Past Writing

The next few pages - writing for anyone to read over again, if so desire.

Our Country's Path

Well, how does the situation in this country change? The road now points in a direction that will cause chaos. Too many people are looking in a direction that may be hard to face. Why they are lost and looking at certain candidates is what needs to be figured out. Some people do not know what it is they want from the democracy available, or understanding how to keep the country without so much complexity. What we need is a path with an understanding of the end and the depth it will bring to our spirits. As the path becomes easier to understand the country should become in line with the truth about beliefs and why democracy is there for them. Then the road to what needs to be done and how to make it available to everyone, giving a less complex ending to the path for democracy.

So, one’s understanding of life’s path and making it work for them, not losing democracy, give a better place this country needs to be. People need to be more understanding of their feelings and find their way on the path. Thus, the given lessons for our understanding of what the country needs will come out with a way to solve the loss, misrepresentation, and mishandling of the truth for the path of democracy. Just try to be understanding of other people’s opinions. Some people do not know of their lost ways for the right people to have the truth on the democratic ways. They lose the knowledge for their understanding of life. Then the path for them is wrong and have no belief in the right democratic way. Giving their beliefs an untruth on who they need for our country to progress.

Progression is difficult sometimes. People need to understand their path is set from the beginning of life. Destiny is made in choices, one avenue of life’s lessons at a time. One needs to make democracy in this country real, being an entity in truthful ways. Knowledge of democratic ways is needed to understand, the right lesson for the right mindset on life’s direction. A destiny through choices, finding their way on the right paths to follow. Very difficult to make happen because of the way one is brought up, led to believe their way instead of growing through learned ways of understanding other people and where they are coming from. Destiny is funny that way. You need to learn the path and find the answers you want for the direction of your spirit, knowing the democracy of living will come through. Follow your truths, making sure they are the truth, and allow this country to grow in a positive direction.

Believe in the right people for direction with making the country grow and prosper without difficulties. Hard, yes, learning from mistakes, yes, one needs a place in his country for life to be less complex. Enjoy the path you are on and grow from it. Belief in yourself and loving life’s way for spiritual growth will also help with our country's direction. Making sure the truth is coming from the right people and opinions have depth of understanding. Then move through life with confidence. Know the country is going to be okay.


Being With a Positive Direction – In Your Way

As time goes on in these ways of life as known, the situation is slowly becoming a changing lived ways of dynamic circumstances. The spirit within ourselves seems to be more inclined to progress toward a definite positive and changing constantly in-out with faith. It is so hard to be spiritually positive in your way. Everyone has an opinion about what you should believe in, and who is the best leader in our country ( I have my belief who that is for me, and stand by it). Which way you should go to make a better life for yourself, how the way of spiritual belief is the right way. It becomes daunting at times, even depressing to some people it is so instilled by different types of media, Pastors (Some of which are wrong about what we should believe in), and friends, along with family members (And that is a major challenge in its self).

So, here we are, confused as usual, happy as can be but with a gut feeling all the time because of the negative rhetoric here and there, the disasters all over the world and within our country as well. But, take heed of what is about to be said, I have read what can for my learning of being more positive (Even under my ongoing health conditions), studied more about having faith in whatever Higher Power you believe in that would help in the direction for your path needed to be a betterment of self. I in no way have the qualified authority to say or tell you how to live your life and would not do so, this is just my opinion and what I think may help in some ways with your dilemma. Whether it means anything to you is your choice and I respect that choice.

Have faith, yes become more inclined to use prayers (In whichever culture you are in), and give some time to stop and meditate or be quiet someplace. Everything seen on the news is mostly negative but there are some good moments of positive action here and there. Depends upon which station is watched (I have some that I will not watch because of the lies – confirmed – misinformation about our Governments direction – confirmed – how life should be led, totally going in the wrong direction as well). Make choices based on the truths that are out there and understandable. Not what everyone wants you to believe in. Give thought to how prayer would help with those decisions. Some spiritual reading as well. You are in your way of belief and should use that for your direction with choices to help from being down, tired of the negative side of life, and just having some positive vibes to go throughout your day.

We all have what comes from within ourselves, those roads trekking life with choices hopefully are the right ones. Using those roads and avenues for learning, taking paths which bring understanding to what you want throughout life, keeping an even balance with you and what your spirit is capable of. The road in front of you may seem daunting, but taking the path that you know will make life down that road bearable comes through all the teachings presented from those avenues you have already gone down. That is what you want from reading, even writing down your thoughts will show a direction in which you may want to go at your speed, of course. Spiritual teachings from reading and prayers – do help. Keep at it, take time for quiet moments, pray as can, and give some thought to how your Higher Power comes into your life and picks you up when down and tired of those negative ways of life. Believe, keep the faith…

The Choice


Before moving through life the spirit takes on its path. It has one direction, you make you become the best humanistic person. If the mindset is not followed the direction will falter. It has no mechanism to make the path hardened with systematic protections. What the flesh wants, it wants. The spirit in later times of life will re-evaluate the strength and determine the ways to combat the faults so decided to make with the choices one must make. Evil has a hand in the way one makes its path. If determine the person follows the direction given through the listened speech evil projects into someone, the path will be a difficult way of life, detrimental to the person’s spirit. The spirit will have to fight for all its might to get the person’s will regained if want to, and it is a hardened way to live. Battling from one aspect of an inward strife, there is a toll put upon the spirit. Through the vision of the future look into the way it could be, the path may become filled with the light. That which belongs to the will of the life force. The He in who is the main field of sight for help. That He force has another name, The Higher Power. Thereunto itself is the key factor to taking evil away from the hold onto the spirit’s defiant strength to fight it off.

The light of life comes through, making the path seen, and the one who feels the power inside knows it is time. Time to follow the spirit’s direction. Taking in the less hardened path, the one where the hold was difficult to release. The Higher Power took away the key to that door, and never shall it be opened again. There are many keys to life. Many doors of evolution the spirit learns from. As said, the path is set from the beginning of living life. One must learn to use their choices wisely. That door is always open. All you have to do is step in, look for the choice, make the path so it becomes a reality. The spirit will guide you if can. If by chance the hardened ways of life are overtaking the mindset so it cannot decide the right path, as evil does, the way of life then becomes a drastic maneuver of difficulties. One step at one time.

As they walk through life seems so very hard, the inner-self can use the strength of the spirit to keep it in the right direction. The Higher Power is there for the faith, belief, it needs to take the walk, a trek, up and down those hard roads. Always, have the hold on the mindset for one’s life decisions. Believing in they are making the choices which will affect the outcome wanted, where the direction is filled with a goal. That goal is going through life with one’s friends, then family, knowing the faith had carried them through whatever the path is shown. As time moves on, the near end of life is filled with completion of their goal, with children they love, a wife loved or in love with, seen the degree of what the Higher Power had to offer for them. Then they can move to the plane where life is just a mere wisp of thought, another door opened and the step-through was final.

Belief, faith, the trek on down the road with choices, is not a hard way to live unless falter and listen to the evil ways so always trying to invade the light of life’s righteous avenue of truth. The path was set upon beginning, the choice was always yours.

Sometimes We Can Hear
His Words

Have you noticed when calm, relaxed, and just listening to what is around you, a thought arises quietly? Ever wonder why all of a sudden it was there? Always questions within life, even out in the ever-evolving ways of nature, there is a given gift from a special thought. His words, yes, they are real and alive within your mindset. Imagine, being in the deep, green, pine forest. The scent of the trees is almost overpowering, but you have set yourself on a rock, comfortably. It is quiet except for the wind giving you a song through the trees. You close your eyes and listen to the music, as doing so some words begin to flow from inward. Oh, they can be many words of different meanings, answers, direction, comfort, all-encompassing your spirit. But you know they are coming from His realm. The belief, faith, flow heavily into your spiritual path. Thought of what you were praying off and on has come through. In His time, for you to receive as a wonderful set of words within your spirit. As you desired, without question, He has spoken. No need to wonder anymore, He is the truth and light of your soul. As opening your eyes, you think that He is there, right in front of you, it is so real. The trees sing, wavering in the wind. You have gone through a moment in time. His time, words, and touch upon your soul. Sit and enjoy the comfort it presents. Maybe He will drop by again in thought, you never know.

