer has that feeling to write as often as the spirit gives them that impulse. There are days though, the words do not come. There is a balance in the long run. As long as the written way carries the words outward for the reader to enjoy, then those tough times fade into oblivion. And off to more of what the written way wants the writer to go.