My Thoughts

The Spiritual Destiny

We are what the Great Spirit planned us to be. In the eyes of one's spiritual destiny is a path of difficulties and triumphs. The course set by the Great Spirit from the beginning of his or her journey through life becomes filled with many lessons and journeys taken for the spirit to grow and flourish with an understanding of their spiritual path.

Which could be a lifetime of learning through his or her paths. One spiritual path is not like the other. Trekking their knowledgeable ways and finding the answers, sometimes not the answer wanted, is all part of the path to spirituality. Resourcing, gaining the material for the lessons as needed, and following what each day brings for knowledge, is one's path to a spiritual destiny.

As the Great Spirit laid out from the beginning, He knows of your challenges, defeats, and the choice for the right path to follow. After all, He designed the journey just for you...

Sounds That Speak








Listening to the sounds of the wind through the trees. Within that wind is a musical way of the heart and soul. Many ways the sound can produce an avenue to follow from the soul’s perspective. Each path from those avenues has meanings and lessons just for the heart to be comforted by sound. The wind makes its music for the pleasure of the listened soul, an avenue of life and living within it. Your way is filled with many delights the soul can engulf for the listening pleasure alone. Onward does the wind produce the music of sound, it is a wonderful way of life’s magical delight for the path’s within to follow and find the living ways of truth to soul’s avenue of life. Many roads are to be followed by just listening to the sound of wind through trees. Walk slow and feel the wind in the air, the light sound can become harsh at times, yet, also so comforting. Each step within the forest, hills of trees, much can be felt and heard. Life itself runs as it does. Hard and harsh at times, then becoming soft and calm at times. Then the feeling of life is felt in many ways. The avenue is going as does the soul’s living ways. Up and down then smooth and fast, or it may be only flat and boring. The messages if listen to hard enough can be said within the sound, take this path to that for the meanings to be known.

Have the ways of life gone in those ways also? Do you listen hard enough for the messages to be heard, ways of the soul’s wonderment of enlightened sound, words for the direction of a lesson? They come through as does the wind in the trees, entering the mindset for comfort and demanding nothing but truth to faithful wonderment of listened sounds. Those messages have some lessons for the soul, sounds making way inward as if woven through specific words of speech. To be heard by only you and what the mindset says is right. Step by step the sounds make their way into your thoughts as wanting a beginning of paths to be followed. Each turn in the path comes with a sight of only sound could produce, listening as looking over a mountain and lake below has ways to the heart’s yearning of life’s delightful images, many that come to us in sight and sound, yet have more for the soul than could imagine existed.

Then back to the trees the direction goes, they are calling out to you also, way up above and with conviction. Many are to be found along your path back to reality. Back to where the beginning of sounds came to you from. Listen again, there within the trees are the heard ways of life, direction seemingly as if words. Is it real? Does it mean many avenues are for just the soul to follow or can it make way outward into life? Where everyone then has a way to remove what have learned from your experience? Keep the sound path inward so can be kept only of your living lessons. They were sent for you and given as a gift from your path, those many avenues which bring messages, enlightened gifts of sound. Your ways of life are different than many. The roads you took were designed from the tree of sounds, music only you were given, the mindset was engulfed by your soul’s delight to hear those sounds. Special ways of the heart to follow. Keep them to yourself. Reality cannot remove such sounds of life you took and lessons learned as if heard by words. The sound took you on many roads and found ways to make your life better within yourself. There is the part of which you give outward. Giving of yourself where learned harshness and comfort, learned sounds from the trees are demanding of your thoughts, living as does the sounds. Up and down life’s roads, giving of yourself with those ways of betterment. Each unto itself, the walls are not there anymore, but the strength is still empowered throughout yourself. Nothing has a way to remove those felt feelings given from the many paths the soul took for learning of life’s living ways outside of the sounds and music of the trees. They are yours, all of what you went through, those sights felt from the wind’s path in and out of the leaves, branches, trigs, back again through another tree. Then the music was for you. Comfort beyond what you could believe existed. The steppingstones of life were shown and used as messages for your soul. The words listened were for your heart’s delight and loving ways outward for many later. That was the message of life, become someone of loving ways. A soul’s direction to heal and bring comfort. Thus, the road had many avenues which were meant to be given for the ways of spirit. The end never becomes nonexistent, only made to be far-reaching and never-ending.