Your Galaxy’s Road

Sometimes the world affects our spirit. The chaos and mayhem, rhetoric, misleading falsehoods, all that the world has to offer seem to be lost. Go someplace quiet, relax, breathe calmly. You can find an outlet where your spirit can evolve beyond all the difficulties the world wants to give for your negative ideals. Look inward for some direction from what I call a “Galaxy”. Now, that being what it is to me(metaphorically), understand the path and everything you get for your spirit’s direction is coming from a Higher Power. It is called what you may, I lean toward the Creator, The Great Spirit, The Heavenly Father, the Galaxy’s actual creator.

As sitting and relaxing, clearing your mind, take a walk within and find your Galaxy. Listen for the direction of your spirit, the road to the inner-self. There are many avenues, all good, you may have a choice with. Hopefully, your choice will make as being present with the Galaxy’s mindfulness, of faith and belief. There you will be in tune with the fight against all the negativity trying to make your life so difficult, spiritually in some ways. When coming back from your quiet place, stay relaxed, just accept what your spirit has grown with. Leave the world’s difficult ways and become a better person, having your faith and belief carry you far outside the misleading direction. Enjoy your discovery.

Looking up into the night sky, which may bring some solace as well, there the real galaxies exist. That in itself is far from what metamorphically is. The Great Spirit created that awesome view. It has many avenues itself, each galaxy presents its ways through the visual presentation of a telescope. All connecting in some way by following stars, pointing here and there, thus finding the desired galaxy. You also have the same avenues inward your spirit. A Galaxy of spiritual growth.

Life’s path


We get through these days with some hard felt comfort, our spirit is upset because of what seen and heard. I know that what is seen and heard is of concern to many people, especially those with family in Afghanistan. Some of us do not see that hard comfort because of being inward hard themselves. They do not see or do not want to see what people are going through minute by minute. Maybe it is their beliefs, some have been misled by those beliefs, In my opinion, I am not here to judge, God has that sowed up. And it is difficult to see and hear what is going on and feel we can not do anything about it. We cannot, that is hard on our spirit. I pray for them, know in time the moments of hardness will change. Hopefully for the betterment of those involved. The direction of the Taliban though is not to help, but to make life difficult for those in the city's taken over by them.

I am so grateful for what we, my wife, and I have. I have been through some tough times in the past months. After surgery for a massive Hernia inside me, rearranging organs had to be done, plus fixing part of my esophagus. Sorry, just going over some of the details. The pain and discomfort were bad, then another hernia was produced because of difficulty with my esophagus, after a test. Anyway, after a procedure to repair that, I was in pain and discomfort with it too. For months the pain and discomfort were unbearable, I was geared inside to handle pain, also because of having back pain for most of my life, I knew what pain was about. In time I became a miserable man. Lost hope, fell into a darkness that became my life. My wife was my rock. She went through the times of my downward spiral by helping me, at times I was hard on her, she put me in my place. It was very hard for her to see me in this way.

But, at one moment, I got a thought to pray, yes, pray. For many years I was spiritual, not religious, spiritually filled. Wrote with that in mind, writing was something I did for a while. Fell into a depressed state, lost the desire to do both. Before the surgery, I was trying to get some of it back. The writing and spiritual inward to move through life, be a betterment for me. It was a slow process. Back to the praying. I prayed for my healing, the pain and darkness to go away. Several times and knew it would be done in the Lord’s time, not mine. I did not lose the given thought, I was sure something would happen. About two weeks later a Doctor was referred to me, he changed my life because the pills were not being correctly taken. In time I was changing and feeling better. Still healing, still praying, and living better, and at this moment doing much better.

It is very hard to understand how things in life are the way they are. I was having a difficult time but was not anything as difficult as other people in the world living through. That perspective was not seen by me. It was lost, did not care to see what there was in front of my way of life. Many people do the same now, what people in another part of the world are going through, is of no concern to them. That is disheartening, sad, and should not be happening in this time and age. I pray, give thought as to what people are going through, and do my best to feel for them. The media is showing some truths to what is happening. They are not showing the whole picture. There are outlying things that are going on outside of what the media wants us to see. And rightfully so, it is not of our concern to see what that is. The moments could be difficult to see and hear. I will inside, be attentive, learn as time goes on about the situation. Do spiritually what needs to be done on my end. Life in its way will take the path so given, we need to accept that, and move on.

It is what it is.

Moving Through Life


Moving through life, we are in some ways lost. Some of us are on a path that is well defined from the beginning. They go on down the path make the right choices, and do well for themselves. Many though, have a tough time through life. Their choices were not right, the roads taken were led by drugs and booze. They are lost. Have nothing to believe in. Some do get what is needed to move on through the darkness. They find spiritual avenues of life. One could only hope others will find their way. Pray for them, if that is what you believe in. If not, then do whatever it is you do to make someone feel better.

As our time goes on in the world, we as people, have choices to make. Those choices are defined by the importance they bring from your perspective of thought. The mindset will determine the direction you think is the right choice. Drugs, drinking, addiction of some sort, will make the perspective move away from a mindset of true choices. The road will not be found until the choice is made, by the spirit, or another manner of thought, to move through life. Be a betterment of yourself. Though tough, it can be done. Has been done. We just need to realize there are roads of life that will give them hope. They must have hope to succeed. Lose that, forever they will wander till die, mostly alone, very sad life. Believe in a Higher Power, there will be hope, He gives it freely. It is a good choice.

Possibilities Inward

Sometimes it feels like everything's all messed up. Life is getting you down because of certain Political atmospheres, kids, work, friends, and almost anyone coming in contact with you. And not necessarily in any specific order. Driving can be stressful because of cities expanding for the people wanting to live in and around them. Work is stressful because so much demand is put on you due to time constraints. Kids create problems as growing up, school, sports events, shopping, other stressful points in life. This all becomes very old after a while. And those many people you pass daily that do the same thing in their lives, pass without any regard for your time, or respect your lifestyle, they are just too involved with themselves.

All the commotion in our lives does ease off at times. Giving some sense of control over how we do things. If though the mentality of how looked at life, the belief there is hope to render some goodness from it, the possibilities inward your spirit are endless. It is all in the way you see yourself throughout life and wherein that life you want to be. The concept sounds easy but has many obstacles to pass. One is the faith factor. You have to have faith in the system, that goodness will prevail over the evilness around the world, and your destiny evolves around what you want to accomplish through all of it. Keeping an optimistic outlook is important to the mental awareness needed for the spirit to be moving forward as well.

The possibilities inward come from the alertness you hold for living life even under difficult times. It is not an easy path. But is rewarding when accomplishing the many things you set out to do and complete or advance through working out the mistakes so given just to survive living as you do. It is a challenge and needs an intensive mentality from your mind. You cannot fluff off the faith factor and expect it to be in-tune to your way of thought whenever the notion arises. Faith is embedded into the soul and needs common compatibility with how the spirit functions on a day-to-day basis. Keeping the soul strong from beliefs, prayer, setting goals, completing tasks, using the spirit for internal help, can strengthen the surrounding lived life and be well in-tune to holding those barriers up against all odds.

Possibilities inward are important to what the spirit needs, the soul depends on, and how the mind looks at everything in your life. When mention God’s path, seek it in your way but do not forget to accept the responsibility to give thanks for all that it brings to you. Your life is filled with many great things and having those did not just come from your abilities. Those strengths you have were there for you to use and the gifts applied came from ways beyond the thought process you know of. It is important to understand that It is amazing when the thought process begins to enter that domain “What if?” What if that, what if this, then it gets so complex and tiring for the mind you just shut it down; begin with totally different processing of information.

(Continued Next Paragraph)

From One’s Perspective


Stepping out of the normal life one leads, into a balanced, relaxed, feeling of peacefulness is not an easy thing to do. It takes strength from your inner-self, a conscious choice to stop all the rhetoric the day has or presumed going to give for a particular moment. Removing the thoughts that become negative, turning them into positive emotions for a forward-thinking process to begin. Most people will not ever give thought to doing this for themselves, making the surrounding atmosphere change for the betterment of all who have to live it.

