The creations above come from my imagination. Manipulated from within a photo. My Galaxies are designed to bring your imagination outward beyond the box your mindset allows to exist. Planets, clouds (Immersive nebulas), taking you for a trek through the ways you envision from sight, then spirit.

The above photos with words embedded inward represent my words put into the images for spiritual meanings. They were posted in Facebook with my comments along with them. Comments with special meanings for the readers to think about and immense themselves with.

The photos above represent the spiritual ways of mind, bringing inward the spirit a path where each offset has different meanings.

Sometimes we can be surprised at how much prayer evolves in our life. The length of time it becomes reality varies though. And it is a reality, the existence of the moment is real and has an evolution of time appied to your soul. Becoming a real life experience. Most have not enough faith in their beliefs, they attend church, say the prayer with what they think is a conviction of faith. But have really not allowed faith to penerate their soul. The spirit has a path for it to travel. When the sense of faith is real, the beliefs are much more prominate in the path taken. It is not something to take lightly. The faith has powerful directions which should be followed when praying. One road after another, direction through so many opened doors, all point to the Higher Power's touch upon your soul. Fear not, the horizon you seek is there and waiting for you to arrive for your ending moment within the belief that an existence of His abundance is within your life's path.

Far-Reaching Into the Horizon

While the driving is tedious there is a driven awareness that the result will be satisfying. Some inner process from the spirit is giving me the directions only I can understand and decipher where that ending will be, so thought. As the time passes and the road ahead becomes filled with a wonderment of mountains and fields, it seems my journey is going to be wondrous. So, thought. When the road becomes somewhat at an incline the imaging of the surroundings is changing. The beauty takes on a different aspect of an image, more darkened in some ways. It doesn’t show what I would imagine in my mind. I thought the end of my trek was getting close. Seems not. The wind is picking up a bit, and the drive is in a slightly difficult direction, leveling out somewhat but still climbing slowly. I know this is the direction in my mind, the spirit is never wrong. Suddenly, a tree falls ahead, causing me to slam on the breaks. There is enough room to pass but must go close to the edge of the mountain road. Slowly I pass and get back on my way up the road. Soon there is a fork in the road. I am having trouble deciphering which way to go, the direction from my spirit is not coming through.


I was on a slight incline, the road going that way is going down the mountain. Oh well, onward I go on the incline. It is becoming a lot darker, more than you would think at nighttime. Another tree has fallen, and it seems to allow no crossing by. I get out and stand with the wind blowing hard. The area is baren. And I realize I am not alone. Something or someone is close by, I can feel it, sense its presence. The feeling though is not giving me a good vibe. As I get closer to the tree and try to figure out if can move it, the wind picks up and there is a depth of energy that makes it harder to walk past the tree. Everything is blowing wildly, and I back away from the tree, the wind dies down somewhat. I realize the energy is alive, evil in some way. It is hard to tell which way I need to go, not going back, my journey is set. I’m standing at the front of the car, looking around, and from the slight haze ahead someone comes forward toward me. His appearance is tall with an overcoat on. I am not too intimidated, or somewhat concerned, but know of my strengths. He stops a few feet from me. I sense his energy and know it is not a good one. This is when I decide to pray.


He says, “I have been expecting you, been a very long time coming, and luckily you took the right road”. My mind is trying to figure out where in my life memories he was. Then he said, “You don’t have to go through all those timed moments in your life, think of when a child, maybe eleven or so. I met you then and was removed from your existence by a powerful spirit within you”. So, he can read my mind, okay, this is problematic. He begins to tell me about the way he tried to change my ways of life, so his direction is the only movement needed to succeed. I now know why he was so defiant in making my life miserable, under his hold upon my spirit. I pray again, and again, and the making of my spirit becomes much more pronounced in strength. He is not faltering, even tells me that praying isn’t going to help. I tell him that he has been using a false hope toward getting me to succumb to your ways. I am guided and have the same if not much more belief and faith than when young. He laughs and can feel the pressure surrounding me. I pray for the power that I had when young and for the power that has grown with me throughout my life.


His pressure is becoming immense. I can feel his trying to enter my spirit’s door to my soul. As I kneel and try to bring my spirit’s truth upon my faith, he pushes harder toward the spirit. I falter, nearly falling off my knee. It is so strong, so unbelievably strong. I pray for the Higher Power’s strength to remove the evil trying to get my soul. As doing so, in one millisecond, all I hear “Is there will be another time”. Then nothing. No wind, even the darkened aspect of what night should be is dissipating. The sun shines through some clouds and the hills surrounding me are filled with fields of color, the ocean is just below and bluish, waves bringing in the sound now. I pray, for a century it seems like. Giving praise, gratefulness, and love.


I realize the tree is not there. The road is going down along the ocean and far-reaching into the horizon. Where my ending of the journey is, and the life I have been wanting is arriving. I am so glad that my ways of life now have included the prayers and know they are heard. I also remember that time when twelve, he, evil, tried to make me shoot the kid that was bullying me. Day after day. I almost did too. But the prayers, even at that age, came through and made me stop and realize this is not the way to defeat my enemy. I then became more in strength with my spirit and defeated the bully by leveling him with a punch. It changed my life.


The Higher Power has always been there. He does hear the prayers; faith is key. Remember it is there, give of yourself so the path of your journey has an ending far-reaching into the horizon.

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