And the Beginning moves Right Along…

I hope you enjoy this realm of the written way. Please remove the difficulties of everyday life and enter with a relaxed feeling. The journey through this galaxy of the mind may enlighten the soul’s potential in many different ways. Writing expresses from inward the writer’s spirit a particular path; you, the reader, only need to experience that mental vision by reading the first word, from the first page, of a written piece.

We all have our galaxies, those innermost places where a vision becomes an imagined way of thought. Many artists allow that depth of spirit to meander far inward the mind through an expressed perception, so their art’s existence lives amongst the world’s eye for recognition. We are bringing an emotion through what may or may not be perceived as truth. The journey is then set and the result for your mind’s image is as allowed to be. Embrace this reading domain, and hopefully, you will come back for more.

As trekking the moments of my words take to the soul, an evolution of sorts where imaginative ways of thought are there for your enjoyment...

Run, Running, From Evil

Run, running, I must not stop. I push the branches and larger limbs out of my path, the feeling of losing is near, and evil has a hold of my senses to make my mind see things that are not real. At each turn of the path, I have to decide whether what I am looking at is a reality or mindless lies from evil. Run, running, I must do, to gain the power from the Great Spirit so evil can be defeated, a mere image of desolate grounds with evil whaling his demise. But I must reach the peak, the highest and best place to consume the Great Spirit's strength. Time is of the essence. Run, running faster, closer to my destiny, and then evil stands in my pathway, no more than two feet from me. He is an enormous figure of an entity that only he can present. I am fearful, yet, some inner strength is felt and I attack evil with nothing but the power of God Himself. The skirmish was fierce, again, and again, I told evil to leave my space and remove himself from our worldly ways. Each hit was from the strength of God. Evil had no chance. Down he went, whaling and whining, becoming the lone entity found in our lives, and slowly fading off to his demented mindset.

Run, running, for freedom has been done and needs to be told to everyone in passing. The days are bright with the light of life, His beaming pronounces His existence for our spiritual ways of mind. We shall be filled with belief and faith, thus the path is open to follow His blessings set upon us as time moves on.

The beast attacks once again. He is powerful and does not have any intention of losing this battle with the wizard, not today.  The wizard is bombarded with fire, pummeled time after time, yet will not back down and will kill the dragon. He gets ready for the dragon to swirl and move into a fighting position, diving with power and speed. The wizard took his magical shaft and pointed it straight at the dragon, but this time a special chant was murmured under the wizard's breath. The shaft turned into a special conduit of light and a powerful ray. The dragon reared back and took the ray at full force, exploding into thousands of pieces. The wizard stood at the edge of the mountain's path and followed the dragon's pieces through the air, falling into the valley below. And never having to fight this dragon again...

The Angel’s Redemption

She is kneeling and looking at the image before her, there, on the wall, is a part of her life. The moment she was given life, far beyond what we imagined it to be. At that instant of time, she became the living specimen of humanity, an angel for the worldly ways brought through for the purpose only the mortals who believe in her and pray to make her their guide through life, can make happen. She has no regrets, nothing to keep her from being any less than she is. But, she has defied God and did not do what He wanted her to fulfill. The path He so desired for her to make happen was an enormous task and would have killed hundreds of human beings. She did not understand that if did not do what God wanted the deaths would have been so extreme, that there might not be any souls left for His ways of spiritual destiny. The love would have diminished. God had other angels to make the deed happen as per His instructions. It was one...

Her head was bowed, feeling denounced as an angel. She knew if went to God for forgiveness He would most likely remove her as an angel, become someone lost on earth, a wandering less of a humanistic being. She was summoned...

The walk was a long one, in realism a mere trek but she was heavy with remorse. It only seemed longer than usual. God was standing in the garden he normally meanders and makes weary decisions about His kingdom. She slowly walked on the path that went to the center of the garden. Kneeled before God and began to show tears, which angels do not do, feeling so very bad.

"I'm so sorry Lord, the Great Almighty, I am humbled at your feet for forgiveness."

"My Lilly of life, you were forgiven the moment the decision was heard of you not doing as asked. I am God, I love you, and the people of the world wherever they may be. You are strong with my beliefs and make my heart fill with warmth, a reality of your existence. I have forgiven you, my dear."

