The Poets Place

There is no Door

Wonder if the road to my soul is open today?

it is so picky, even when the door is seen

I am reluctant to give a hooray.

Tricky, yes, but the destination becomes

the promised way of belief.

The trek will be daunting, the enemy

is always trying to defeat my spirit.

If tainting becomes a way of life,

who will be around to repeat the belief?

The stepping stones of my soul

are not laid for just anyone,

my strength is along those stones.

Filtered all through my bones.

And, well into my spirit,

into my mindset,

there, the defeating of the enemy

shall take place.

Many, many, many,

steps it shall be,


the ending may seem as if

given a minute,

listening to a cello.

And shall I bellow? Into the night?

About how the trek was through

my might,

an enemy has been defeated.


thus, we move on with

the many avenues that life

has for our spiritual trek,

The road begins, and there is no door.

Look Further Down the Path

As the night falls,
as the darkness becomes the way of life,
there are no outlets for the senses,
looking deeper into the dark,
the path shows a route for beliefs.

Step by step there are many things
to stimulate the mind,
a tiny little beetle setting upon a leaf,
even in darkness, there is so much alive,
an almost glowing frog from the moonlight,
in air,
the owl flies for its meal.

Even the hue of flowers come through,
though, they are less prominent,
they give off what you perceive exists in color.

The path continues,
step by step is even more full of life’s wonders.
Why does the ant continue all day and all night?
They don’t sleep, as you or I.
The occasional sound of a night bird,
is heard,
and it goes on.

Such a way each day unto the night brings,
gives us our perspective of life, a truth,
all of the Great Spirit’s creations
never really leave us.

Roads With Spirit

From the moment of your life,
the path has been set for an ending.
How the travels were taken were choices,
your choices that made life challenging,
because the decision of your spiritual way
was raveling right before your mindset,
before you could understand.

You were lost,
had the wrong path before you,
those choices showed nothing,
had no insight which kept from crushing
the desired road born from the beginning.

Thus, when realized, the obstacle is the way.
It has been the catalyst for lost understanding,
an eventual destiny where the spirit becomes
aware the road was lost.

It had nothing to follow but the untruth of choice.
Your choice,
without the spiritual guidance for strength.
Strength to begin a direction where
the avenues of life, are ever so many,
for the spirit to enter and learn the lessons,
from the higher power,
consumption of greatness,
and feel His comfort for the mind
to know of truths that are made just for you.

Your life begins to change,
those obstacles are not hard to overcome,
each doubt is lessened by moving forward
with His touch upon your soul.

The spirit is leading the roads to many answers
being cleared for passage,
the decisions are of no consequence.

You have what is needed for your
spirit to take every thought down the belief
and faith way of life.
When you were tired, weak, felt discouraged,
gone down many roads with a spiritual direction,
the ending is clear now.

Though, it may be a lifetime before
the end of desire makes its way for the spirit
to expire forward into the realm only
the spirit will exist within.

It is what it is now,

the determined right road given when,
the first beating of heart,
the spirit senses its direction,
and finding the courage at a certain
moment within life,
to make it at this point,
roads with spirit,
understanding the truths from,
His touch upon the soul

Your Special Way

Think a bit,
Enter the door, see the path before you,
beautiful sights of nature are to be seen,
ways to get between the spirit’s direction
to the soul, clean avenues of thought.
Is this heaven?

Can heaven be defined as of,
looking at it in reality?
Alive before you?

I think not. It takes a certain way
to observe such magnitude,
following the bridge over into a place
when not in flesh anymore.
The mind turns a church key to enter
a brief reality within a dream,
whether in sickness or mental state of being.

Keep entering the way of thought,
looking as if through a moonbeam,
the hue of light that engulfs everything of beauty,
slowly taking the sight away
into a night’s life of living,

the beauty still exists.

You are not lost,
there is somewhat of a duty,
your soul needs to find its way,
you must declare a path from the spirit.