It is not a matter of what is right or wrong, since living is an experience and making choices becomes an observation of the consequences, one needs only choose the path they feel is acceptable for their spirit. Take heed to the intuitive thought, it most generally is the first and only decision to make for the direction the mindset is in need to go. Mistakes come as learning tools for the character, spirit, and well-being of a person. They consume all the emotions needed to make the inner-self feel inadequate or create false imperfections for the self-esteem to eat up and spit out. Relativity to everything is found within how your thoughts make the seen problem, desire, happening event at a particular moment, present inward the soul; as an avenue spirituality follows for the mindset to begin.

Short Story

The Journey for Spirit

Running Eagle was looking out toward the mountains. He knew there nestled in them was his path which took him to the challenge of his life. After all, he was called Running Eagle partly because of what he does, run. Every day down that path to the one thing in his life his spirit was destined to overcome. It was dangerous and no one will know until it was done. He wants to feel that most deeply inner thing the Great Spirit sends him in his dreams. Fly like an eagle. High and soaring just like he sees the eagles do over his house. Oh, if father found out, it would be the end of me. He keeps telling me that having the strength to accomplish the difficult parts of life, as his father and grandfather before he said. I needed to believe in the Great Spirit’s touch upon his spirit, that wanting to surpass all that is stopping you. Mountains can be crossed, rivers swam, forests made to go through without any interference from the animals. Even Mother Earth will show you the way, give her light upon your eyes, so darkness can be looked through. Then, when the moment comes to pass, cross, defend, and possibly kill, you have the strength to do so. Your spirit will not falter.

Running Eagle thought about what his father told him. For a few minutes, then it was time for another run, his last, until tomorrow. He will be running and flying like an eagle. He got up, headed toward the forest where the path began. Stopping just at the beginning of the path, he liked to bring in his prayer to the Great Spirit. Running Eagle would always do this. Out loud, so the animals could hear him, the eagle if near would hear his prayer. “Great Spirit, I am here now to bring in your strength, give me your love so as not to wain from father’s beliefs, you are my greatest Father, I must use the ways of Mother Earth, Grandfather Wind, and your strength to do what is shown by you for my spirit to evolve, into manhood. Be with me, all of my ways of living down my earthly path, down this forest’s path, and wherever I go to live amongst the white man’s lands.” Running Eagle started to breathe the way his grandfather showed him when beginning to run. It would help as he does so. He began his motion to move into the forest and run as he has done for many months. Running Eagle started slowing at first. When about a mile into the forest he sees the mark on the rock, placed by him to give direction, he picks up the pace. Nearly running at full speed, he passes many branches and bushes, some almost knock him over. That happens sometimes if not on the path correctly. He must not let that happen tomorrow. It will slow him down, take his mind off the result of his running, flying as if an eagle. The sound can be heard now. He has gone into the forest for some time. Getting louder and sounding like the powerful way it is telling him that I must overcome the strength it has to stop me, stop me from doing what has been shown from his dreams. A little faster Running Eagle goes, the noise is more powerful, only around the next bend, there he will have to run as fast as can to the moment he makes his move. Running Eagle starts to slow down, comes to a stop just at the bend in the path. Slowly he moves around the path and sees what is there, it is deafening, and has only a glimpse to figure out how far the other side is. There is nothing easy about this journey. His spiritual journey into life’s beginnings for his manhood to grow, learn, get through those tough times his father mentions on occasion. Running Eagle stands and takes in the sound, that moment in his head when tomorrow he does not stop at this point on the path. Full speed till it is done.

Running Eagle came home, was covered in sweat and some dirt. Took his shower, his father called to him. He said, “I will be right there, father.” Running Eagle went down the hall to the big room. His father was sitting down, looking at the paper. “Hey father,” he said. His father did not look up. That meant something was wrong. His father said, “I was told by Sleeping Dog you were at the forest’s path. Is that true?” Running Eagle thought for a second. “Yes.” He spoke. Father looked up again, “and?” Running Eagle was a little scared to tell him he was there. He cannot know why. “I was at the path, I run there every day for a little while, then come out over by the river.” Said Running Eagle. His father stood up and said to him, “that path leads to something very dangerous, is extremely powerful, and will not show mercy for any reason of thought.” “Yes father, I know. But I will not go there until you show me as promised.” Said Running Eagle. Father sat back down, seemed to calm a bit. Running Eagle walked over in front of him. Looked a little upset. “Why would Sleeping Dog be there when at that moment I was going to start the run? How did he know?” says Running Eagle. His father got up again, paced a little, then answered after some thought. “Sleeping Dog was there by chance according to him. No specific reason and thought I should know.” Running Eagle seemed content on that answer. Got his nightly water and said good night to his father. Throughout the night Running Eagle was restless. He tossed and turned, waking up then back to sleep. His spirit knew what was coming. It was preparing inward the journey to be done, Running Eagle was not aware of that because of his sleeping. Then, the Great Spirit sent a special Spirit, which shook Running Eagle awake, he was sweating. Sat at the edge of the bed, shaking a little. He could not understand how real it felt. What had shown him in a dream scared Running Eagle. He looked over to the clock. 6 am, it was close to getting ready for his moment of truth. Running Eagle got up and did his morning routine. Dressed in his regalia for his journey’s way moving into manhood. Specific wear must be done. There are no sweats and shirts, only the leather and feathers, moccasins, plus the design on his face with special paint. He stood in front of the long mirror. Running Eagle looked amazing, his father would be proud of his knowledge to know how to dress for the task at hand. Task? It was much more than that. That Spirit in his dream made it quite clear it was a challenge only a few have accomplished. He started to open the door, looking back as if looking for the last time. Running Eagle if made the journey, would be different when back home. Something will change in him, it was destined in that way, his spirit would grow beyond his belief. That look could very well be the last.

The sunrise was beginning to look wonderful to Running Eagle. He is almost to the path’s entrance. This time the feeling inside is different, he is mentally preparing as well as starting the prayer. Over and over, he asks for the Great Spirit for his strength, to be in top shape mentally and spiritually. The physical side of the prayer is also there, he needs the Great Spirit’s touch upon the body, so there is no doubt he is ready. It is time. Running Eagle slowly moves toward the path, begins to run, breathing in a special way told by his grandfather. The path has not changed but seems different. Something is not as felt before. Maybe the forest knows what he is doing. He picks up speed, not too much, just enough to carry him through certain points that need to be done. Timing is important. Running Eagle has internally prepared himself in a timely way, so the specific places are hit at a specific time he knows. He thinks the sound can be heard. If so, it would seem to indicate the power there was knowing of him coming. There will be something here and there to try to stop his challenge and fail. Running Eagle picks up the speed, the special tree has passed, breathing was getting a little difficult. More inner strength is needed to adjust the breaths. Running Eagle was hit in the face, it came out of no ware, drawing blood. That was never there. It is beginning he thinks. He continues down the path, checking his breathing technique, his mental state is calming the spirit’s sense of direction. There cannot be anxiety. But it will come anyway. He passes the next mark, the painted rock he put there at the beginning of running the trail. He needs to pick up the speed of running but feels slow for some reason. The sound is coming louder. Minutes will become seconds soon. The next mark is crucial, he must be there at a specific time. The running is still at what it needs to be, continuing down the path. Running Eagle slips falls hard on his knee, his head against a rock, rolls, and stops. He realizes he has no time to wait for him to recover. Running Eagle wobbles as getting up, his knee hurts and he feels funny in his head. He begins to run, slow, and needs to get back to his mental state, breathing, back to the speed needed. Everything is off, that fall was not anything he did. Months running never presented this area as being bad. He is running faster, breathing is still not right, he feels bad in his head. Running Eagle continues to try and fix his way of mental direction.