She looked at God in amazement, and could not believe her fate as it was presented to her from Him.

"Oh Great Lord, how must I redeem myself for the shame I have brought upon myself before you? I will take any punishment you hand to me for my decision."

God said, "My angel, the only punishment going to be given is for you to grow from this experience, and learn that there are going to be harsh and difficult decisions to be had as an angel."

She stood and told God, "I have the strength to make decisions, from you oh Lord, the millenniums ahead will not deter me from doing what is right."

They both walked slowly toward the garden's center and without speaking to each other knew they had an understanding. The angel went on throughout the timeless ways of her existence and never again defied God. She was His angel and did everything as any one of the angels would do for His love and compassion. And the people throughout the world, Earth, were forever touched through prayers she heard from deep within their spirits.











You Like Yourself

You need to like yourself. I believe it is helping the way you go through life. Maybe if think badly of yourself, that is going to be taken outward to others to feel. The spirit was not brought up that way, it has a directive from a Higher Power. Your belief is brought through in your ways, if like yourself, that belief will show to others, people that are in your environment, you are loved. The spirit will come through you and then to people, they will believe if you are loved, so, they must be. You are and come far in life, you are made to be who you are from the beginning of the seed, that moment in the womb, you grow into the person you are. Some people do make choices that are not in their best interest, they do not like themselves. The road they are on is filled with hardships. The Higher Power is not felt in their lives. They resist the message from the path, into their spirit, to like themselves. They will not seek the way of what was taught them from the beginning, although, their environment may not be allowed.

You are different, you like yourself, the path lived is better. The environment you were brought up in was acceptable to your inner self, you liked yourself, then, and now. The Higher Power was evident in that bringing up. Life was different and the seed was born with the direction of love. It was made to be that way. You are different and life was shown to be that way. Some people did not get that same seed of life, they were not cut short of the direction, but did not have a chance from the beginning of living ways. The environment in which lived was tough, hard, they did not like themselves, their not to be at fault for that. The Higher Power was there for them and did its best to make them feel that. Always, knocking at the spirit for them to hear and feel. Some just never did get the road to move outward of the evil’s darkness. Choices made left them there forever and a day, the ending never was projected, they lived badly. Evil, the darkness, was kept far from the spirit, the door was closed. They did not like themselves.

You like yourself, the door never closed because of that reason, from the beginning of your spirit. That path was derived from the Higher Power, you had the road of goodness, fighting the evil trying to get the darkness inside of your spirit’s way. Since liking yourself, that strength was far overpowering the darkness evil wanted you to follow. That love is projected through the environment, making you a different person. The road was not hard, difficult, had turns you were made to take with hardship, yet did so with the strength from the beginning. The Higher Power instilled the seed, your spirit, to like yourself. It took time, but you have come through with a direction to do so. It was felt inward, had some kind of feeling it was there. You like yourself.

Follow the road projected from inward and may take your entire life to do so, but liking yourself will make the trek somewhat less hard on the spirit. The road has been set, the way followed is up to you. The choice you make, as like yourself, will give the spirit a door open throughout your life. One stop at a time, the darkness cannot take it with you, thus, each choice, that stops, will be given a felt feeling of love. That flows outward to other people, they feel the spirit, your spirit, and the path continues within your environment. Battles are fought and won over and over again throughout your life. Do not concern your spirit. The darkness will not be felt inward to make the road move off the direction you were given to follow from the beginning. It is instilled because you like yourself.

This, we can be...

Missing the mark, the steps we follow sometimes can be misleading. Trekking along the road of life and getting off-track is not hard to do. Up ahead is a turn, as coming out of it there are two roads, one goes up and another goes down. One sign says "Follow at your own risk". Which way do you go? If the thought to go up arises, is it because you think it means to advance upwards in life? On the other hand, your thought to go downward brings a path where it may be a balance of both. Getting what want in life and moving upward for advancement. There lies the problem. The mark was made, you missed it though. Choices, too many, and without guidance. Use the spirit, listen for the direction. Relax and get the choice needed. Taking either road would have been okay. Life will come to you as it is, one step at a time. This, we can be...