Walk amongst the darkness,
inherit all of the genetic feelings of truth,
bring light to your path,

not the wrath of felt guilt, there is a way.

It exists inward the opened door,
from which you come,
think, look back, there it shall be seen
your destiny swirling about just for you to grasp,
taking the light of path, the truth of light,

for your soul to follow.

A right of passage so given,
from that higher degree of livening,
if such energy could enter your space of mind.

spend the moment acquiring an existence,
a persistence, there be your will to bring,
a real Spirit.

The one, only; Great Spirit.
And it shall be done,
the path will reveal in the morn,
your desirable thought of beauty again,
walking amongst that which is not torn anymore,
from the spirit,
there is no lost feeling,
you are found,
everything exists just for your path to allow
a direction of the soul,
back to the door, outward to what is reality.

Your special way.

Filling the spirit forevermore
of a defined layer of heaven
the soul can now believe, is truth.
There shall be a light amongst
the dark ways of thought,
when allowing the realism of Spirit.

Carry on my wayward soul

We are in many ways unstoppable.
What makes us question ourselves is doubt.
Doubtful of everything we need to make a life,
so much strife, despair, unbelief of the truism,
we can become someone,
expansionism inward the soul,
bellowing its directive who we are.

Making a foundation so built with confidence,
it makes a residence for persistence,
the ego can do no more than humble
what the spirit gives for stepping stones
throughout life.

The music of the mind,
a creative balance between soul and spirit,
flowing with so much comfort and peace,
everything is seen in mind,
then becomes the centerpiece for doubt
to move out of the way,
to the farthest dense hole, it was in before
brought forth by ego.

Vanishes the ego’s hold set upon the soul’s
wanting to release faith, in one’s self.
Believing in something farthest the mind
can comprehend, no defined limit,
to its endless exhibit for belief,
in yourself.

Carry on my wayward soul.

With Perfect Harmony

Your fragrance is exquisite,
a truth on how you can make a room,
beam with an uncanny essence,
a lively brilliance of love,
showing to all,
you are in love…

The walk and talk,
as easily given with a special
quietness and caring jester,
bestowing toward my benefit,
for heart’s sake in the truth,
it is the belief,
how you love me.

Shining in the rain’s low illumination,
you make your way,
without effort,
for my hand to encompass yours,
so comfort can then be the way of day,
each coming into love’s avenue,
and not turning unless as a flock of birds,
in total cadence and with perfect harmony.

This time is ours and we do so enjoy it.

Another Path

When taking the line outward the road,
where the horizon begins without an ending,
some paths are out there for mending,
giving its direction to the soul.

Whereas life is drawn inward for
the path to bring creation,
a given hope that there is nothing to keep you,
from the lessons as following,
removing the hollowing within your spirit,
down each path.

This experience makes for a wanting to pursue,
each path’s message
for the environment of the soul,
to bring the design it shows for
living life’s challenges.

No more will the spirit be hollowed, empty
we can become something more,
bring reasoning for living through anything,
though not easy,
the spirit knows it is feasible, a possibility
an awareness of the paths’ trekked,
have strengths empowering yourself,
to be ready for another path,
that gives you the ability to find yourself again.

A Moment

The wonderment of life comes in through sight,
sound, touch, and spirit.

There is what is called a moment,
when the feelings have become a leading-edge
for the thought to process anything needed to
be happy.

A touch of flower,
the leaf moving listlessly in the wind,
the scent from a field of flowers
on a summer day,
the freshness after a mid-afternoon rain,
mountains off in the distance having a bluish hue,
viewing the ocean from atop a hill,
quiet calm in the backyard
and only a few birds singing their songs,
walking on pebbles with the coolness
of seawater filling the spirit,
comfort brought on by nature.

Just what is the purpose and why does it exist?
Many have asked that question and no one has
answered with real truth.

