Hello, I am Albert L. Wade, Jr.

I have had quite a journey with my writing. From writing every day for hours on end to a point in my life, it would be days, months, or even years before I would write something. Battling depression took away my passion for writing. In time though, I got better and doing great. I did not get seriously into writing till later in life. Certain aspects of my life changed and the spark was lit to put words down. I enjoy poetry mostly, on occasion you will see short stories and my thoughts and insight.

I love bringing words into the readers' spirit, taking them on a road of an imaginative direction for their reading pleasure. Please take your time to go through my words, you might find within them touching your spiritual or living ways. Words are powerful commodities, they take the inner ways of thought on awesome journeys. Enchanted Words Essence was created for my words to give readers a different perspective about writing. I hope you enjoy your journey through this interim, entering the realm of imaginative reading. Be well, and try to be positive as possible. It projects outward from your being to others.