Getting Back Up

17 Oct 2021 15:08

Adversity hurts, but when turn it around the world opens up, becomes the walkway into many aspects of what life is. Very clearly, it is a trek not without difficulties. One path makes life undaunting, a never-ending way of relentless possibilities where the result cannot be anything that is, obstacles. Another path gives direction but has nothing to make it growing within yourself. Even if are believing your ways are true, that path gives birth to a nothing, just that, a nothing. No one lets you know how well you are doing, they’re lost as much as you. Sometimes a path can make life a little better, the worst seems to be behind you, the way is convincing enough for comfort. Yet, the horizon awaits. There, it takes your inner-self and lets you know the water is rising, slowly, the difficulty is on its way. You feel it. That feeling does not disband throughout your life. Always making you restless, refusing to move ahead. Even when given a chance.

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Words and Our Spirit

15 Mar 2023 08:14

We have much to fix within our spirits. The reading of social media, normal Media in our Society, News Media on paper. They all bring negativity and falsehoods. Our spiritual path is also being challenged. It is very hard to get the real truths we look for in the printed media of our society. They are there when reading. the spirit helps to bring the truth through what you are reading. Words make their way, so you understand the truth is being read. This happens all throughout the days reading.We as a society have many doors to walk through, following the roads that present themselves. Thos paths have a lot of lessons and understandings to make your way as comfortable as possible. Thus the readings can get to the spirit’s way of thought. Hard to believe these processes go as they should, the Higher Power has control and it is His way for your spirit to follow. Truth falls in place along the way…Our spirits come with so many safeguards. Higher Power made sure we have the lessons and truths for our spirits to become informed through spiritual paths. There is always in the world of reading words, the written ways do not have the right truths for one to follow. There needs to be some way to bring the needs to understand the words and the reading is right or wrong. The spirit comes through with what you need. It is given what the mindset needs from the Higher Power. And has still the words to understand what is read. If that makes sense…

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As the World Turns

10 Sep 2022 15:46

One thing we know the spirit never rests. It takes what is needed to make your mentality right-minded and give you inspirational voices. It is your choice while meditating or a quiet place you enjoy going to for the inner voice. Some people never get it, never believe the existence of what it means. The Higher Power is the same way but has a different approach to how He is in your spirit and soul. We all have some beliefs, many are with The Higher Power trilogy, some have their way of being spiritual, and many just do not believe altogether. To each his or her way. I have my spiritual path set and follow the roads with many avenues for lessens and a direction for self. One must begin the trek of belief in the truth of existence for their spiritual living ways.As the spirit gains the many lessons within the avenues, it does gain just as your mentality does if walk amongst the ways of living. Choices need to be done whether right or wrong the result is when the truth is found, then the path is set for you to follow. Some are misled by their choices. The spirit is howling its dissatisfaction with the choice. Which begins the wrong path and destruction of your soul. Evil will step in and your life is miserable. Your spirit knows and will keep you on track in your journey through life with the right choices being made. This comes with your quietness and meditation and/or prayer if you so choose.So, as the world turns so does your spiritual path. It is always there for your spirit to trek and gives you what choices need to be made, right or wrong the spirit will keep you on track if have belief and faith. One step at a time…