His third and final mark is coming up, he is no ware at the point needed to complete the journey. Another hit in the face, harder, throwing him off the path a little. He must get past all this and run, run for his life, run for his spiritual direction, into manhood and life’s ways thereafter. Running Eagle begins his prayer. “Great Spirit, come to me, now is when I need that strength, your strength. I am beginning to falter; you will not let that happen. Your power to make me strong inward can be what is needed for my spirit to move the physical and mental as one, to that point, I need at the right time for my accomplishing the challenge. Here me oh Great One, I am only a meek spirit of yours but want you as my Father in the way it has been written. I believe in you.” Running Eagle said out loud. Faster, it was hurting his lungs to breathe, his legs and knee were extremely hurting, he was beginning to limp. I cannot slow any, he thought, it is almost time. The sound was very loud. There was a mist about, that was never there before. Faster, he needs to be running almost at full speed soon, then realizes the third mark is here. No, I am not at the right speed, he can see the mark on the tree. His last one before the moment needs to be done. It is only seconds after that mark to get where he needs to be at, if not, the time is not right. Running Eagle feels something, he decides to continue, faster, he pushes past all the pain. Breathing is easier and getting the spirit back is felt. There is more mist, almost keeping him from seeing where to jump. The sound is enormous. Telling him he cannot pass. Running Eagle feels powerful, stronger, he is at full speed. The time needed to jump is closer. Too much mist, the loudness is overtaking his thought process, he will not falter. Speed, breathing, pain, cannot change his mental state. It is time. Running Eagle runs toward the point he needs to jump, as doing so, he yells, “Great Spirit take me in the air, spread my wings, make me fly like an eagle.” Running Eagle did not notice he was in the air, going over the gorge, the sight below was unbelievable, even as looked for only a second. Sound deafening, mist blowing about, the water rushing over the falls, all were a gift. He was flying like an eagle. His head back, one leg in from of the other bent, arms outstretched and upward a little. The wind was blowing hard into his face. This moment was his. It was beyond everything imagined and dreamt.

Then, he realized the landing was now, no, he was not ready. The edge was approaching, and he was not at the right time, though, he did not know exactly what that would be. He was short of hitting the ground. Running Eagle began flailing in the air trying to do anything to move him closer to the landing needed to pass falling into the gorge. The mist was thicker, somehow the sound was not as loud, he thought of failing and going to his maker. But only for a second. He landed short, hitting the edge, but not enough to let him fall into the gorge. Running Eagle was rolling, hurting badly over his body, bouncing off rocks and trees. He stopped. He could not think, breathing hurt, his legs hurt. It all faded away as fainting, it was too much. Running Eagle saw the special Spirit sent to him. There in his dream, she was, giving him comfort, calming his spirit, and said, “you flew like an eagle.” That was it. He began to awaken, but there was a difference in what felt around him. Soft, comfortable, and as opening his eyes, ever so slowly. Afraid of what he might see. Was he dead? His father spoke to him, “Running Eagle, wake up! You are at home, resting for days, it is time to wake up.” Running Eagle heard that but could not believe it was real. As he opened his eyes fully, there was his father, Sleeping Dog, and the shaman, Wind in The Feathers. All smiling, happy, and he was feeling lost. The moment was gone in that he passed out, there was no felt (standing with his arms in the air at the gorge, telling it was not to pass, his failing, he was stronger than it), he was saddened. His father said, “Running Eagle, you were found by Sleeping Dog. He saw you go into the forest; was afraid something would happen to you. He lost you though and looked for hours. There was an enormous sound coming from the gorge. Louder than usual, Sleeping Dog has been close to the gorge but not ever at it. He kept going down the path, and as passing a mark recognized by him as a special strength design, knew you were close. What he saw on the other side of the gorge, Sleeping Dog said, was you standing, leaning against a tree, and sitting as well on a rock slightly, your arms outstretched. Head back, one leg out in front of you, the other bent at the knee, but back behind further. He left because it was becoming hard to think with so much noise from the gorge. Then came and got me. It took us hours to get to you.” Running Eagle began to smile, felt a warmth grow inside of him. He did defy the gorge, and let it know he flew like an eagle over it. The pain was not subsiding, it hurt everywhere. He did not care.

His father looked at him and knew this moment was meant to be. There in front of him was his son, not a child anymore but a man. He made the transition as passing over the gorge. What a fool, no, he is my son, a great man to be. His path was given and there is nothing to stop him from becoming what he wants, desires, dreams. The Great Spirit gave his soul a direction, an ever so hard and dangerous direction, but never-the-less, Running Eagle was going to be a man in his ways. With everything needed to move through his journey of life. “Father, I know you are angry, but I had to do the gorge. Just as you did at my age. Your destiny was then made as the Great Spirit gave His touch upon your soul, as He did mine. I know my journey will give me what I want through the many right choices I make. It is inevitable. The Great Spirit blessed me, and I will give myself, when needed for others, within the tribe. Plus, out in the world wherever I live, whoever needs my help or comfort, it is instilled with my spirit to do so. Sorry, but my spirit was driven, it had to be done.” Said Running Eagle. His father took his hand. Squeezed it a little. And said, “I am a proud father. You have shown great courage and strength. I also knew you were going to jump the gorge. I sent Sleeping Dog on several occasions to keep an eye on you. And when the time came for you to make the jump, I prayed to the Great Spirit to be with you. We do not know what happened, other than finding you in such an awkward position. I looked at you a few minutes before getting you back here. It occurred to me that at one point when in your room, I heard you saying something to someone. But there was no one there and you were asleep. Flying like an eagle. Was heard by me, I now understand what it means. Also, know the way you were at the gorge, says it all. You are a great man, I am a proud father, everything made its turn in life as it should. The Great Spirit was watching you. He knew exactly what was going to happen on your journey, almost foreseeing the outcome, and maybe He did. My son flew like an eagle, it was your destiny.” His father let go of his hand. Running Eagle felt so wonderful. Some tearing was happening, of happiness and being the son, his father wanted. All of them standing, Running Eagle sitting up in bed, nothing being said. The path was set, the road from that path would take Running Eagle down many avenues of life. There he will give of himself when needed. His spirit is on its journey planted when born, the seed grew, and the soul’s nurturing of the growth became what it is now. A man who flew like an eagle, defying the powers trying to make him fail. Moving on into life strong in spirit as well as flesh, making the path he took one day his moment. Nothing would defy him of that.


Years later, a man stands at the edge of the mountain, taken from a path that is hallowed ground now, looking across the gorge below. The mist and sound are still enormous. It no longer beckons his spirit as before. Running Eagle, seeing the sunrise, hearing all the sounds, closes his eyes. Brings in his mind, the events of a moment, his time when his path was set. He has gone down many roads. Helped many people. He sighs, opens his eyes, turns, and leaves this place. Running Eagle continues his road’s way, for many years to come. Being the great man that he was destined to be.

You, Mirror, Image


Surely you can see the point, it is in all of us. Why? Well, you are asking yourself a lot, is the image in the mirror you, really you? Are you the real person that everyone says you are? We seem to do that often, most people do, when given the chance to know or want to get off their way of life to see themselves.

Many people are stuck in what they are doing, do not see how their life is going other than what they see, as they want to see, the living way. Are you doing what you want in life? Maybe you are and happy, making your way through life as planned. Then you are the person in the mirror everyone says you are.

The Spiritual Path

The spiritual path the heart takes, needs, is one you have no control over. It is something inward from the spirit that makes the decision you get to feel, it comes from the direction of the Higher Power. That was instilled when born. You were given the path, that direction, your heart needs to have throughout life. If you cannot see the direction from your mind, It was not put there for it to be seen.

Yes, confusing, but the heart will know when that moment is right. To be felt, the mind is brought to a point where the feeling has a path. the spirit makes way for that felt feeling alive inward, you have that moment in time. All will follow that path, every feeling you get, the mind, spirit, soul, not in that order either. But the gift, blessing, has been given. You are giving love, feeling the love from someone else, seeing something your heartfelt feeling of love is brought out. The spiritual path was given and felt.

