Given the direction of the world as it is, somehow we have to come to some kind of calm and a feeling of togetherness. This seems to be hard for many people. I do not know why it is so difficult. If you go about and create negative talk, then negativity becomes transfered to the other persons spirit as well. It is a choice you make to allow it to transform itself into reality or not. If can remove the desire to accept negative ways of thought that promotes negativity then the outward feelings will instill to other people's spirit as well. The calm is a betterment of spirit. Allowing the spirit to go through life without so much calamity, brought on itself if negative. So, please try and make a difference with other people in mind and yourself, make calm and togetherness a way of life. 

You will find several perspectives in The Newsletter. Words that may bring some aspects of how writing can enter into the spirit and create a road with many avenues for the readers to follow. There within those avenues you may find wonderful reading delights taking the mind to far away pleasurable galaxies of imagination. I would enjoy your comments about the written ways within the Newsletter.


Bring Thought from Mind to a Realm of Reality

Volume 2 - Issue 24 - July 2024

Our journey to spiritual destiny takes us through many avenues of learning and seeking the ways of our spirit to grow through the Higher Power's touch upon our soul. He brings in the path needed for understanding the destiny values set for us to become spiritual. Through meditation and prayers, listening to the inner voice of reason for guidance will give the journey purpose and initially a dynamic belief how we will become a spiriual entity. He sets the peramiters of how the destiny progresses throughout your life. You need to become closer and find the path you need so the trek has very little distubances to cross. The road to spiritual growth is not an easy one to take. There are many obsticles one has to cross so as not to lose the path and leave the perpose of the destiny behind. The Higher Power has what is needed for you to keep on track, listening to His whispers inward gives the direction needed for the spiritual destiny to become a reality. Believe, have faith, know yourself and what you can do to be come filled with spirituality enlightenment.

Your Path and Spirituality

There are few spiritual people in our midst, who have decided to become religious. The path for them, maybe thinking being in God’s grace is saying religious instead of spirituality. Is the best way to explain that there is not a spiritual person but someone who requires belief and faith through being religious. Religion is like following what is to a realism of God’s path set for them. Spirituality has many forms of being close to God. A spiritual person can have the same desire for belief and faith, but different perspectives about God’s direction, and His lessons given through His way for clarity to become spiritual, not religious, although the path is much the same. Praying, reading the bible, and looking up different proverbs are all part of getting close to God’s way of being a religious person. All the above-mentioned ways to be close to God are designed to understand His lessons for belief and faith as the bible dictates.

Some people choose to be informed through spiritual beliefs found in the knowledge one gets as learning more about God’s way of being close to their spirit. Bringing belief in God through meditation and reading the bible (A bible with a better understanding of God, not with the hardened way of Kings James version). It is the preference of how the religion is brought through a person’s belief. Do they come to God for personal clarity and follow the ways of a church? Spirituality takes that concept much further. The church is the body, the learned aspects of God’s way are within the spirit’s spiritual paths along a journey designed by God for a closer intellectual conversation with Him. Finding out His purpose for you, one road leads to many avenues of life. Throughout those roads, the journey to find God’s lessons, and being spiritual is filling oneself with His love and knowing He is there for you through anything life may throw at you. A comfort that is far better than feeling religious, bringing God closer inward oneself for an understanding of wanting a real belief in God.

Spirituality is a way to bring the belief and faith learned of God to enter the ways of knowing God’s growth for your spirit. Learned aspects of God, what you are to Him, and the path set forth for God to be present for you spiritually. Lots of information beyond the bible’s capability. One must find a path where information about God is comprehensive enough to follow. The Bible explains in terms of religiously, not spiritually. being close to God. It all balances out through a person’s interest in finding the right direction for learning God’s way set for faith and belief, His many lessons about what you are seeking for God’s existence in your life. Are you believing God’s truth as you know it to be through the Bible’s explanation? Can there be more to God’s way of bringing His faith and belief to your spiritual journey? Both have the same answer, “yes,” because the result is determined by the information brought forth by God’s path. Love, faith, and belief in His ways for you to follow as described through the Bible’s interpretation, and the ways you find in how the spiritual sense from knowing His path is set before you. Lessons, or maybe even blessings, are given so one’s direction is fulfilled for the answers to be had. Biblically and spiritual knowledge will help in understanding the lessons brought forth throughout life’s journey, a quest of sorts, to find God’s way, being nearer in thought with God, so one may be given their truth about spirituality. How does it fit into their life, what does it do for the spirit’s growth about God? There is too much controversy or how to believe in God's way for one’s lifespan about being spiritual rather than religious, most people have a desire to be close to God in their way. Whichever choice you make God already knows the outcome…