Living Ways, Believe


It is not a hard thing to admit. One can remove the walls of discontent just by releasing their inner-selves strength. Letting go and saying what needs to be said. You love life and its hardships, the deceitful ways others bring through lies and conspiracies, misdirection of faith, and finally bringing love back into your ways of thought to important people in your life. Shout out in the middle of a park, forest, city where people cannot hear you, and bring the one part of your life you lost. The touch of the Higher Power into your heart’s desired place for living life with a stronger hold for His direction. Outward into the parts of the world where you have been and maybe a part of you want to visit from your mind’s imaginative vision. The road to these places is not hard to trek. Nothing can stop you with the strength given by Him. The direction seen is not so far that it seems impossible. You can do it.

When there is so much heaviness in the world, in the country you live in, it is not hard to fall into a lost and depressive way. Dragging each day, walking the paces of life with a heaviness felt inward all through night and day. But not all is not lost. When counting up your demons and releasing them from your spirit, then that heaviness will lose its hold on you. The one thing you need to do to make that happen is saying inward, and meaning it, you love the Higher Power’s love on you and cannot be removed from it. That touch upon your soul will take the demons away and bring your spirit back to the living ways it should be, comfort and walking with strength and a desired feeling of power to withstand any hardships that may arise. Give outward to others that they may see what you have accomplished, maybe taking their downward spiral and raising them to your level of strength. That is what the Higher Power can do. That is how He walks within every person, all they need to do is believe in Him and His love for them, always.

So, here we are. A togetherness which was brought from all those treks along the road of life. And since vowing inward the truth to how it came about, there was nothing very hard about that releasing of those holds onto your spirit. You just said it, believed it, and the faith never shall wain again.

Live as best as can. Give strength when the need arises, letting the demise shown in the world be filled with prayer. So, all who need it can benefit the Higher Power’s love and healing ways.


The Right Road

One never knows the path of spirituality. It comes through belief and faith in our Higher Power. There the direction can be found through the many roads and avenues of lessons. Finding each a spiritual knowledge set through the soul for understanding. One moment at a time. We need to have these paths so that spiritual knowledge can be adjusted for the spirit and soul’s direction. Thus the binding of the lessons has a set way into the soul’s way of bringing the truth of the spiritual direction for the spirit. Belief goes a long way to the core of all lessons. Deep within the spirit’s path, a lesson may take the spirit far into the way of life. They can be making the right choices. We all need some kind of lesson from the spiritual path. The Higher Power thus will be with your path’s direction of belief.

As the many roads take us on a spiritual path, there we can have what is needed for choices of truths. Each choice is a positive and good way of life. Beliefs take the spirit to many places, getting those beliefs in the right direction for learning. Thus learning makes the spirit on a path for the soul to carry within the mindset of whoever wants such a wonderment path for knowledge and of the Higher Power’s bright light of life.

We all need a bright light within us for positive choices one can grow upon. The faith factor does well for the spiritual road to be brought well within the mindset. It always takes time, the Higher Power’s time, but does well to wait and find what the road leads to, in faith and beliefs. Some truths come in many ways, they find their way into spirit, soul, and then the mind. The choice from one’s perspective can make for a life to be well lived. So one would think…

The Path to How Lived

The wonderment of our spirit comes through at any given time, some people do not recognize the fact it is for their benefit. Each of us has a different perspective of how living life; although, being taught some may think in the same manner, see the path forward as a challenge rather than a hindrance. Other people agree that the spirit is doing well and doesn’t need much to become involved with how living. An occasional prayer is given, the church is put on hold because of life’s circumstances (I am one of those...yuck), or not allowing the spirit to become strengthened through prayer so life’s path can trek with less strife and emotional upsets. I have learned that speaking through prayer to God; gets the point across and mentions how wonderful my path is because of my beliefs and faith. How He has given my spirit a way to be expressive and live the path as best as possible. Even when financial difficulties exist, emotional upsets, plus anything the daily trek has to offer. My living through life is not so bad and is filled with blessings that seem small miracles, helpful ways that strengthen the spirit of troubled times.