There is Hope

I have so many questions about what to believe in. Does the inward felt feeling of my spiritual path become an idea or allowed as deliverance from the soul? How does the mind accept all that information sent from somewhere? Do I believe the soul has been given the path from the Higher Power, to our spirit’s direction outward for lessons or teachings? Well, yes, yes it does, and yes. I have the answers because of what I believe and have faith in. The belief in the path of the spirit is what the teachings show is true. It is your decision, a choice, to get that belief from the right lessons and teachings. It comes from reading, listening, and knowing the feeling of prayer helps with the right direction. Many ways are found to how one learns about belief and faith. Some people get it from their way brought up. Along with teachings, lessons, given from the right people. Churches with pastors, priests, bishops, can be the path. They could help. I have done my lessons from reading, watching the right spiritual videos, I am more spiritual than religious. Believe and have faith that is known inward, I know it is true. My spiritual path was given and I followed the choices made by myself. The path I believe in from the lessons and teachings, which came from what choices were made to get informed and also from the Higher Power.

Some felt thoughts happen from some kind of inner direction. That spiritual faith exists because of what I get inside as a truth. I have belief and faith, it exists in my spirit. Was lost for some time. The ways of life can do that sometimes. Some people have depression or pain and could have both, it makes the mind refuse the path of spiritual ways. The darkness comes in various degrees of thickness. Some get through enough for some help to make them well, at least on a path of wellness. Others have a tough time living with what they are going through. Feeling lost, without hope, I was in that position in life. Took me some time to find my way, it was a prayer that changed the path of pain and discomfort. My belief and faith were out of the darkness, there was a path to follow, I had hope back. I still need healing, it takes time, but the path of thought is spiritual again. Many people do not ever get that chance, they are stuck in the darkness and cannot find the door. Why? They have lost the path of spiritual beliefs and faith it exists for them. It does, they need to find their way through prayer and believing they can have that path again. Very difficult, as I said, some never find their way. Very sad, it is something I could have been in myself. Something in my thought process told me to pray. So, it was the path and here I am, to tell the truth for others to learn by. Hopefully, many get the help they need from the belief and faith they receive inward, a direction, and living a better life.

You Are The Person

We can do what is possible. It has nothing to do with fear, but the person who is a coward will run. The person who starts to fight fear will be what they want to be. They can be given what is needed inside, hope, direction, the road is set with powerful means of the mind. You are the person you want to be. The highway of the soul was given to you, it did not show any diversions. Down the road made special for you, it gives what you desired to want. Now, why are you faltering? The road is making turns and you are not making them well. Life is changing and you are feeling lost. The direction is now becoming inward with fear. The real fear that makes you decisive and making wrong choices. The road is getting harder to follow.

The worst is coming, you cannot stop it. But, for some reason, you are getting stronger and the walls are getting less in strength. Believing in yourself is what the power is from, you are getting through the ways of life that were seen hard. Fear is now on your side, you believe in yourself.

Years go by, everything thought was difficult did come to pass. Older, wiser, filled with fear, conquering the roads as going on in life’s ways. You are a wonderment of time, just because you believed in yourself and found the strength to make it happen. Time did you well. You are the person you want to be.

Continued - Possibilities Inward


All that was there in thought is not lost though and will come back eventually, creating havoc with your mind again. I had one of those days after reading about Gays, different cultures across the earth, certain women who made writing history, and wondered if God forgives everyone (how I got on that train of thought, beats the heck out of me). Maybe I was to come to this point and write it down so you could get a different perspective about God’s ways. Funny how these ideals encompass some people’s minds and are removed from others, never knowing God’s power in bringing meaning through another’s thought process. I assume that because I am bringing my thoughts to you in this venue, the written way, it warrants being just an opinion. You decide whether to accept that opinion or disregard any real belief behind what I wanted to be heard. Choice, as I have said, makes your path’s destiny become a reality.

So, about God forgiving everyone, why not? He is not judging us on our character, nor does He decide how we should be in spirit, that is not His responsibility. Your attitude depicts the spirit that resides inward in the flesh. Moods make changes, hormones create mental changes, and there are no rules on how the true spirit is to be, except what you make it. Bad days and good days should be looked upon with importance to why you are here and give thanks for that to have happened. Your spirit incorporates many aspects to your lived life. Some live what they consider hell, others go through life without any difficulties. The point is it does not matter how, only that you love yourself; that the spirit is positive, and happiness strives through all situations. The rest will fall into place with prayer and forgiveness.

Faith has its place amongst our living ways and has proven it goes hand in hand, why God loves you and the rest of the world. He created us in His image. So whether you are a man or woman, beast or child (children seem beastly at times but can be assured only in spirit and it does not last long), we are as God intended us to be. Meaning if you are of any culture, and I assume you belong someplace in this world and have even done terrible things, you will be forgiven. Is that believable? Read the Bible and see when sinned, hope and redemption follow. It is a given, as long as the faith has not dwindled, nor the belief in His Son. Not too difficult to understand, so being who you to be is important to the world’s way of life, it matters. Take a long walk and accept the fact that God has forgiven you. Enjoy each day with some happiness in your life, and smile. That certain aspect of your spirit will grow to another and another, without stopping for a rest.

Perplexing it is not.

Seek the way of the heart through what earth holds toward your galaxy.
Then look inward the soul for the door to open.

Short Story

A Son’s Moment

Why did I say you gave me no choice to move your stuff outside, out someplace other than in this house? Why did I say that to my son? He’s been caught up with his friends, school, and partying. So, what is the problem here, he is a Cherokee? The door was heard slamming again, Jim came back in and started up the stairs to his room. “Jim, could you come here please?” Mother asked with a better tone than earlier. Silence. She can tell he’s at the entrance of the kitchen and pondering coming to her. Jim came around the corner of the hall and into the kitchen and would not look into his mother’s eyes. “What do you want mother?” Asking in a low subdued voice. She began by saying sorry for her actions and that they need to figure out why there is so much hostility between them lately. Jim was shocked.

He was not prepared for her backing down and letting him speak his mind openly. “Mother, I’m just trying to tell you that I am doing nothing wrong, being careful, considering the way I am, and positively going through life. Nothing has happened other than the instance I had to go through with that hateful guy. Calling me those names and the other hateful words, because of what I am. I’m confused as to why you are beating me up with words without knowing my actions.” Jim said calmly. “Well, I am being protective. It is just you have been off and running for weeks, angry, upset with what happened, and not giving much attention to helping your sister or doing the housework. That raises a flag, and I must constantly badger you on doing things. Which is unlike you. So, when I see a change in your attitude and character it bothers me, plus scares me a little.”

Mother placed her hand on his. “Yeah, I know. Guess me getting off the beaten path was a bit much. Sorry, I promise to be more attentive to Susie and the chores. I was enjoying doing what I wanted when I wanted. That isn’t the way to go about having fun though, at least when sat here and thought about it. I must explain to my father though, he knows I am gay, will not accept it because of being an Elder. I am upset about that more than the instance that happened.” Mother took him over to the kitchen table, said to sit down. “The Native Americans of today and some are Elders, have a different view, feeling, about the gay way of life. There are some still wanting to kill those of that lifestyle. because of what they were brought up with. Fathers drilling into their sons how to look upon the white man. No exceptions, they are the enemy, and at some point, many years ago even I had that upbringing. I learned through my mother what to expect through life, how I was going to be looked upon. There we are, but, forgiveness and love, are how I should look at all people. Forget the old ways of your father. He was an old, mean man, set in his way by his father as growing up. Therefore, I did not, still do not get along. I have not seen him for many years. I do not feel bad either. He is a mean, miserable man and that is how he is going to die. Alone and miserable. Your father, on the other hand, is being held to a standard because of being an Elder. He loves you though, and will eventually learn because of who you are, you are a strong, young, man, aside from the lifestyle you choose and have no choice but to choose because of you being born gay. My son, I love you, see the strong man you are growing into being. I was not thoughtful in allowing you to be expressive with your feelings and thought my way was best to make the point come across. Being that I have lived through what you have, there was a need to make sure you were not off the beaten path and doing the wrong things. I was not much of an angel myself, so my focus was worrying about you doing just as I did when your age. You understand that?” Jim looked at his mother and gave a funny smirk, he understood. “Yeah, I sure do. I guess following along the way of others is not what I needed to be doing. You get so caught up in all that is happening and do not see the consequences. By what grandmother said a while back, you drove her up the wall too at times.” They both began to laugh. “Yes, I did, and she did exactly what I did here with you. Stopped and took the time to make the right decision by listening to her daughter and giving her the space to express herself. It worked think so?”