I would think there is nothing to ask,
only wonderment at the beauty it beholds
for the mental realization, there is something
other than our spirit
that created the senses,
so the moment allows the soul to dwell
without interruption from daily busy thoughts.

She was evil

Over and over the waves come,
noise and power,
the deep and light hues of blue,
what a rue,
it is deep and painful,
the felt desire to do it again,
is strong.

Is this wrong?

What gains inward the soul if is?
I trek the mind for an answer,
when in reality there are none to be had,
it is what it is,
the desire will always be there,
the damage is done,
she will haunt me forever,
till the time is no more, an ever-ending,
as forever can be.

An endeavor to be had,
she will be there and not lost,
in my mind, I will be,
it has a path for design,
that I cannot see,
so, wander I shall do,
she will not,
why do I?

Because she is inward,
driven by the desire had before,
where she can be given a direct path to my soul,
I did what had,
it is nothing from what reality shows,
there is nothing,
a blank space in time,
at the moment it was real,
was it?

I am inside the darkness of life,
there, inward the depths of time,
but time does not exist here,
thus, I am lost,
a host of thoughts can be here,
Down the road shown before,
the trek of time,
when time does not exist,
so, trek down my soul’s path,
she will be at the end.


I am seen as the one,
she cannot ever be lost,
as the one,
the trek has no end,
the darkness is there,
the end is not,

I have to be given an end,
it is inevitable,
she has one,
I am the one,
so, I am what I am,
the soul sees all,
the seer,
there it lies,

Nothing comes to me,
the path is lost as said with darkness,
no light,
I see.

She lives here,
will always be here,
I cannot get out of here,
except to leave for a while,
the soul will get out for a living,
but I see nothing,
hear nothing,
the roads are paved for the walkthrough
the darkness of night, day,
an all given trek of living,
the soul knows how,
she knows how,
I am lost,

I did what had to be done,
illegitimate as it may seem,
it is so disproportionate
the trek goes on,
she is there in the darkness,
I can see here,
smell the scent of her skin,
it was there,
at that moment,
all of it,

I have no end, even as the one,
the scent will always continue with me,
wherever I, go, she will be in mind.
The sight then makes way to the soul,
there it can manifest forward to the future,
it has an end,
for me,
the trek becomes miles and miles of spiritual
there will be no seeing the God,
the One,
I was born to exist,
the end is there,
in the future, I have one.

Even as I am the one.

As time goes by,
the darkness is nothing,
light comes about,
she is still there, waiting for me,
the scent of her skin,
the eyes, so blue, what a hue of color,
as seen by my mind before,
At that moment,
it was to be had no more.


Continued —>

Poetry is timeless, words will be forever more,
a way to express the inward sounds of a words life. There it grows and is given to the reader,
they do as what may, it is inevitable.

Through the Days and Nights


If at the moment to be precious,
one would wonder why it has to be
within the confines of night,
withering itself senseless
as laid down to sleep.
encompassing the whole spectrum
through the days and nights.
Oh, those infamous wonderments of soul,
where the light of heart
sometimes escapes the path to the brain
and becoming spoken words.
How would it be if not?
Allowing the words to wisp away into
a mentality and become nothing,
but lost thoughts,
a tragic ending to something
that could have been,
a feeling,
or even quite possibly…
“Love” spoken.
Through the days and nights,
one must control the mind’s way
and bring forth the spoken,
kind, and loving words.
to be compassionate enough;
so setting aside life’s
moments of dreary demise,
can increase where the path in the soul
lies awaiting,
seeking the spirit’s energy
for one’s comfort zone.

Precious in more ways than imagined.

Enter the Spirit


Here at this time,
nothing seems to be real,
the healing of mindset,
has no life within the now,
the wow factor does not exist,


There needs to be some kind of road,
I can not see it,
feel it,
worry is the way of thought.

There is some life out there,
outside the walls, I can not see,
but know exist,
from the life lived,
was told and taught was real.