Destiny Through One’s Existence

The truth of our existence comes from the research of many forms of written material. Those define the truth and keep our internal beliefs, the spirit’s way of learning who we are, a reality of one’s being. That definition of our realism we are produced by humanistic ways and growth is imminent until death. The Great Spirit made that a reality when the moment the spirit came to life within the womb. We will learn that when growing up, dissect it internally, and accept the path we were given till we die of old age. All that will be an imaginative degree set deep inward in our spirit. We know it is true but choose to not contemplate the idealism or realism, that our destiny, whichever that may be, comes through the Great Spirit’s design of our soul or being. At what point did that happen? When did we become humanistic and put together a soul for one’s life to begin its journey?

The choice is made when age-wise capable of doing so, and understanding with the mind what the choice is for and why making it at that moment in time. Carry our spirit in a different direction where the learning may or may not continue with it. If the choice is without a good direction, one that was provided by the Great Spirit, then the path will be chaotic and difficult until the mind understands it made a wrong choice. Then if one listens inward for the faint voice the spirit sends for guidance, a new journey will take place. All come to play if have faith and belief in your way of finding the Great Spirit and researching your existing dynamics of living life as see fit, going in the direction of being spiritually enlightened.

The path is set, you know what life will bring. Where you learn of being brought on the journey and finding more about yourself with the Great Spirit’s lessons so the road ends when life says it is so. Life is in the hands of God, the Great Spirit, and you take from it your destiny. A choice that was given so many years ago. Hopefully, the journey was fulfilled with the belief in the Great Spirit’s way of being spiritual and bringing the truth of yourself, freely, without difficulties, until the last breath of life.


This ia a must listen too. Eddie Pinero is brillant with knowledge and a path your spirit will enjoy. Keep the way you transform from one moment to the next. Going on a journey with him and keeping perspecgive of your life's path.

Get moving with your brain....

Lifestyle of Spirituality

Are you spiritually on the path where the door can be opened for your destiny to pass through and return with learning spirituality? One’s path has many doors, each with a teaching of how to be spiritually sound and mentally strengthened. By researching the truths in every realm you enter for the spiritual path set before you. Each one has a journey, and many are difficult to trek. Keeping the spirit strong through the tough times while on your journey comes from faith and belief in the Great Spirit’s given ways to follow His meanings for spiritual growth.

Destiny brought through the doors is a gift for your spirit to find meanings and understanding of the Great Spirit’s ways, His love for you, and anyone willing to follow the opened doors for His teachings. Most people have trouble understanding my words for the spiritual ways, how in their mindset the journey could be had without the Great Spirit’s lessons beyond the spiritual opened door, finding their destiny on their terms. It is not an easy task to find spirituality on your own. The hours spent reading and days, into weeks, then into months, should be defined by how the Great Spirit leads you through His opened doors so the journey is not a hard path to trek. There are many definitions for the mind to absorb, just as many reading materials to give the spiritual path a hard way to understand the result of becoming a spiritual person

The journey’s most probable hardship is connecting to the Great Spirit. The ability to hear His ways of thought is somewhat daunting at times, you have to be in the right frame of mind and know the Great Spirit’s belief in you. Your faith must be strong and allow the spiritual path you get in thought to lead your spirit on the right path. The Great Spirit will become a part of the truth you seek and may find early on, that the destiny has been set., Your journey can pass through the opened door and make its way through life, feeling better about yourself and what you have learned. Keeping the information easily available by prayer or some form of prayer, thus the message from the Great Sprot you receive is well understood. He has designed your way of thought for the spiritual entity to become a part of your lifestyle. Make the right choices on your quest to become a part of your spiritual love of life, through opened doors of spirituality you now understand…                

Moving Through Life

Moving through life is complicated sometimes. Everything done or tried to do could end up being a disaster. That is what life does for some people. Many more people go through their lives without much happening within the way it has for perspective. The perspective sometimes is beyond reality, lost, discouraged, and without a path. Which is too bad and is sometimes a burden for all that are part of their lives. They become heavy-shouldered and make life so much more lost in the way it is presented to them. There is hope if given the path a chance to become a perspective with substance in their life. The choices made are not so difficult if understand their way of life and how led. There are many factors to how life can become a road through life’s quest for the truth in making the right choices. Each part of the path has become a lesson in which the result teaches us the way through life is not so difficult. All one needs to do is believe in themselves and how the lessons take hold of their spirit. Moving through life with a more positive way of thought, and a better perspective.