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The Safe Road to Life

11 May 2022 03:52

The road is long, hard, and filled with so much strife. I long for the finding of what it all means. The beginning was so many happy moments and the road began with one thought, to make it everlasting and filled with the heart’s desire for love. Then, the darkness began, it was slow, methodical, and very intense in making a way to shrink the devotion of faith I had. I do not know why it was meant for me, I do not know why it took my love away. The road is so long, so dark, it has no life within it. All it is, the immense of it all, I do not see anything but strife. Suffering, along with mine, is all there is. The way is but one, ending it all. My life will take nothing to succumb to its existence. For what is there to live for, isn’t it what the darkness wants?Oh life, where did you go? As I kneel, on my knees, it comes to me. A faint talk inward myself. Do not succumb to its way, for I am with you, always. Over and over, the words make way. So softly they say, over and over, “For I am with you”. Where did I hear that before? And the darkness feels heavy now. It knows there is something I am pondering on instead of it. I must not let the dark make way for my spirit to forget everything. A piece of my soul must hang on to those faint words of life. Down the road, I go. Passing avenue after avenue of death, massive ways for people to become monsters, turning on one another. They have no faith. Wait, where did I get that word? Again, “For I am with you”. Coming oh so faintly inside me. I must keep walking, seemingly become the heaviness of darkness upon me, and not let it know otherwise, something is giving me hope.I have not thought of making it the last days of my life. This road of darkness makes me think there is nothing out there but it's taking my spirit away from me, demanding nothing but strife and horrible ways of life. They exist for the only reason to break down society. Yet, something seems to be coming through me, somewhere it may lay, waiting, for a moment in time to give the message it wants me to hear. Hope is the word of the day, that one time of strength seems to be so far off from itself, that the road has nothing but time to diminish it. I know better. The faint words still are there. All I need to do is listen.The darkness is light now, it is elsewhere. I kneel, come to me oh thou words of life. And then it happened. The words were loud and forceful, “For I am with you, always”. Listen to the sound of strength within you, find the path outside of the road of darkness, and become someone of faith again. I am here for you, find the faith, it is a perilous maneuver, yet something you can do for there is strength in the word of light, blessings there are, fight the darkness with my words of strength, for they are there for you, the light of words will make the time taken seem so short. Feel the darkness rescind itself, feel the heaviness of pain, strife, and horrible ways on a road that does not exist except in the mind. I am unearthed, as I heard only in the mind. I was taken to the darkness by my mind? I let my indulgence remove me from love and happiness. There in the mindset I become less hardened, fight the darkness of evil, through words that come to me so faintly, now I take them in with strength behind them.The road is beginning to seem less dark, strife not so much seen unto me. It was me, myself, the spirit dwindled because I had not listened to what the word faith was. How if every day I use that word, with belief, and find the road of life with love, like before, not demand of myself the ways of darkness. Slowly and methodically, I soon become when once I was before. The real turning point was with the faintness of listening to my love of the Higher Power. I had that taken away from me. As kneeling at that one moment, the words boomed within me. They were always there for me. It took what the spirit had to give me, what it would not let happen, to remove myself from this existence. There inside I had the words of wisdom. The real meaning of belief and faith is, “For I am with you, always”. He is the way, listening to His words is the light of life’s road to happiness, not darkness. The Higher Power has nothing but love for me. I was lost, in my mind, and there was nothing I thought could be done.My days now are filled with love. The many roads of difficulties, if taking the words of life and living within myself, the road will always have a smooth way about it eventually. Because the time of faith wills itself within me to be ever so cautious of what can happen if falter again. It will always be there just as will the light of life. The road will take me down those heavenly ways, giving of each other, finding the darkness amongst the people, removing it, and making hope the word of the day.Hope, faith, belief, and little words are the power behind the big words. Love, happiness, humbleness, truth, thus there are never-ending ways to make the road a beginning and an ending for the light of life to be seen and felt. The slow and warm feeling of love. The words of His, are the light of life, and the road’s design for living with love, taking it always with you.“For I am with you, always”, yes, it is true, even when the night of darkness succumbs to strife. There amongst the hardened times of the soul shall He be, always. Darkness is not the end of the beginning, always it will be ever a layer found within yourself and it seems to be engulfing you with grief. Yet, when putting the light of life before you, the ways of His is not so far-fetched, or lost. Words so faintly put have the power to make it a truth, faith is there for you. His touch upon the soul is not lost or will not falter. He is the light. He is the way. The road of life can be held within so hardened and safe, He will always be there, always. “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am”.

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Ming, the Chinese Girl

Oh, what a sight as she moves with the graceful slow wind bellowing her white gown, making it look as if she is floating across the floor. The path within the forest is not difficult one to trek from beginning to end. She makes it so wonderful as walking along, touching the flowers as she does, little puffs of dust when each foot touches the earth. She is a Chinese girl on her way home from a long day of working with the family business. The forest she passes through gives her some mystical and surreal feelings throughout the night. I was lucky this walk I was on crossed her path and we began a conversation. She is a little shy, myself in a small way, we keep the pace and follow the path out of the forest into a small village. A few people look quickly at us, making her aware of us together and knowing some people will not approve. But we stay together and keep to the small path through the village to her home. I asked her if she would be walking tomorrow at the same time, I got a smile and she said yes.