Jim rose and gave his mother a big hug. Feeling loved and knowing a decision was made to give more at home and not going down the path which would be so detrimental later in his life. From that moment on, the differences were to be talked out and made right. Along with his father when the time was right, soon hopefully, they are supposed to be going to the yearly Powwow together. A big deal with the Natives of America, and around the world according to grandfather. I wonder how he will take it when find out I am gay?


What Jim did not know is that his grandfather already knew. Figured it out from how his son acted around his grandson. Seeing Jim's mannerisms, how as growing up he never was with the boys. Playing with girls mostly. And when did join the boy group, was badgered to no end. But, given the circumstances, he grew up a strong young man. As his mother told him was true. He has been talking to his son, Jim’s father, difficult conversation, yet some light inward from the Great Spirit has shown Jim’s father he is a man, a being, regardless of his being gay. Jim’s father is going to talk to him when going to the Pow-wow together. Grandfather told Jim to go with his father and not him. Giving a hint something was up. He will also talk to Jim, let him know even though he is also an Elder, he understood who Jim was as a man, a gay man, but still a man spirit with the Great Spirit giving his journey a direction of goodness and compassion.



Drawing the picture for this story was not difficult. Taking the dialog into depth for meaning was the challenge. Hopefully, an issue was taken to be seen, what some Native parents and their children are going through at certain times. It usually ranges in the early to late teens, a time when the teenager wants to be let to do as they see fit, a way of rebellion with a growth conflict. Stories can be expressed to teach what the teen cannot see as real life in front of them. With being so wrapped up in friends, school, and home, a felt sense of loss is sometimes shown even amongst all that is busily going on. Being gay at a young age is difficult inward, there is a lot of strife with themselves and their parents. Some never come to an understanding of who their son, a gay man, is. Human and a being of the Great Spirit, which loves him unconditionally. The teenager understands, they are well-loved, and the parent is there to listen, unbiased, can open the mind for some dialog and communication. Showing the kids, they have a say in what is happening throughout their living ways may lead to seeing some of that path is leading in the wrong direction.


Through writing, an approach to a child (teen) on how living as they do in their environment (home, school, with friends, some gay teens do have many friends) comes in making the right choices for a balance, a harmony, of life. Teens writing poetry and short stories hold back nothing. They express what all is happening at that moment in their life and will not show any fears in doing so. Some words expressing how they feel might become seen as enlightenment to another teen. Who may be reading and feeling the same way, as being gay. Are they being shown by their peers that they are not alone in whatever circumstance evolves around them? Yes, and is always a positive way of thought, that in turn will come back to the parent as love, compassion, and growth. Writing and reading stories is a way to allow growth for both the teen and the parent. Writing poetry can make lessons of life come through a writer’s way of expression art. Given to enlighten the imagination about a path, a story, that is as every bit close to anyone’s way of thinking as they feel the need to. Words have a special power all unto themselves.


We all need to take the time and see what goes on in someone’s life, whether a lover, wife or husband, friend or partner and especially children of any age. Being close, showing concern, is essential in making the connection of love, a known fact, to living a better life. Love can be felt through so many emotions, it is a wonder we can see and acknowledge for what it is. Love comes in different deep feelings to the soul. It can hurt, heal, show the wrong direction and truth to making the right decision. It is the evolved touch of the Great Spirit to which we all need to listen (as it sets the tone of what the Great Spirit gives from His meaning of life), thrive on, and make happen even if difficult to do so. Be positive in writing, in life, making each day a good day, and giving of yourself when sometimes it just does not seem possible. The result will be shown to you in a much better truth than could ever imagine. Whether you believe in special entities from a higher existence or not, you will be given back in love and positive attributes that come in the most unexpected ways. Be well and look at life with happiness. I know it is hard sometimes but try anyway.

Living Life as Best as Possible

When looking out toward the mountains, in the backside there is a shade, hue, of light with coloration from the sunset. The moon is way above already. It too has a foreground of color, ever so slight. The air is calm across the lake, smooth as silk one would say, and the mountain, only a shadow effect. Darkened by the light behind it, though the sunset filters its way across the lake, a softened look. As I get what looking upon, the feeling still comes across my spirit as a wonderment. The heightened aspect of happiness has been had, one of many ways to accept the view, but it needs to be felt deeply inward. That is not happening. Why? Because I have the feeling for an answer inside myself to be heard, this wonderment, so majestic. How is it I am here seeing this and cannot get what I need for my soul? I want to know how it is done, the building of the view, sunset, the colors, answers for my reasoning to accept it internally. Then, realizing the truth, there is going to be no answer. Oh, the technical and scientific design of thought comes about. But it is not the real reason this particular sight has come to me. Having gone through every sense that comes to one when taking in a magnitude such as before me, there is only one truth.

The time and place have been set before me, and many can see from their viewing point, such as I. The way of the sunset is made for all to see. If are looking at it, they may not get the understanding behind the truth, many have no thought to bring this into their soul. Only to see the sight, yet, do not take it in and relish the importance of it being there at that moment just for them. That comes from a spiritual way of thought. Knowing the blessing and also a gift of sorts was made from a Higher Power. There are no answers to questions to be had, it is what it is. The sight will be different tomorrow at the same time, each day following will be different. The sunrise and sunset are never the same, ever, it is for one to admire, realize the magnitude of what is presented before them, us, to me. And take the given feeling inward, deeply, to not lose the powerful design so presented before us.

So, I sit here in my comfortable chair, admiring the sight before me. Seeing it has changed a little, but still alive with its way of color and light. I am forever grateful to be here at this moment, understanding the Higher Power is with me, inward deeply, encompassing my spirit. Allowing the soul to get what it needs for the depth of thought that cannot take away its viewing pleasure, as seen through my eyes, for its comfort. The Higher Power knew that would be the given blessing, the soul was going to accept and understand His way of spiritual thought. Everything is His, it only takes a few wonderments, a magnitude of sight then felt inward for the belief it is real, the soul’s reality for each being of life, it is a gift. Something this wonderful can only be brought to us if looking and knowing the realization that beauty is all-encompassing the soul. We are brought here, wherever you’re here is, mine is with this sunset, and it has changed again. Each moment sitting here brings to my soul the blessing brought forth from that gift of the Higher Power, I have to be humble. He has given me something which will never forget, yet, if come back tomorrow will add more to my soul’s spiritual path.

Each millisecond and I have no knowledge of how time should be seen at this instance of viewing that is before me, the sunset changes. My spiritual path was instantly brought before me, all the time sitting here, it makes way as if on a journey of some sort. Envisioning what is before me, again, I have an inner understanding for my spiritual path to go forward and get happiness from what I see. It was always there, given by the Higher Power, without wanting answers from the questions originally set out to get inside for my spirit’s understanding of what was looking at. His way into my spirit will never be questioned again. I now know the timely ways He presents to all of us, those that are looking at something like I am, each millisecond affects our soul. We are seeing something that happens every day, and night, that should be known as a blessing. But many will not get that. I do, because of my spiritual way of thought. That balance between the spirit and soul, given from the Higher Power to each that want an understanding of their path, journey, through life. I have that way of thought. It is even more prominent within myself as each moment passes with the view before me. It is designed that way. For all that want it, get what the importance is for their spirit, a growing way for the thought process so the teaching presented inward stays on course. The path is followed, unconsciously, but on its way to the destination, the teaching lesson, then the spirit learning from it. As are all lessons for the spiritual path.

I am sitting and it is getting a little darker. The time to go has come. You know inside when the moment is to leave this behind, but not forgotten, until another day I, you, can get the blessing again. It is never-ending. We will always be mesmerized by the view before us. I will sit here again and bring that image into sight, then the spirit, and move throughout the spiritual path I have for the moment it is presenting to me the blessing. I cannot wait till next time, the wanting of such a view has been overpowering, that is what it is designed to do. Many people will not understand that moment in time. They will move about their ways and see nothing before them, their millisecond is physical and not spiritual. The flesh is given nothing to grow from and become a spiritual sense. I have the path instilled in my spirit, because of what went through and the seeing of the blessing before me, the lesson from the teaching was taken and sealed into my soul.