I know to heal,
know to what lies inside my spirit.
But the enemy wants to poison me,
bring inward the wrong direction for the spirit,
it can overtake the mindset and give
false roads to follow,
but I know.

Here now,
there can be a truth,
my way of what thought has some motion,
outside the walls,
they need to be broken,
need to be apart,
for what I need to live right.

Where can I get the strength?
How do I find the right path?
the spirit finds the way,

I have to believe in a way,
the direction will come,
through the wall,
I can go outside and be alive,
live through what my way is defined,
belief in myself,
believe outside me.
Begin what has always been there,
goes beyond troubled mindset,
no dwelling on life’s torment,
the darkness from the door is nothing,
does not exist.
The heart has a way to get away
from wrong thoughts,
There, the now is here.

Always will the now from the living time exist.
Find it through the heart’s way of thought,
humble yourself,
think you are finding the path without the now.

All the care,
the worries,
everything can be found with the now,
even if thought no,
all things have burdens with help,
give the road in life the passage,
through the heart,
tomorrow it comes with today’s strength,
and then,
something will happen,
useless will be a nothing,
your time is real, no worries,
be alive.

Enter the Spirit.

What Once It Was

There, out there, how did it happen?
What and where is the entity responsible?
The door was opened for you,
an eventful lifelong experience to live by.

The path from the door is being lost,
you are going the wrong way,
stop! Come back! I am here.

Yes, I, the spiritual direction for the soul to follow.
Believe in Me,
for I am the way,
the real path you need for your life’s path.

There is a way to create a reality for which
can become everything outside of that door.
All you have to do is take the spirit into your heart,
feel the comfort and confidence,
see the deliverance of power to begin
what will change your life.

The mindset can go in the direction you choose,
then a will to be heard inward the soul is found.
That power is so given from Him,
He has your back,
the now, of life, does not seem so bad
when looking out the door again.
You relaxed, took deep breathes,
brought the faith back into your life.

The greatness of who you are is alive,
what once it was…

Forever etched into your soul.

She was evil (continued)

Does it matter,
almost like water running over the edge,
falling like a waterfall,
she succumbs as if the water hitting below,
turmoil, yet beautiful,
strums as if a sound from an instrument,
it is inevitable. I did what had to do,
she knows that,
knew that,
I am who I am,
the desire still shows its way,
to the heart.
Where the trek originated,
where it is lost to me,
not her.

I must be not lost anymore to know,
how she will be in my heart.
Yet, it will not happen soon,
remember, I have no end, I the one,
wandering about aimlessly, always,
the trek is not dark now,
the light is not there, but it is bright.

She does know in my soul where the time goes,
thus, even if time did not exist as before,
the moment it was, does make it alive.

Time is time,
as was then and now, the moment plays
every time comes at the same existed instant.
Over and over,
forever in my soul,
that is only how it exists,
time and moment are the same, yet different,
I did what had to do.
She was evil,
it was inevitable.

I saw the blueness in her eyes change,
they became red,
that moment came as I did what had to do,
squeezing, more and more,
the face went red, too, she smelled oh so good,
but she was evil,
I know,
how could I not?

Evil is what evil does,
she made killing easy,
I saw the darkness within her,
at a moment she showed me,
how badly she was,
the child was only hers, and it was alive,
with life, brightly lit from inside out to the world.

she the evil one, not I,
brought the hammer down on the child,
I heard it hit the head,
she was smiling,
over and over again.
I did what had to do,
kill the evil out of her,
the darkness was hers, there was no light,
yet, it can be seen, I saw, there in her soul’s trek,
my trek of never-ending time that does not exist,
yet, I have a road to follow.

Throughout life, there will be her in me,
I will have to look at the darkness with no light,
forevermore knowing what did, had to do, she cannot live anymore. The seer has shown the future, I am who I am, will evermore be the one.

She was evil.