I got this far in life through His strength and help. Several times, the Lord came into my life, directing me to make certain decisions and not allowing the spirit to be dampened or egotistical. Sometimes the mind takes over and it does just what is expected. Allowing the spirit to feel down, pitying my life, moody because of managing back pain 24/7, depressed when really no need to be. All my life I have had to be in control of myself, with no help from the family, the direction taken was on the decisions encompassing what I thought would benefit my life’s path. That is a difficult way to live when not having someone to ask for direction or get help with making the right decisions. God was not one of my friends at times. I’m thankful for Him being there when thought He was not. The past is what it experience that gives growth and memories. Anything else is not relevant because it has been lived. Nothing can change the fact it ended up the way it did. The past thus becomes non-existent except for the experience and has no bearing in how the future works with the spirit. Decisions through the choices one makes are the key to what the future holds. Wrong decisions encompass the spirit with bad paths. Eventually, the result is living in bad ways, removing the spirit from God’s love, and allowing deceit to be the leading direction. We cheat ourselves with lies, false impressions, and a perspective that misses the mark one click to the right or left and never on a true path.

Give thought to what life holds for you from within prayer. Believe in the path ahead, the perspective shown by beliefs and faith. Seek the ways of spirit by allowing the real moments of how lived to be the path’s directive, choices based with help from prayers and family, God’s limitless love for your timeless growth through life. It comes when you least expect it and most always without letting you know it was really from the Lord’s help. He lets you be who you are and uses the mind in ways choices incorporate the path. Yet when in need He is there for the heart and soul, touching them so the strength is given to conquer any fears in how to deal with those troubles. I understand the words above refer to “God and Lord”, you might use the same perspective on what wrote through however venue of belief you have.

Peaceful Tranquility

What does the meaning of peaceful tranquility mean? Well, to me it means getting to a place where the balance between my conscience and the surrounding nature of things is complacent to what I feel. If the path before me is calm, a tranquil moment in time, and my spirit feels a momentum moving forward touching the air and ground this event carries with it a truth to how I feel. And will take me throughout the day and night never losing the felt realism that I know was real, it happened, and at some point find it again.

At one's timeless insurmountable increment where calm is present, my calmness is a balance between what seems tranquil and the peace abounding everywhere. The presence of no one but myself. Even He has momentarily left my space. I am one with peaceful tranquility. Simple to some people, but others have no clue as to what I have said. An image is all that is needed for the realism it does exist. Are you there yet?

The Interim of Mind's Way
The Beginning Below


Take a moment to read some words that may create a different perspective about life. The way through life is applied to many things, such as thoughts, energies of our makeup, and the knowing of “now” compared to “time” and beyond. Written words can be powerful commodities, using them wisely makes the knowledge, then wisdom, inward your “self” enlightened...should you choose to follow their truth. Expand what you think to know by reading many books. Poetry, periodicals of different thinking, can teach your inner-self the truth of what the Great Spirit is and how He makes your spirit be whatever “you” choose it to be. Make changes that will become a path for “self”, and not what society says it “has” to be. Spirituality goes beyond what religion says it to be, take from it what you can for your soul. It is a realism to exist. Read on for a trek down an avenue of thought. If you so desire.