The burden grows to be much less holding of the soul. Lesson after lesson thus becomes a way for the spirit to follow and growth in the soul is strength and the heaviness is less. The worldly ways are less emphasized to make the spirit better in perspective and learn the way of thought is not so hardened in the soul. Each day becomes better and the positive side of life is seen to be the way of life. All negativity is realized to be a false way of life and there are better ways to look upon our world. Far-reaching beyond the sadness and disgorgement. The soul will carry through the choices of whether to believe is truth or reality. The reality is it is happening and needs to be processed within the soul with the right perspective. Not allowing the spirit to drift away from a positive direction and making the road a lot more disheartening in thought. An understanding of what is happening and knowing the way of life has its difficult times. Moving through life with a straight yet compromised understanding of what is to be seen and felt. Lessons learned through the path shown.

And we move through life with how the road gives us perspective. It is a matter of what the mindset has for its direction, whether living with the way it is or becoming better educated to make changes in how one feels and processes living. The soul will handle your way of thought and show the meanings that need to be understood. Walk with an understanding of who you are and what life is bringing to you, be positive, grow from within, choices, and life will become a perspective of what you are to feel and live by.

Volume 2, Issue 22-  December 2023

The Valleys are Truth to His Being Alive

The drums are mesmerizing, and surreal, followed by the flute, so warming the spirit as the sound flows through your senses. The air is crisp yet comforting, there is so much to see visually. Majestic mountains and valleys of green, color found only from what a flower can produce. The Great Spirit lays all of what it can do before us, so the Spirit thus grows from His visionary sense. We, the humanity of what’s called a human being come forth through His touch amongst the foulage and waterways and down there in the valley. As follow the trail up a little higher there is a special lookout point. From the valley, and not the one so vast before me, but the many that pop up one after another past the valleys and over the hills

There, they have what His creation means. A truth to His existence and how He mandates the wonderment of life through the flowers, air, and water, and soothing the soul with everything seen and heard. The senses are enhanced by which His touch inward encompasses the soul’s wanting to be felt of His presence. As the path makes its way through the valleys, I have a feeling of euphoria. The vision is overwhelming to the point of literally creating the spirit to seek His truth, light of life, and relinquishing to His power of loving life as we all should.

I cannot progress any farther, so I stand and watch the valley’s movement. The Great Spirit brings His lesson to me as an avenue to others I may pass, I thus become a messenger of His wonderment. I will give the truth to His existence through what I have experienced. I am His creation, and then the darkened skies close this chapter, only to be opened by another day, and then another day, until I reach old age and someone else becomes the messenger. They too will pass through the valley of life as I have done. Another journey begins and far reaches the ways of His truth to so many in need of His lessons of life. The soul will know…

Take the time out of the day and reflect on what could be if given the message inward, for the growth only the spirit knows how to use, you, just need to be aware it exists and comes for your attention. Throwing outward the touch for others to follow as well...

Volume 2, Issue 21 -  November 2023

Desired Mentality

What a wonderment for the mind's senses. The music flows within the spirit and levels the tranquility so this moment becomes a passage for the soul to just listen to and grow from. The path takes many turns and passes the doors that open for the lessons to flow inward and give the spirit’s mindset for the soul to follow. Allowing the being to which it belongs to the journey through the spiritual valleys and find its way of trekking the living world.

The paths are aligned with the wonderment of flowers, lightly colored, tall, and short, some open into patches of grass where it would be easy to just lie down and let the mind wander. As time passes the journey is taking a much slower pace through each of the doors that present the lesson for that moment and time. carried for an eternity well within the spirit.

We all, well most people, want some kind of tranquility on occasion to lessen the effects of negativity found throughout the nation and world. There are ways through music, meditation with being quiet or a musical background, standing in the forest and listening to the pine trees sing does wonders for the spirit. I have done that for years and never forget the feelings flowing as standing there listening, when left it still brings a calm within so the day into the night is not lost to the negativity following me around wherever I may go.