I then said the walk tomorrow would be just as nice as today. She agreed and slowly shut the door. Needless to say, my night was floating on air, and barely got to sleep. The morning brought chores and errands. I made sure the walk through the forest would coincide with Ming. Again she looked ravishing and her gown flowed so wonderfully. Ming slowed up and said hello, I acknowledged back and we sat on some rocks talking for a little while. Her life was not entirely difficult but there were some challenges to be had. I explained my life was good and although not in a rich way like having money, I was rich in spirit. Ming mentioned about spiritual paths and how she gives thought when walking through the forest it helps her grow more spiritual. I understood her completely, my spiritual path comes to me in so many forms, lessons found every day as going from one place to another or the forest walk itself always brings the spirit some learning about spiritual wonderment. I explained that to Ming, and she laughed a little and agreed with me, about having many forms of spiritual growth to learn.

Ming said it was time to go home, her parents were not happy coming home so late and walking with me. We began the forest path into town, enjoying the valley and flowers, talking all the while. On the third day, Ming was not there as I walked to meet her. I waited for a couple of hours and asked some people if they had seen Ming. Nobody did. I walked to her home and knocked on the door, her father answered the door. I asked if Ming was at work today and if not would she be there tomorrow. Her father explained Ming would not be walking home from work again. She decided to work in China, at their other store. It was a quick decision and she left last night after coming home from our walk. I was devasted and asked if she mentioned me or left a note of some kind. He said no, and I then got a little angry. Demanded why he sent her away. He said there was not going to be any discussion about it and slowly closed the door.

I walked the forest path every day thinking of Ming, her flowing gown, and our talks together. There wasn’t a day that went by as I trekked the path, to her village and turned around to head back home. All the while thinking of Ming…

Your Galaxy’s Road

Sometimes the world affects our spirit. The chaos and mayhem, rhetoric, misleading falsehoods, all that the world has to offer seem to be lost. Go someplace quiet, relax, breathe calmly. You can find an outlet where your spirit can evolve beyond all the difficulties the world wants to give for your negative ideals. Look inward for some direction from what I call a “Galaxy”. Now, that being what it is to me(metaphorically), understand the path and everything you get for your spirit’s direction is coming from a Higher Power. It is called what you may, I lean toward the Creator, The Great Spirit, The Heavenly Father, the Galaxy’s actual creator.

As sitting and relaxing, clearing your mind, take a walk within and find your Galaxy. Listen for the direction of your spirit, the road to the inner-self. There are many avenues, all good, you may have a choice with. Hopefully, your choice will make as being present with the Galaxy’s mindfulness, of faith and belief. There you will be in tune with the fight against all the negativity trying to make your life so difficult, spiritually in some ways. When coming back from your quiet place, stay relaxed, just accept what your spirit has grown with. Leave the world’s difficult ways and become a better person, having your faith and belief carry you far outside the misleading direction. Enjoy your discovery.

Looking up into the night sky, which may bring some solace as well, there the real galaxies exist. That in itself is far from what metamorphically is. The Great Spirit created that awesome view. It has many avenues itself, each galaxy presents its ways through the visual presentation of a telescope. All connecting in some way by following stars, pointing here and there, thus finding the desired galaxy. You also have the same avenues inward your spirit. A Galaxy of spiritual growth.


Take a Walk
Down Your Path

When we go throughout life’s daily living ways, many aspects to how the choices you make will incorporate within the living dynamics. How do you come to grips with what choices need to be made? Well, that depends on the situation. Do you make those choices by yourself? Are there ways to use the community, as in family, partners in business, friends, and going into the spiritual thought for answers? You know many decisions can be made from all of the above or a few, it can be overwhelming though. Giving the opened door from within your spirit, a knock creeping into your mindset, can be helpful in any situation. There amongst the different avenues, the door opens up to, can be found everything needed to get the right choice made. The information given from other resources may be helpful. but there are going to be ten different answers, from ten different people. Eventually one or two may align with your way of thought, a direction in making the right choice. Along with those thoughts, you may use the opened door for an extra direction for the “right” choice. It resides inside one or many avenues of thought. And it doesn’t take a long trek to find what you are looking for. In a millisecond the answer will come up, just need to listen from where inside it resides the spirit.