The Interim of Mind’s Way


This moment is what all of the minds can consume and interact with, it is of the now. No time limits, no constraints from the outside world due to false limitations governed by ego; more so of anything you perceived it should be, a reality to your soul making its presence a truth. Evolving into taking the spirit’s guided road; your evolution is possible to co-exist with this world’s way, making a lived life more of what it should be by your highest regard of self, and others. Realizing the potential of your spirit there is no limit to what can be felt through the six senses. Exposing what the spirit requires, love, will expand all of the senses and make the road progress to your liking. The enlightenment consumed inward for the soul’s connection to nature, people, and faith, is shown as face value from a higher existence than us. Nothing will make the moment anything but what it is. Contentment, happiness, and joy are the foremost felt emotions, which make feelings of love the guiding light upon the road to living as should.


Do not listen to the ego’s perspective for the false way of thought. Going beyond the ego and staying in-tune to your higher feelings allows your character a better avenue to follow. Everything is made of matter, energy. It is like fingers gently touching the skin of another, a leaf, the flower, or the road to which you walk upon. The ego knows how to manipulate that energy, so your way of thought has no perspective except what it wants you to feel and see. Removing that moment, an instance for the spirit to become non-complacent with a thought of goodness, making a distinct decision to wait, (think of the direction love would want you to take), will eliminate what the ego has falsely given for your soul to follow. The spirit has the will of a higher existence. That one existence brings what you ask through many forms of thought and/or prayer, so the only way to follow beyond anything you are taught; brought about by mankind’s decisions of what it thinks is right or wrong for your life, can be known as wisdom. The sanctuary for that power resides inside your “self”, and should not be afraid of what it has for you. It is the way of love, joy, and truth. Be attentive to it, grateful for how you have been given life in the manner it presents, and beyond what you can make it.


If a change is in need, then go make the change. That moment is the beginning of being positive and making the path a true directive, a choice, in how your daily living becomes. Do not fear change. What has been there before is not of any consequence, going forward of your path is. Life is made to react that way. All the lives of family, friends, people of no concern, will still be who they are, just in a different perspective as yours. You lead what life has; doing everything you want and can exert for the spirit, so there is nothing left to experience. Then a said, “good life” has been done as you wanted it to be for your way, and not of the others who think it should have been done as society’s way, or their false thoughts.


Now the time, of what “time” is, brought through man’s inventive way, unfortunately, cannot be ignored. If all the constraints were removed, nothing was put on your shoulders to hold you down in thought. There becomes a truth about how daily living can be. What if, you did the work and had no “time” to worry about when to finish it and it gets done because your inner-self knows when it is to be finished? Everything your life is, how the moments of day transpire happens to be made up of “time”. It is a false way of thought and can be managed for your true directive of any given day. Be happy, giving of love outward yourself, doing what you perceive the work is to be done, it will come to pass, as being finished...on “time”.


We all have our ways of going through life. Some go about their trained perspective road of opportunity with a forgotten mindset, just what makes that life become as it does. When brought up through the young years, then into adulthood governed by society’s way of life; and thinking there is no other way to live except through what past generations have shown, nothing is seen to be “right”. There are aspects within experiences to live a life beyond what is shown from the past, old ways can be brought back with increased wisdom on how to make it better. Listening to your inner-self, those higher thoughts for guidance and direction, heal the soul’s broken door of strength, creating a non-stagnate life. Everything you choose to make and more is then brought to you in wondrous ways. I will now say that “God” is the highest thought brought into all spirits of most men and women that strive to feel, sense, and grow, with His energy. God only asks us to use His love for self (if not loving ourselves, we cannot project the love outward), then make the path what it should, has, or will be. Be at peace with yourself, using the trilogy of body, mind, and spirit. Nature can feel us, as we can feel of her, animals know more than you think possible, and teaching a child’s mind beyond the trained falsehood of life, will be your wisdom to eternity. It is the truest form of education we can use for creating real-life drama on how to save this planet. Make the children realize all and everything is possible with knowing how to co-exist with themselves, nature, and what is known to be mankind.

The thought below was brought from the depths of a poet, a writer, and has no bearing on religion, ethnicity, factors words place within a country's trying times. From that deep ideology one must write when troubled; many a writer has put forth the power through words to make thoughts be a part of another's life: whether knowing it has an impact or not.

From a place, far, far, away...