There are spiritual aspects to fighting off the negative side of life. Using meditation and asking for the Higher Power’s touch upon the spirit has also a feeling of calm and throughout life will always help combat the darkened days. Prayer will help with the difficulties found to bring a burden set with the spirit feeling a heaviness on life’s way of living.

Take a moment of your time and find what is best for your adjustment for the spirit’s way to release the negative hold upon the soul.  Reach out through prayer and bring the Higher Powers' strength inward into your mindset. The path eventually becomes a way of life, and you will feel the difference negativity is seen through your mind, then doesn’t bring a heaviness on the heart for the way it makes you feel when it happens. An understanding of life, choices whether to keep the focus on such negativity or move on throughout the day with having a sense of quietness even amongst the city's noisy routine.

Adjust the calm and the spirit will follow for a desired mentality…


ENCHANTED WORDS ESSENCE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Enter The Realm




Democrats in Congress have had to scale back their legislative ambitions since last year, but the Inflation Reduction Act: and sent to President Joseph R. Biden Jr. for his signature.


Words for the Soul

A Blog, A Path, Enchanted Words (

A wonderment for the mindless ways

life brings to us all…
Even when time treats us not well, words always find harmony.


Enchanted Words

Writing brings with each word, each sentence, a portrayal of life found within a writer’s heart. Time is given through fantasy, imagination, or truth. A writer can only make happen with a gift, so given for your reading pleasure.

Words and Our Spirit

A short thought for the mindset, one which may show a path needed to understand what is read. Words of many truths or falsehoods. The words read are going to come through with an understanding though, they have the Holy Spirit's power of understanding inbetted inward for the spirit to have. One word at a time...


Words and Our Spirits

Crossing Seven Rivers

Sometimes seven rivers to cross, sometimes losing your way, sometimes night is darkness so long it seems forever. But if listen in the night’s air the path will come through. Sometimes…We all have the difficult times as if the seven rivers are seven roads through life. Sometimes…Then again the many nights that come and go, the living was found to be finalized with the spiritual driven ways of the light of life and bright for direction. He will be there for you. He will give you the road to follow out of the darkness of night. Sometimes…

He comes at His time frame. He will come, but within the daylight or nighttime. Having faith is the key to how His moment of time is found. Give yourself the relaxed moment and softness of the breeze across your checks, the air breathes so much sense of time and His love for you. And the road continues.
Seven rivers to cross. Each one is different from the other. One may be hard and difficult to cross. Another is shallow and easy to the other side and onward to the next river. Seven rivers to cross, seven more times to find His giving direction within your spirit filling with His love. It is almost contagious, you want to spread it, giving of your heart to others. Sometimes though, that is a hard thing to do. Not all want to receive the love you want to give...Sometimes. If persistent the breakthrough into their heart from yours comes at any moment of time, night or day, rain or storming, the touch upon their heart from yours comes through in a miracle feeling for them, all because of the Holy Spirit giving you His love.

And there you go again. down the road and crossing the seven rivers…

Words and Our Spirit

We have much to fix within our spirits. The reading of social media, normal Media in our Society, News Media on paper. They all bring negativity and falsehoods. Our spiritual path is also being challenged. It is very hard to get the real truths we look for in the printed media of our society. They are there when reading. the spirit helps to bring the truth through what you are reading. Words make their way, so you understand the truth is being read. This happens all throughout the days reading.

We as a society have many doors to walk through, following the roads that present themselves. Thos paths have a lot of lessons and understandings to make your way as comfortable as possible. Thus the readings can get to the spirit’s way of thought. Hard to believe these processes go as they should, the Higher Power has control and it is His way for your spirit to follow. Truth falls in place along the way…

Our spirits come with so many safeguards. Higher Power made sure we have the lessons and truths for our spirits to become informed through spiritual paths. There is always in the world of reading words, the written ways do not have the right truths for one to follow. There needs to be some way to bring the needs to understand the words and the reading is right or wrong. The spirit comes through with what you need. It is given what the mindset needs from the Higher Power. And has still the words to understand what is read. If that makes sense…


Read on, everything is covered through our spirit…

Being With a Positive Direction – In Your Way

As time goes on in these ways of life as known, the situation is slowly becoming a changing lived ways of dynamic circumstances. The spirit within ourselves seems to be more inclined to progress toward a definite positive and changing constantly in-out with faith. It is so hard to be spiritually positive in your way. Everyone has an opinion about what you should believe in, and who is the best leader in our country ( I have my belief who that is for me, and stand by it). Which way you should go to make a better life for yourself, how the way of spiritual belief is the right way. It becomes daunting at times, even depressing to some people it is so instilled by different types of media, Pastors (Some of which are wrong about what we should believe in), and friends, along with family members (And that is a major challenge in its self).