I will get some coffee, sit again and enjoy the moments of thought. Maybe read something from a book that my spiritual path can take in for learning more about what is needed to progress through life. Then off to bed, hopefully, drained from a day of spiritual learning, and it can be tiring. I might go tomorrow and see the monumental sight of the sunset again. Or, wait till another day in the future and see a sunrise, which will be just as monumental as the last sunset seen. It is almost overwhelming in some ways; both are so wonderful for the spirit. I cannot get enough, even when gone through what have, I know there will be something for me to be overwhelmed with. Colors, hues, moon, sun, so much can be taken in for a spiritual way of thought, if so desire. Like I mentioned before, so many people will not get that sense of thought. They will miss entirely throughout their lives everything spiritual. But it was designed that way. As Adam and Eve made the wrong choice, you and I are still being tested to do the right choices. Yes, we have to make choices. It is free will, we were given that within us, however, you choose to call it, we are designed for choices. The mentality is given ways to make those choices however you choose to do so. I hopefully make some right choices; it is a hit-and-miss option. We cannot go through life being perfectly having the right choices. It does not work that way in life. Many people will go down a path from a choice made, that is detrimental for them as going down said path. It is sad, and I am so blessed and grateful for what this life has and is giving me.

So, on down the road, I go. Passing many avenues of thought, doing whatever I do throughout each day, hopefully making good choices as doing so. I pray for you and every person out in the world to do the same. Living life as best as possible.

The Truer Path

We are going through some tough times in our country and throughout the world. The division here in America still stands out with ethnic morals, we all are trying to find our way through the pandemic. Some people are lost in untruth facts, conspiracies, political lies. Some people are set in their ways, making life for others to live by. Even religious entities are lost from their faith, beliefs. It makes it harder to live within this great country. But we have certain Higher Powers that give help to people who want that spiritual direction. Many are coming to this way of thought, making their lives enriched and following their heart for comfort.

It is important to try and seek the Higher Power for our spirits to become able to follow the path of truth. As we walk down the path many avenues show our learning of how difficult times could be, and ways for us to gain the strength to get through those difficulties. Some might find it hard for their spirits to make the trek. This is when the Higher Power comes in with His touch upon their spirits giving them what they need for that strength to succeed in life. We become much more involved with each avenue and how it makes the living ways bearable.

Some even look at their lives and understand the path has shown how the untruths have made the ways of living are not what they should be doing. The direction for their spirits thus moves in a way where the ethics and morals become more understanding with how to live within themselves. Giving outward the right feelings toward other people not believing as they did before. We all need the Higher Power to make living better for our spirits and understand ourselves better. Truer feelings become known.

Their Living Ways

From time to time, an image of life comes across my mind. Where I have come from to what I have today, and how it manifested itself into a way of living. I can say that my life is well, having still the health issues, but those I gave to the Great Spirit for direction to the right healing avenues. Doctors essentially, I will see how that turns out shortly. Aside from that, I move on down the path given through my spirit to find out what is next along my roads, those different crossings which come upon occasion. Oh, some will be difficult crossings and will happen as well going down a specific road, that is governed by my spiritual input which turns or crossing I take. The trek may change my health issues, give me some kind of teaching for my spiritual path, inspire me to write something, anything, let the words flow from inward that special place.

As I write, and there is nothing more irritating to a writer when the words stop flowing. If those words are coming into my mental path, just as I am bringing these words to you, the reader, I feel comfort and wonderment as they come about. When the words just do not want to flow, I am a bit annoyed, which should not happen. There is a discipline lesson there, a spiritual way, to not allow me not to get upset. That lesson takes time, as do most in our lives when acknowledging the problem and looking inward for the path it shows to correct it. It is a process of spirit, getting the word to our mindset, and for us to receive the message. It does happen, and you will know right away what needs to be done, that discipline, correction of mind direction. Your mindset to further continue down another road. After what the last road was upon showed, to live as directed without being delayed with discomfort, or annoyed feelings.

As those roads progress through your living ways, choices are also needed to be made. Another way the spirit brings to us some direction, allowing us to make our own decision what we need to do at any given point. But there is a catch to those choices. Are you doing what it is you feel is right? Is the choice a good one? Does it give the passage of mind a belief there is something felt whether it is right or wrong? How to go about your living ways, home, work, friends, children’s upbringing, your inner direction for a path needed to find the way of living through one or many of those avenues just mentioned. You look down the road of work, do you see the path needed to succeed and make it happen without being deceitful or manipulative? Creative, choices can give others a feeling of confidence to succeed as well through your character’s way of thought process. They learn by how you are in your process of work. If being a jerk from your character their choices are going to be wrong in how presented for their work to get done. This is shown from a leader's perspective. If doing a job and you like it, the boss is well-liked, there are going to be choices made by you which give a good directive for finishing the project, whatever that may be. The other side of that equation is having someone who is constantly trying to make choices from their end to make life miserable with you and other coworkers. It will balance out on your end though, you are making better choices, and they come from a spiritual way of mindset. As all good choices do when praying for them to happen in a manner you can present outward into your living ways.
Choices from your spirit show the directive to the roads needed to learn, excel spiritually, get what your inner-self needs for spiritual living ways. Many people do not understand that concept, and many are on their path not tuned in to the spiritual way. Which is fine, that is a choice, it is right for them, as they feel it is right. I, you, should not criticize people that think differently than myself or you (in your way of thinking). If that makes sense. That is a spiritual discipline, if spiritual, then you understand the meaning of learning how to not be so critical to someone’s way of life. Becoming more forgiving of others that do not follow your roads. We all go through those mistakes and then get the message from the spirit it is a wrong choice, to back off and be understanding of the situation.

The same road that takes you down for a child’s upbringing can be as difficult as the many gone down for lessons, many teachings for the spirit to follow and learn from. It is very difficult to bring a child up in these times, the worldly ways which need to be applied in their way, are not so understood by a child. They get confused and angered because of not getting what they need to make the right choices. The living environment is a major and critical directive, for the child to follow throughout life. If do not get the inner strength from their parents to go out in the life chosen, hopefully, the right choice, they will not succeed in getting through that life well. The living environment is crucial in how a child succeeds within themselves a spiritual path, a path they choose, and we, I, you, cannot be critical if not do so. There may be something in their upbringing which they are not getting from their spirit. Not instilled inside because of their parent's beliefs, directives which may be giving lessons and teachings, as the parent's way of thought. The child will only see what their parents see. What their parents feel is the right direction of mindset for them. And the other side of that is, the parent wants their child to be brought up in a certain fashion, that certain mindset of living as growing up. But sometimes as getting older the child will make their own decision in how to want to live, whether it be right or wrong. Maybe the child sees their parent's way of life and feels it is the right choice to follow. It very well could be. Thus, the child is set and could have a spiritual aspect to it, in their ways. Spirituality is instilled within us by the learned ways of upbringing, reading the words given by many people who are trying to convey their way of thought, so we are learning truths for spiritual directives. The problem with that is how to understand some of those reading materials are not very conclusive to our way of life. We need to make choices in which words are true and follow those ways of thought for us to grow inside the spirit. So, it gets to your soul, the spiritual ways of thought are known to be good and helpful for your path of spirituality. Again, it is a choice. It may take many years of reading to get and understand the teaching needed for spiritual ways, a path you want to be on throughout your life. I have read many books and other reading materials to give my spiritual way of thought a direction where my spirit applies to the soul’s (life) living ways. I feel mentally those words read and what meaning I got from them; are a good choice for my growth into becoming more spiritually adaptive to how lived and to live. Now, I have had (and should not present a negative aspect with how lived in the past, through negative words.) a lack of spiritual ways of life because of the living environment, the likes of depression, lack of self-confidence, losing the written ways from the depression, that environment took many years to change. Also, there were health issues that were very tough to live with and did not allow a spiritual thought process to come through my mentality way of life. I had to get by the lost feelings, the hidden desire for hope to live outside the darkness it was stuck in. It took years for the passion to write and live as best as can even with health issues causing my blocking of spiritual ways of thought to come into my spirit. I at one point decided to pray, it was in my thought one day, within two weeks I had a major change that gave me the directive for the betterment of self. It caused the door to open with light from within the darkness for hope to come through. My thoughts were to find the spiritual path I had, the belief in healing to come my way, and to put words down on paper (well, the computer) for others to grasp and hopefully enjoy(again).