From one writer of words to another, the barrier that stands in front of many may be seen by only a few. The truth of two countries that are just bound by imaginary lines, sealed by the same blood, and given the blessing by the same God; has no internal spirit to understand that they do not know what they have done. Years of fighting for the only land, a material piece of property, designates through religion that it has no cost whatsoever other than the shedding of blood for its rightful owner. When in fact there are none. That one factor to its dominance only came from the British and they messed it up when the ink touched the paper saying it was so. Both countries have no rightful deed to the land. If the truth of ownership were so designated; one country would integrate the other for the coexistence of life. The genealogy of the bloodlines has greatly determined many a man and woman. If traced the lines of Israelites, Palestine's, a wonderment of how closely related they are, and were, would befall to the intelligence of any-one people. To those that have fallen to death from a bullet shot from a brother or sister, family. How odd a country cannot see what troubles them by the killing of their people. Aside from the misguided belief so set upon a man that has no excuse but age, a desire for power, the wonderment of how he could kill just for the sake of countrymen, a sense of unknown fear was seen set within his eyes. That moment when existence was seen to be eradicated, removed, by another man. What does that say about the one man's true character, his strengths, and the inevitable truths lying inward his beliefs? All, for one thing, the land, and in the Bible, he does not own it, nor does Israel.

From a place far, far, away, a young man has seen the carnage, a young girl has also done so by no fault of her own. They live in a town that keeps wraps on their children. Never do they see these kinds of things unless sneaking through the stair posts, from around a corner of the room, or from the darkness lingering where there is no light. That darkness seen through such young eyes has no spirit, only the felt beating of heart from a small child. Their eyes were big and wide and soon, a tear, a deep-felt sickness inside the gut. One saw her mother killed by a man blowing himself up, the other saw his father blown up from his own decision because of religion and an "eye for an eye" belief. Lies instilled from birth, brought through childhood from an adult, who thus through the genealogical paths was given the same belief on and on.

They both sit inside a closet, their refuge, a place for them to be far, far, away. One thinks it is the right thing to do, yes, because of those people not allowing us to live a life on our land. My father is a hero, a true martyr for me growing up in peace one day. One day, one so far away day that will not come about...he dies in that closet. The young girl cries for weeks in her closet. Knowing that her brother was also killed, her mother killed by another's way of thought, all for what he thinks will make changes. It will not, never does. The land, to live amongst others that are the same people, which should have been living together for centuries anyway. How disgusting and utterly remarkable considering the Bible has no reference to this kind of behavior except that it is genocide. And she has no idea that it even comes closer than that, a special evil when seen, one has no defense. The love of killing, no matter what, no matter family, no age difference for the end to come.

Think about it. Where did the child see her life change? In what instance of thought had she witnessed her mother being blown up by her father? Yes, by her father. Her brother was a Palestinian, she is pure Israel. I find it so difficult to witness the carnage from my end of the world. Have not had a clue how the Palestine and Israelites go through each day with body parts lying upon the ground as if the earth itself is bleeding from her sadness. And no one cares throughout the world, no one sees, feels, or is touched by such terrible happenings in a wonderful far, away, place. Unless Israel, Palestine, family member, or group. 

When will one man's pride become the other's strength to end the killings? When is enough, just that, enough? When will the last death signify a true ending to the killing? When will the children be able to play with other children, without fear of dying from their brother or sister? When does time tell the parents to stop teaching those children they must kill for their land and religious beliefs? Knowing the land is not theirs or anyone's, but the love of it belongs to many whether in Israel or Palestine.

Prayer has its power. It can be administered if one believes in faith and his or her inner sanctuary. I think many see the few, those small significant people that need some kind of felt strength, something inward their spirit for comfort. That in the foreseeable future an end to the carnage will stop, a true end, where people will live with each other as neighbors and friends.


When does it begin? With you my friends, with you.