Take a walk down your path. Adjust the thoughts that come and go as passing the different roads. Any or all may be the one needed for your choices to be made during your daily living. Each day has its challenges, those trials, yet when have the right dynamics given from inward your spirit’s opened door, the choice has a way to manifest into the right path taken; a tribulation of thought.

Crossing Seven Rivers

24 Mar 2023 12:40



Love Does This for Us

17 Apr 2022 01:29

What does love do?

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7 Dec 2021 04:10

Rarely on the micro-level we as humans, and has humanity, listen to what the words are trying to say inside. Oh, many go about life thinking their ways are followed from what choices are done, and true to where headed. But really, there is a message given from well within our spirits many doors. Opening on occasion to give thoughts and direction, from some far-away universe of power only exists for us. Call it what you may, that Higher Power is there for all, built into us from the beginning of our life’s heartbeat. Anyway, the reality of the mindset is done with choices, but if listen for the right message to help make those decisions, taking the ideas and giving them life. That is the truth behind the micro thoughts for one’s designed life trek. Taking the road where there are fewer barriers because of knowing the choices are right, made of powerful words of wisdom from inward your soul.

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Worst Case Scenario

27 Nov 2021 11:22

Here is the view; you sitting there looking out into the world and thinking the road you need to take for the life wanted is there, and that is the way it ends. Not only are you losing the fact you are capable to move out there and becoming what you want is possible. But the far-reaching thought you are capable to make it happen without any other thinking is not the path possibilities accepted. Each step is taken with confidence and direction. Siting there is losing that option in life. It has no way to get growth for your living ways, and know you can do it. Sitting there and triggering the abstinence it becomes to stop the light coming through.


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Loving When Hard To Do

9 Nov 2021 13:59


Are you worthy of the journey? Can you break out of the box you placed yourself in? Loving is hard to do when one can not allow the spirit to be alive with a character of belief to move forward. Step into the path where you can let go and become the person of who you used to be. Worthy of knowing the love is there. Whether for someone, or something, an animal, family, it is sometimes difficult when knowing how they treated you. How life treated you. Where obstacles got in your way and you let them be there without going past their walls. You need to believe in yourself and the positive and negative are a reality to pass or gain, the negative voice is not there, loving becomes an easy way to live. Not having the road without a difficult path, but getting past the way you love someone else. You choose the given spirit's way of putting yourself out into the world of love and giving it to someone. They then feel that love, have you inside of their spirit for love to live with them, and you, together love makes it real. The journey takes a path with choices of loving ways, living throughout life together, right now is when matters, giving love to each other. How did that happen when lost the faith in yourself? Felt inward of nowhere to go and how love even existed for you. When young, there is love easily because of being innocent and how love is processed from feeling it just is, how life is in an environment you loved. Some do not have that feeling now or young. They were beaten down, hated life, growing up was difficult, and hated being you without having love. But if given the path to change the way living is done, get outside the door and create living a different way. Love comes in and lives with you, getting the spirit to learn how it needs it. Another person may feel the same, and you find them. Together you and them, each unto themselves with love, and the path is set. Sometimes life comes in ways that all of a sudden there is a loving way to follow and the result is togetherness. Meaning of life is known to be those past the walls, past the difficulties, giving of yourself. Learned from the spirit you are someone of worth. Your journey is made to be in loving ways. Your potential is defined into a reality of living with greatness, believing you are worthy of that pursuit of love.Onward the road becomes a way to follow with knowing how brave you were to get outside of your locked door. Each day was hard, but, now, know it was meant to be as it is. Love was not given in ways you were expected. You got past the door of locked life. Outward the road took you past those refusing to gain in love at all. Self-improvement was not available. You did get past those times and became a wonderful person giving of love, receiving of love, the spirit and soul are one with you. Inside the mentality of having lived difficult ways, the crossroads were trying to make you perceive yourself as something you weren't. The struggle was something turning into what you decided to receive, love, being the person it can be of themselves, love in your favor, did not stop being someone of importance. The walk becomes easier being outside on the road. Loving the path, the seeing of life as it is for you may be hard and harder, but the road takes you along with love. Then all of a sudden you meet someone, it is on the same road of life as you, how was that possible? Love comes in the oddest times. It is not that hard when given for the spirit to open up and accept it, no matter what is happening around you in life. Love is always there, not seen or felt, but all of a sudden it becomes a part of you.The road you walk is then done. Love has come into your spirit. Life is what it is, you are who you are, boundaries do not exist anymore. Onward down the road, you fought so hard to get past the door of life, when you have come into living ways of love. You have experienced the lessons learned, loving the way life is now, love is inward you. The road does not end, you found your way, love has been there and you found it. It is a part of you.