So, here we are, confused as usual, happy as can be but with a gut feeling all the time because of the negative rhetoric here and there, the disasters all over the world and within our country as well. But, take heed of what is about to be said, I have read what can for my learning of being more positive (Even under my ongoing health conditions), studied more about having faith in whatever Higher Power you believe in that would help in the direction for your path needed to be a betterment of self. I in no way have the qualified authority to say or tell you how to live your life and would not do so, this is just my opinion and what I think may help in some ways with your dilemma. Whether it means anything to you is your choice and I respect that choice.

Have faith, yes become more inclined to use prayers (In whichever culture you are in), and give some time to stop and meditate or be quiet someplace. Everything seen on the news is mostly negative but there are some good moments of positive action here and there. Depends upon which station is watched (I have some that I will not watch because of the lies – confirmed – misinformation about our Governments direction – confirmed – how life should be led, totally going in the wrong direction as well). Make choices based on the truths that are out there and understandable. Not what everyone wants you to believe in. Give thought to how prayer would help with those decisions. Some spiritual reading as well. You are in your way of belief and should use that for your direction with choices to help from being down, tired of the negative side of life, and just having some positive vibes to go throughout your day.


We all have what comes from within ourselves, those roads trekking life with choices hopefully are the right ones. Using those roads and avenues for learning, taking paths which bring understanding to what you want throughout life, keeping an even balance with you and what your spirit is capable of. The road in front of you may seem daunting, but taking the path that you know will make life down that road bearable comes through all the teachings presented from those avenues you have already gone down. That is what you want from reading, even writing down your thoughts will show a direction in which you may want to go at your speed, of course. Spiritual teachings from reading and prayers – do help. Keep at it, take time for quiet moments, pray as can, and give some thought to how your Higher Power comes into your life and picks you up when down and tired of those negative ways of life. Believe, keep the faith…

Moving Your Spirit

Take time for the entrance into your spirit’s way of holding onto your many roads of learned ways, all of which have significant meaning. Will allow your soul to become filled with the faith and belief needed to walk the life you want. As you make way through the avenues and paths found within your trek, the vision before you is an extroidanry image.

Move along the findings of your trek. Continue without any misconceptions you may have of the faith made stronger your spirit. The Higher Power has made a difference within your soul...He is there as the belief becomes existent deep into your galaxy of life.

The Many Ways of Truth


Whereas the road goes on and on, it is not seen what lies ahead, yet, as the road goes, there is something to follow for the spirit’s desired ending. The way of will has the road divided into many avenues of growth, yet there are passages of detrimental ways of thought as well. As time goes the avenues can give lessons of growth, knowledge, and depth of soul. The part where the soul learns and becomes a strength for the spirit to be given the path of many ways of thought for the mentality of the mindset to follow, and it does. The choices that make the path an easy target of spiritual destined lessons for the spirit’s path to also learn as well, is nothing short of a miracle. The site is wonderful, days into nights are filled with so much beauty, and the path is filled with one event after another. Some avenues are filled with buildings of colorful construction, another with fields so far and wide they seem endless commodities of colorful flowers for the mind to release its sense of fragrance and intake the flower’s scent.

And on down the road. More paths of flavored ways of heart, mind, and soul. The spirit has so many choices for the soul to follow and take upward to the mindset of one’s mentality. Why would the many ways of the avenue be so easily attained inward? Because the mindset is so set on being within the choices of right, and yet, the ways of wrong are so prevalent. The roads bypass all the dark ways of thought. The mentality of one’s mindset does not see the ways of wrong and darkness. The spirit does, feel the pull of choices where the darkness is strong and could sway the soul of one’s mental state. Living with the wrong choices and taking the wrong roads where lessons only mean harmful meanings to the mind. Time makes way for the spirit to fight off the truth of the soul, making the treks of many avenues the right way of thought. It is hard and difficult to do for the spirit has nothing to fight the darkness on some roads. The strength given is not there when needed. And the road continues.