I have chosen to follow the spirit’s directive; it is a truth to me that the road I am on is the right one. I will still find many other roads to try for lessons and teachings, and some may be difficult. The strength needed is much stronger inside me to go through each difficult time with the help of the Great Spirit. That is my belief, many may not follow that path, which is fine, it is a choice of mine. They have made their choices and the road for them will be different than mine. Whatever happens down those avenues of thought comes from them as being the right choice for their way of life. It is what it is. I and many others have spiritual ways of thought. And that means in my thought process, it is not religious, but a spiritual road to follow and progress throughout living ways.

We have many roads of spirit. Trekking along for life’s lessons and teachings, given in spiritual directives for our spirits to bring into the mental way of thought. It is a process. One that can be changed if so desire. There are many doors to enter and decisions to be made where teachings are best for whoever wants to progress with their living  ways.

Spiritual Alley Ways

As the days pass we are geared to be instilled the ability to stay on one track, a place where not much activity in the brain is needed for any decisive ways of thought. Complacent is the word, stuck within the mindless avenues of thought which bring a deadness and limited direction for the spirit to go, move, expand outward the soul’s walls of thought. That time spent takes days, months, and sometimes years to get away from. The soul just does not understand it is stuck. The Higher Power, whichever yours may be, knocks at the mind’s door for entry. It shuts out, the soul, anything that tries to change its course of thought. But why?

We as humans, a being, have inward galaxies of ways to follow for the deliverance of thought, a process, where each is different, yet, the same. At any given moment some choices come through the mind’s way of thinking that needs attention, milliseconds actually, and if the mind has a set parameter, there is nothing at that moment it will allow for it to change. The knocking is not heard, ignored. There is hope though.

The spiritual aspect found in our inner beings can be of help, and it is always there for your spirit to grab, use at will, giving strength to counter the soul’s barriers. The soul is supposed to be what our makeup is, our gift from a Higher Power, to circumvent the ways of living and becoming a “being” of life. We also were given free will, and there in itself becomes the problem. The soul makes choices, moves us through life as it is needed, and life is not always easy, harsh at times. Many, many, people have tough lives. I cannot imagine some of the trials some people have to go through just to get through the day, but, they have a strength most people do not. it is from the soul for them to live, make it to another day. I am blessed, had tough times in my life, got past them, and here now at this time, this moment of living, I am grateful for that I have. My Higher Power, given from being lost awhile, heard my calls for help and direction. Loving who I am and where in life I exist to be, a choice that I made to change the direction of my path. The soul took hold of that knocking and is on board with my spirit to make life better, and incorporate its existence for further adventures to be had. So, become the ways of living by making a choice, ask for that help. Use the spiritual aspects found inward. It is there, it as in He, a Higher Power. Or “She” maybe in your mind, that will come through for you. Take your soul out of that rut it is stuck in and hear the knocking so religiously done to allow the door to open. When the door moves slow and wide, all of the outside giving of His will coming pouring in. You have a whole lot of feelings and blessings flowing over your soul. It lights up and allows your spirit to begin anew. Taking the soul out of its hardened ways, outward into the mind’s direction. So there is thought and many thoughts to choose to live well and as best as can. There along the road, moving down the way given from the Higher Power, a direction which takes you along many Spiritual Alley Ways.

It is done. The soul is on track. Spiritually filled and ready for the ways of life, no matter the difficulties, it has the strength to get through whatever challenges come forth. It needs no knocking anymore, the door has opened and will close, slowly, when needed it can be opened for a peaceful felt way of the spirit, a direction again without any barriers. A path one day at a time, a smooth passage of the soul’s road for comfort to the mind.

The Trying Times of Life

We have some tremendous trials to overcome. The ability to get past the events of late is challenging our spirit’s health. The enemy which is consuming the minds of some people creates heartfelt difficulties inward our souls. It is so difficult to maneuver through life with the heavy felt challenge of not entering the darkness. Trying to take the right roads where the spirit can deal with all the turmoil because of what has been happening. We are feeling low, depressed (Some people), even taking on some hurt inside and just having so much downward hold on our spirit. Those moments that show time after time about the shootings are making life unbearable with a loss feeling, the families, and everyone involved are hurting terribly. That hurt transforms into a feeling of loss for our spirits because it makes it tough to not feel so bad. We shake our heads, holding them low, the demise is hard to face, and it gets worse each day because of the media going on and on about the tragedies.

But, if we take a moment and allow some prayer to the families, for ourselves, the path the spirit takes is opened before us. There is solace onward the opened door upon the road which gives comfort to our souls. Each time the prayer is given the Higher Power gives us strength to get past the negative and hurt felt for the individuals. We can move on, not losing the indignity of the situation, making it no less of an event that brought on such tragedy. But taking the enemy’s negative and demanding untruth which allows our souls to feel so badly (Which it wants) and removing the hold upon our spirits. Completely denying the path of darkness. Moving forward to a more conclusive understanding of ourselves and the ability to take the strength given to us for moments of feeling so bad about the turn of events in the past days and weeks. He will be there for us. Always praying or a thought which in essence could be a mental prayer, so He makes our spirit filled with love and comfort. Then the road before us has many doors which give us the ability to move comfortably knowing the enemy is near but unable to touch us. We are so much stronger with prayer. Keep the faith…

Onward the Path Goes


Onward the path goes. It has a definition and will show it soon. A meaning that can change my life. But the trials will be hard, I know. This kind of vision does not come without something that gives hardships meaning. The path is coming to a small curve, maybe a challenge for keeping me going. I will give my all for as long as I can.

Each day becomes a treacherous moment. Why the pain and discomfort are not revealed. I do not know. Such evidence of the ending has not revealed itself either. I am so tired and in lots of pain. The trek has been harder than thought. The roads were filled with difficult times. The fighting, killing, swords going everywhere, guns going off as well. What is the meaning along the hills that show a realistic value to the way I am supposed to know, there is none. People want this land, I will not give it up, they are evil ones. Some time ago the roads lead through wonderful towns and such, now there is nothing but rubble. My vision and task were not a path at all, but many roads of death.

Oh, these ways show some meaning but realistically there has been nothing to show reasoning. The hills have been here a millennium, and the towns on this land were here for hundreds of years. My land, I own it and have been the leader of people for a very long time. Now I am only a few to fight for what is rightfully mine. Onward we all go, defeating whom we can and removing the evilness which is trying to decimate the lands with blood and flesh. People that I have grown up with are gone. Families are removed from their land, forever.

I see the ending nearby. The hills are beginning to become long in timeless paths, no one is here, except the dead. Even the evil ones are gone, far left these hills in trailers or trucks filled with death. We have done what needs to be done. Pushed evil out of the hills and showed our strength. I am so tired. Yet fulfilled with a blessing. The path is clear now, although the hills are filled with nothing but rubble, the end can be seen again, and starting over will be the driven ways of thought. Positive ways of thought, and nothing can take that away, but the seen devastation yet can go beyond all that for the direction of the mindset.

Moving through the paths and down the ways of thought, one must believe in a Higher Power for the end moments. Here are the hills and we shall trek them again in peace. Onward the path goes…

We are always looking for the right way to be built with the character another person seems us to assume is the right choice for our lifestyle. We have choices to make, right or wrong yhey were done by you. The character of one's being is born and bread with some safety charateristics. They at times get in the way as growing up. Which is fine if understand yourself and the character you possess. You made the character within you and it has some good qualities and bad, all through choice.  The Great Spirit made you but the spirit is given ways from birth to grow with a free will. That makes the choices easy or hard depending upon the direction one wants to take. Much is said as to what you learned so the journey of your character becomes well versed as to who you are and act toward other people. Make the right choices from the knowledge you gained. Every day you will have to be challenged for your place in society, take the time to reflect your learnings  and keep the positive ways working with your character...