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Onward With Your Endeavor

We go through life with many factors geared for the betterment of ourselves. Well, most do, have run across some that want to make others just as miserable as themselves. They rely on falsehoods shoved at them through many outlets, mainly anybody that thinks as they do. Some people will go on and on with their rhetoric about how the Government does nothing for them, anything that gives truthful information is not to be heard by them. Their mentality is nothing short of delusional, in some respects, it seems so anyway

I just go through all that negativity with keeping it removed from my spirit. Sometimes I have to remark on Facebook, but find myself backing away from even posting anything. Other than writing words of positive nature, photos with words, photos, something that may be a betterment toward someone's spirit. Along with my own.

The more we become complacent of the fact people out there need some kind of wordage, words are powerful commodities, something uplifting. Society will not grow with more people geared toward the betterment of themselves. Move away from the negative, falsehoods, and rely on the power of your inner spirit. There you will find the road where everything needed was always right there.

I am spiritual, so will not get into a religious rant. You just need to calm down, listen inward for the direction given from a very far outside entity. When getting relaxed, quiet, and breathing slowly, the moment will arise with some wonderful inspirations of faith. Knowing you have the strength to get past the negative avenues of life and follow the right roads where your spirit keeps growing with positive beliefs.

Oh, there are many roads, but when feeling the pull in a direction that will give lessons and teachings, you will take all that you can get.

Onward with your endeavor...

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We, as of humanity, come built-in with a spirit. The direction it takes can be governed by one: the Great Spirit, two: your choices, three: an environmental existence of living(upbringing). And may well be all three but not in the order it presents. Choices make up most of how we go through life. Some follow religiously(however that may be), only by the way of their God(whoever that may be), and have at times difficulties from choices they make. Because the teacher was so given at the time, their opinions, not all as the ways of true spiritual growth. Which when followed, the truth, given from the Great Spirit in His ways for you to hear, can be for your choice with a direct path the spirit needs to exist, evolve, for you. It may not come in your time frame but it will be intertwined with the needed direction you so desire.

Belief, faith, strength, are a part of our makeup. Humanity was created with those avenues the spirit follows for what living presents in that life. Living as one does, making choices as one will, in the manner of whatever his or her makeup allows to exist for them. We are what we believe in, have faith in some way, and are always filled with a strength that may or may not be available when called upon, yet surprisingly is given when needed. He designed us through His way for humanity to get through life, as will be done. Free will, yours, mine, ours.

Be positive, it goes outward from your spirit to others. Try to give of yourself when seem needed, it gives the spirit an inner comfort. Go through life knowing the world, even under the circumstances, it presents itself, troubled, conflicts, sadness. Can be taken down a road where the end comes with belief, faith, and strength, we all need to be provided from our spirit. Yet, the spirit shows a never-ending avenue where we can get past the heaviness on our shoulders, and overcome our fears, it will get better, healing as time goes on because time never ends, until death due part.