The spirit is calling out to some Higher Power for help. The trek is becoming too much, the mindset is far-reaching the mentality of one’s lessons of righteousness. The darkness is winning the truth, the reality of which roads are best for the spirit to follow. Then the mental ways of one’s truth are misguided and filled with lies. The Higher Power knows of this common thought process. It is found in so many souls. Thus, the spirit has no defense in some avenues of darkness. There is found though when the time and degree of pain are felt in the heart, the path given to the spirit is thus blowing through the darkness. The living light prevails. The road becomes again alit with a direction of where the mindset of the one has finally known of the ending. Although it is nearly never-ending, time will make the spirit give what is needed for the paths and avenues filled with lessons of decent ways of thought, and choices, derived for an ending of truth. The Higher Power was always there. And the road will continue down its path of light, removing the darkness altogether.

The event was only a short time. The lessons of the spirit are given to the soul; thus, it is filled with the right choices so one can move on throughout life. As was directed from the beginning. Only the Higher Power knew of the ways of the spirit’s needed lessons, guidance, and belief. It was always going to be tough, and the ending is still in the works.

His Open Door

Speak with the Great Spirit, with thoughts of comfort, belief, faithful tokens toward other spirits in need of His healing and love. We, and most everyone, if together in thought for growth can overcome those so-called walls of difficulties. He will be inward for direction; all one needs to do is give yourself to His open door. A door always ready to open and give comfort. My faith is in tack, but the road I need can have many avenues that challenge that gift. I need to take time and allow the Great Spirit's door to open inward for me, thus making difficult times much easier to go through. Earth, water, fire, and wind, have lessons for us to follow. Balance is important between our spirit and each element of life's path. The Great Spirit, grandfather, and grandmother of life allow for each of us to learn how to make choices. It is the path's direction in our lives, there are the answers for belief and faith. Set upon our hearts the truth we need to live by. Many they are, but the Great Spirit comes through without any reservations. Just for you, and I, and the many out there in need of His touch upon the soul.


We need to take time for ourselves sometimes. When reflecting on the difficulties they seem hard to fix, yet when taken into the ways of spirit have all been resolved. There is the answer to accomplishing many obstacles. Belief and faith come with the spirit's lessons for living life. We all have some kind of balance, having the mentality to find it is the problem. Many do not have a clue, some do not care, addictions take away the door opened for faith and belief to come through their portal. Paying attention to the intuition and the way a spoken word comes through for direction, will allow your choices to be made without difficulties. Not that they won't be there, but the spirit brings what you need forward above the wall blocking your progression. Take time to relax, adjust your priorities, readjust your inner strength for future battles with any difficulties that may come with living life. Take time for yourself. It creates a balance between you and the ways spiritual growth works inward yourself. Eventually, the difficult times come and go. Have faith, belief, rejuvenate yourself, let the balance evolve so the roads of life have many avenues for good choices.

Set Before You Always

There inside the garden comes a movement. It shows itself through the flowers and bushes, somewhat, moving the bushes, flower stems, going here then there, as if a windy day.

Somehow you sense a strong feeling of despair, the darkness that may be trekking its way toward you, nothing seems to be seen as of yet, no clouds giving an indication something is there. Closer inch by inch, you take one step backward, as it does so.

The flowers are so beautiful, you would think whatever is there is just as wonderful. But, there again, it seems doubtful. Funny, the sense does have a rightful way, to believe in what may come this way, has a task to bring something of the righteousness, an all-encompassing grasp set upon the heart. As time passes, the waving to and fro, no movement is being made. Oh, the flowers and bushes are brisk in there wavering, but the sense of that darkness has faded

Continued: Next Column.

The Way


Oh, I love this path of righteousness,

every time it strikes my senses there are

no ways to exit the sensation

that comes over me.

Uplifting and the feelings Devine.

The path is well into my soul,

what a bowl of mixed emotions that overcome

the mighty way my inner self is delighted to feel.

The wheel turns and gives me many ways

to sense the sensation,

one time it shows the heart,

another time the spirit’s outward

giving to another,

it all comes back to me,

encompassing my soul for so many ways to feel,

how it is so determined to make

the heel of my own feet

swell with the filled flowing of blood?