The Serene Path

The serenity from the image is nothing less than a miracle. A chinese man sitting above a valley, it must be quiet, maybe a light breeze, and he is contemplating a calmness as looking over below. It is a path that takes many to places where they meditate and seek knowledge from the inner-self, a Higher Power consciousness, that literally encompasses the spiritual direction. Something that makes the spirit grow and become higher in belief and faith. It is a serenity event as sitting quietly and contemplating houghts as they come through the mind, and taking in the sights as they happen. A wondrous path set for the spiritual enlightenment one gets through meditation and a lesson from a Higher Power.

A Long Journey Ahead

Of the many ways one could go and find their path, they seem to be in disarray, becoming difficult to choose which path will produce the results needed for the spirit. As the trek meanders through the forest and into the valley, the distance is seen immediately far, the farthest one has traveled for the spiritual beliefs to be found. Shamans are prone to be filled with knowledge beyond their understanding, other than having the truths fed to them through a spiritual moment and lessons for even more growth set upon the spirit. They know of transcending within themselves for the placement of the blessings, lessons, and the mental strength to harbor the knowledge found throughout their journey. It is everything the profound initiative to bring intensity and even more growth to the spirit than thought possible. It is the mystical part of what one has learned. It is nearly impossible to comprehend the power one gains by incorporating the paths and events found along the journey's ability to bring deep inside the shaman's soul. Thus when the time arises the Shaman will bring themselves what is needed for healing ways of life. To promote their wealth of knowledge to whoever is in need...And it is a neverending journey.


You like yourself

You need to like yourself. I believe it is helping the way you go through life. When thinking badly of yourself, that is going to be taken outward to others to feel. The spirit was not brought up that way, it has a directive from a Higher Power. Your belief is brought through in your ways, if like yourself, that belief will show to others, people that are in your environment, you are loved. The spirit will come through you and then to people, they will believe if you are loved, so, they must be. You are and come far in life, you are made to be who you are from the beginning of the seed, that moment in the womb, you grow into the person you are. Some people do make choices that are not in their best interest, they do not like themselves. The road they are on is filled with hardships. The Higher Power is not felt in their lives. They resist the message from the path, into their spirit, to like themselves. They will not seek the way of what was taught them from the beginning, although, their environment may not allow.

You are different, you like yourself, the path lived is better. The environment you were brought up in was acceptable to your inner self, you liked yourself, then, and now. The Higher Power was evident in that bringing up. Life was different and the seed was born with the direction of love. It was made to be that way. You are different and life was shown to be that way. Some people did not get that same seed of life, they were not cut short of the direction, but did not have a chance from the beginning of living ways. The environment in which lived was tough, hard, they did not like themselves, their not to be at fault for that. The Higher Power was there for them and did its best to make them feel that. Always, knocking at the spirit for them to hear and feel. Some just never did get the road to move outward of the evil’s darkness. Choices made left them there forever and a day, the ending never was projected, they lived badly. Evil, the darkness, was not felt anything inside far from the spirit, the door was closed. They did not like themselves.

You like yourself, the door never closed because of that reason, from the beginning of your spirit. That path was derived from the Higher Power, you had the road of goodness, fighting the evil trying to get the darkness inside of your spirit’s way. Since liking yourself, that strength was far overpowering the darkness evil wanted you to follow. That love is projected through the environment, making you a different person. The road was not hard, difficult, had turns you were made to take with hardship, yet did so with the strength from the beginning. The Higher Power instilled the seed, your spirit, to like yourself. It took time, but you have come through with a direction to do so. It was felt inward, had some kind of feeling it was there. You like yourself.

Follow the road projected from inward and may take your entire life to do so, but liking yourself will make the trek somewhat less hard on the spirit. The road has been set, the way followed is up to you. The choice you make, as like yourself, will give the spirit a door open throughout your life. One stop at a time, the darkness cannot take it with you, thus, each choice, that stops, will be given a felt feeling of love. That flows outward to other people, they feel the spirit, your spirit, and the path continues within your environment. Battles are fought and do not concern your spirit, they will be won over and over again throughout your life. The darkness will not be felt inward to make the road take off the direction you were given to follow from the beginning. It is instilled because you like yourself.