The Many Ways of Truth

3 Apr 2022 13:44


Whereas the road goes on and on, it is not seen what lies ahead, yet, as the road goes, there is something to follow for the spirit’s desired ending. The way of will has the road divided into many avenues of growth, yet there are passages of detrimental ways of thought as well. As time goes the avenues can give lessons of growth, knowledge, and depth of soul. The part where the soul learns and becomes a strength for the spirit to be given the path of many ways of thought for the mentality of the mindset to follow, and it does. The choices that make the path an easy target of spiritual destined lessons for the spirit’s path to also learn as well, is nothing short of a miracle. The sight is wonderful, days into nights are filled with so much beauty, and the path is filled with one event after another. Some avenues are filled with buildings of colorful construction, another with fields so far and wide they seem endless commodities of colorful flowers for the mind to release its sense of fragrance and intake the flower’s scent.And on down the road. More paths of flavored ways of heart, mind, and soul. The spirit has so many choices for the soul to follow and take upward to the mindset of one’s mentality. Why would the many ways of the avenue be so easily attained inward? Because the mindset is so set on being within the choices of right, and yet, the ways of wrong are so prevalent. The roads bypass all the dark ways of thought. The mentality of one’s mindset does not see the ways of wrong and darkness. The spirit does, feel the pull of choices where the darkness is strong and could sway the soul of one’s mental state. Living with the wrong choices and taking the wrong roads where lessons only mean harmful meanings to the mind. Time makes way for the spirit to fight off the truth of the soul, making the treks of many avenues the right way of thought. It is hard and difficult to do for the spirit has nothing to fight the darkness on some roads. The strength given is not there when needed.And the road continues.The spirit is calling out to some Higher Power for help. The trek is becoming too much, the mindset is far-reaching the mentality of one’s lessons of righteousness. The darkness is winning the truth, the reality of which roads are best for the spirit to follow. Then the mental ways of one’s truth are misguided and filled with lies. The Higher Power knows of this common thought process. It is found in so many souls. Thus, the spirit has no defense in some avenues of darkness. There is found though when the time and degree of pain are felt in the heart, the path given to the spirit is thus blowing through the darkness. The living light prevails. The road becomes again alit with a direction of where the mindset of the one has finally known of the ending. Although it is nearly never-ending, time will make the spirit give what is needed for the paths and avenues filled with lessons of decent ways of thought, and choices, derived for an ending of truth. The Higher Power was always there. And the road will continue down its path of light, removing the darkness altogether.The event was only a short time. The lessons of the spirit are given to the soul; thus, it is filled with the right choices so one can move on throughout life. As was directed from the beginning. Only the Higher Power knew of the ways of the spirit’s needed lessons, guidance, and belief. It was always going to be tough, and the ending is still in the works.

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Light of Life

22 Jan 2022 01:32

When we go into the darkness, there is a lost feeling felt very far inside. It takes out something which is supposed to be intact throughout your life. It rips out that feeling and removes the walls to keep it back from being inward and not kept where it belongs. It is always there but left behind those walls to be not present in your life. It is the light of life, the Lord’s touch upon the way you are outside of your life’s path. Where inward you are good or bad, walk the line of life so it makes a mark onto the people surrounding your life’s path with you and their life’s path. Both going down the same roads and getting the light of life to guide them all. We all have that option, a choice, as to whether you want the light of life, or the darkness to be your road’s direction. A choice is what the difference is. One very important move is to make the road your path and take everyone you want on it with the Lord’s light of life behind the choice you made. They will follow you and believe in your choice as a true way of life. The other way through the darkness is to have everyone behind you walk without the light of life for protection. Nothing is within the darkness to keep your path along the road a delightful and happy way of life. Surrounding you and them with bad choices and the roads without ways of light for protection.Make choices with the Lord’s light of life and you will always have the right-minded ways for happiness and joy. It will be the only choice for the right way of life. The walk will be wonderful, and the road has opened for your treks, finding the different beliefs and truths you wanted from the beginning of your life’s path. Keep going with the light of life’s choice. The way is His truth and will begin your and their path in the right direction. Believe and have faith, that choice will give you what is where in the road’s way can be shown it has an ending somewhere down what you are looking at, the light of life does show your growth of time, and how it ends with happiness. One’s thought is following the road and will show my growth, even when ended, I will have happiness. Along with those that followed my beliefs. Smiles and hugs to all. Walk the path with me and have the right choices. Even in thought, keep the faith. It is the right choice; the darkness is always trying to change your mind. I am stronger than the darkness…

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