Oh, it goes away in time,

but the sensation is not lost.

Nor is it displaced where it cannot be felt,

what a feeling for the soul to ponder.

The structure of the path is strong,

built for the mindset to encase

its powerful healing,

wheeling in what has shown direction becomes.

The Righteous of the moon,




and Wind.

It all comes to me for my love of it,

with all that I give for my eternal life, hereafter,

the path was given and shown to be

done in the soul.

Continued Next Column...

Continued: Set Before You Always

Maybe thinking of that wonderment, an enveloping, put inward the spirit for a short, fleeting moment, took away the feeling of something filling you with despair. It was beautiful in its way, yet, and although, only for a small second, the goodness came for the spirit’s embracing.

You stop and sit upon a rock. Bring in the moment’s time set just for you, there, inward your heart does the feeling fill you. The flowers and bushes are taking their way to make your spirit so enlightened. Giving a message of a wonderment set far, far, inside yourself,

Then, at this time, you understand the reason, an ever-encompassing feeling of faith. It was that which, became your comfort to withstand the fear. It was nothing of sorts you made it what it was, your choice in what the despair took away for comfort, to enjoy the wondrous moment surrounding you.

He understood what you needed, He became the light wind set across your cheeks, the greatness of removing the heaviness on the heart, He was your comfort, a destroyer of a false choice. The faith needed to be redirecting the path, where your spirit filled with knowing there was nothing, nothing but fear, going away and He comes to you for an endearing hold, set upon your soul,
forever giving nothing but the wonderment of the flowers and beauty set before you always.

Without Darkness of Soul

Has the night gone?

Where is the way of thought?

I brought the mind here,

how do I get back?

The sense of thought is filled

with may sights of the night,

ain’t it right to be so hardened?

The right of thought is harmed,

only ways of damaging direction

can be sought of thought.

How is this possible?

Mindset is not geared for this way

of the heart,

I know of my rights.

I have rights here in this way of mind.

Albeit I can sense the degree for living.

There is none.

The feeling of truth cannot be heard,

nor seen, nothing has a direction of thought.

I have no way to see the light of life,

too much strife,

too much dark matter, tense dialog,

if any to be had.

Dare I speak?

I am weak right now,

 and no one is here to listen,

oh, did I mention the hard thoughts,

those that make life so difficult to bear.

They exist for me to become powerless.

No belief if lose my way of thought.

What routes the harm?

I have no feeling of direction,

nothing is warm anymore,

nothing is filled with happiness anymore,

nothing is filled with love anymore.

I am lost…

And then it began.

Something in the air changed,

the thickness of the soul is not so heavy,

I have no thoughts of demise,

little wavy segments

of partitions with desired thoughts,

living with a mindset of happiness,

love, and warmth.

I prayed for something to change my ways.

From the lost and dangerous mentality,

some legality for the soul’s light of life,

the rite of passage,

a height of my spirit’s direction,

a perfection of truth.

And then it was there.

My path mentally is set in stone,

honed to a fine degree of sense

in how one must not feel so isolated, lost.

The road is coming to many avenues,

they all have one line of sight,

and it is right,

the truth is found from inward

the soul’s heard voice.

What choice is there and how does it matter?

I have the right,

the passage inward for loss of plight,

outward the night goes

and there is light for me to see.

Once, twice, thrice,

one after another, pole after pole,

in tune to my sense.

Light, right, and choice of the night.

I have the direction of perfection.

The time is now,

how will it begin?

When the night and soon the day become

close to each other, rather farthest apart

and filled with depth of darkness.

No longer lost,

no longer hatred is put first,

no longer filled with destined night and no light.

I have a right,

to passage and life of light,

the truth of my soul’s given direction,

it has nothing to fear,

my soul is stronger than the depth

so filled with darkness,

I have power over the choices,

voices are everywhere,

I have not been lost,

but finding the truth is why so little

of myself is becoming hardened.

No more for me to die by,

I have the spirit’s found strength for the soul,

I have the power to be anything I desire,

a rewire of mentality,

and it was from one moment.

And it is there again.

The road cannot be so lengthy,

I found the way it wants to go,

and a foe there is not.

Oh, woe is not the soul’s intention,

but heavenly found ways of loving all.

My trek with myself is the truth,

there is no sleuth, but for I have the way.

and it is without pity,

without being lost,

without the darkness of the soul.

and again, and again, and again…

Continued: The Way

Walking, walking, ever so much walking.

The path is for me relying upon the soul’s beliefs.

There the truth of my mind

will become the way of life.

Choices will make the path a reality,

divinity has a way for the mind

and soul to connect,

healing is the direction,

for mind,

the spirit,

my senses and ways thereafter for living life, choices.

Are there ways to become stronger?

Yes, if belief in the ways of the light,

brightness and powerful,

the inner sanction of truth from belief.

More and more it comes to me.

The fierce mentality of light is overwhelming,

my senses are filled with faith,


the walk is finally here to end,

and what amending of my soul.

I have learned.

Earning the lesson of life,

directed by the soul,

seen within by the sign of living,

it is my directive for truth

The way is finalized,

and I live with the light of life, His.



We, as of humanity, come built-in with a spirit. The direction it takes can be governed by one: the Great Spirit, two: your choices, and three: an environmental existence of living(upbringing). And may well be all three but not in the order it presents. Choices make up most of how we go through life. Some follow religiously(however that may be), only by the way of their God(whoever that may be), and have at times difficulties with the choices they make. Because the teacher was so given at the time, their opinions, not all as the ways of true spiritual growth. When followed, the truth, given from the Great Spirit in His ways for you to hear, can be for your choice with a direct path the spirit needs to exist, and evolve, for you. It may not come in your time frame but it will be intertwined with the needed direction you so desire.

Belief, faith, and strength are a part of our makeup. Humanity was created with those avenues the spirit follows for what living presents in that life. Living as one does, making choices as one will, in the manner of whatever his or her makeup allows to exist for them. We are what we believe in, have faith in some way, and are always filled with a strength that may or may not be available when called upon, yet surprisingly is given when needed. He designed us through His way for humanity to get through life, as will be done. Free will, yours, mine, ours.

Be positive, it goes outward from your spirit to others. Try to give of yourself when seem needed, it gives the spirit an inner comfort. Go through life knowing the world, even under the circumstances, it presents itself, troubled, conflicts, sadness. Can be taken down a road where the end comes with belief, faith, and strength, we all need to be provided by our spirit. Yet, the spirit shows a never-ending avenue where we can get past the heaviness on our shoulders, and overcome our fears, it will get better, healing as time goes on because time never ends, until death due part.

Many Roads of Life

It is always a good idea to have one main road of thought when going through life and its many tribulations and difficulties. When I got through those difficulties, why is it that I cannot progress far enough to get what I want? Seems that we all get caught up in that rut, a place when everything is fine yet having a deep desire there is more that should be done to progress through life’s ways of living. The road becomes filtered with many avenues where each is taken to give or take what you need for your journey. They have such an abundance of wealth for the spirit to progress with but always hit a wall where it seems impossible to cross. Some people just rely on their learned ways and move through life bouncing from one wall to the next. We all can do better than that.

So, let us become a little more concerned with those walls. As we move to set the motion in play, a sign for our spirit to believe it all is possible, takes some personal prayer times. Maybe you are not into that, maybe you need to be cognitive to your thoughts, listen for direction from a Higher Power, your belief system that seems to work for you. We all have something internally that makes us who we are for strength. You may not know of it, but it exists.

As the days go by and you give meditation and/or prayer, they become encompassed within your spirit. Moving you to a point where the walls are not so difficult as thought. The vision you perceived was just that, an imaginative thought process where you became less of confidence and strength to pass through those walls, rather climb over. Perception is always given through the spirit, or spiritual outlook, so there are no missed ways of thought. The path of choices is made with confident ideals, a direction that was always there but lost to your mentality of failure. That is what the enemy wants from you, failure. Never progressing your way through life, again, keeping more difficulties to pass than tribulations.

The walk of life will still give many avenues and paths which will be filled in abundance with difficulties. Through your learned avenues of truth, made partly from prayer and meditation, the choices made walk the line of faith they do not exist. Difficulties that are. Take a drive into the forest, find a path to somewhere that makes you want to stop and be comforted with what you are seeing and listening to. Take in the songs of the trees as the wind blows through them, the birds singing their touch upon your soul. The brush takes its movement as silent mentions of grace. Give thanks for how the road of life has become filled with many tribulations, fewer difficulties. Then walk on, walk on.